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  1. 29.7.2013

    I am wondering if anybody has been to a store that offers the Disney Couture jewellery line?  I have only ever found it online and I don't want to pay Ebay shipping anymore if I don't have too.

  2. 29.7.2013

    Hmmm... I have an Aunt who super loves Disney. I will ask her if she has ever heard of this. I'm not gonna lie, as a kid I was fairly certain that I was going to be a Disney Princess when I grew up! I heart Disney!

  3. 30.7.2013

    Thanks! Yeah I am 27 and I still want to be a Disney princess...Merida from "Brave" was awesome!!!!

  4. 30.7.2013

    Oh my gosh Lyndsey, you have to read this thesis called the Pixar Theory. It's a wee bit out there, ok, it's actually totally nuts - but at the same time made a lot of sense and I found myself thinking about it for days.

  5. 2.8.2013

    Have you tried e-mailing Disney (a contact e-mail/number) from their site advertising/selling the jewellery and asking who carries the line here?

  6. 2.8.2013

    @Lyndsey, this is unrelated, I absolutely love Disney, these videos are pretty funny regarding Disney:

  7. 2.8.2013

    @Andrew, nice!! ya, I feel like this thread should just all be about Disney now.

  8. 3.8.2013

    @Kristin....thanks for the suggestion I had not even thought of going that route and on a totally unrelated note I love how many other adults love Disney like me lol :-)

  9. 9.8.2013

    Any luck Lyndsey?

  10. 10.8.2013

    No unfortunately the closest stores are in Toronto :-(

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    The couture products are really hard to find in Canada ... I've only had success when I actually go to the parks. Vault 23. & the D23 expo (only held every 2yrs tho) are always good places

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