Lets make a law to register & regulate the paparazzi in Eugene

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    While watching the idiot box some ditz of a Celeb was being hounded in L.A. to the point of being assaulted.  Personally I'm all for the freedom of the press, but not if your violating the someone else's freedoms in the process.  So therefore what I propose is this, that the city of Eugene bring about an ordinance that forbids Paparazzi from operating in the city without a license and that rules of conduct be established such as a 15 foot area of free space be given between them & the subject in their interests.
        What the city of Eugene gets out of this is I hope is international recognition that here in Eugene if your famous you like any good citizen will be protected, & if the Jackals don't behave we will shut them away in a pen.  So what do ya think Yelpers!!!!!

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    I don't know why I care but here goes.  First, they culture of celebrity requires the celebrity to go places to be "seen", do things that grab attention, have the paparazzi there to document it and then the willing public to but the magazine.  There are some very big stars that I never see on the covers of magazines at the check out line, why?   Because they don't do notorious things and/or they don't actually alert the media as to their activities.  I agree that once someone is defined as a cash cow that person will draw the kind of attention I couldn't tolerate but as soon as that celeb stops going to the big parties/night spots/jails they stop being cash cows.  When was the last time you saw an Oscar winner in a tabloid other than on a red carpet?  Meryl Streep stumbling to her car after a night of partying in Las Vegas?

    Define paparazzi, anyone with a camera?, cell phone camera?  What about "serious" news photographers?  What if the "subject" isn't a celebrity but a local politician committing an illegal act should they be able to swear out a complaint against the photographer? Does the 15 foot rule include every citizen or only the chosen few?  Would the ordinance preclude a paparazzo from taking a picture from less than 15 feet if the subject didn't make a statement at that very moment that they objected or could they smile for the camera but then file a complaint later because they looked like hell in the picture?  Can I take a picture from less than 15 feet if the subject is my mom?  How would the cop know who is a paparazzo and who isn't?

    If you want to kill the culture of celebrity stop buying the tabloids.

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