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  1. 5.8.2007

    Someone in Austin wrote this I thought it to be quite hilarious.....

    "I am worried that I have become a Yelp Ho.  In the past I was steadfastly faithful to a core set of restaurants. Asia Market, Gumbos, Taco Deli.  My relationship with these restaurants was strong and we were just getting to know each other in more depth, exploring all aspects of our menus, "taking it to next level"..

    Then Yelp came into my life like a Street Walking Pimp convincing me that there were Strange, Exotic tastes out there and I just couldn't get from the old Ball and Chain restaurants I went to... Now, I can't stop fantasizing about newer, younger restaurants.. ones that I haven't smelled or tasted.. Ones where hidden pleasures await.. I can't even drive around Austin without ogling strip malls and neon signs, looking for that next fix..  

    Is there anyone out there with problem? Is this just a phase?"

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  2. 6.8.2007

    hahhaa omg..

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    this all sounds too familiar too me :)

    • Harsh K.
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    we've all been there :)

    • Thi L.
    • Plano, Vereinigte Staaten
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    Haha, that's cute.

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