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  1. 17.9.2013

    Can anyone help me out? I know there's lots of kind food trucks in town but I am in need of a couple that would be willing to trek south on a Friday night for a PTA Fall Carnival on Oct 4 from 430-730. I have already written the Food Truck Roundup website, a few individuals and the Tucson Food Trucks site as well. Now I am asking my Yelp peeps to please call any pals you know who need a place to park a food truck for a good cause.

    Here's the deets:
    1. Would love to have a Sonoran Dog vendor or Mexican Food Truck simply because those have sold at past events the best.
    2. There are hookups for electricity & water
    3. The PTA would love a small donation from the sales of the truck/vendors to go toward the fundraiser event.
    4. The event has one food truck booked for sure already and it is BBQ.

    I know it's along ways to trek and I know a donation is a big request for these vendors which operate lean and mean but...
    ++ It's great exposure for the truck
    ++  the chance of sales is good as we in the south need some fresh tastes and
    ++ the kids & parents will love it.

    **Please note: this is not a catering gig. Ideally the truck is self-sufficient, already used to this "on the fly" sort of parking and is all set-up to go on an adventure to a new and exciting location!

    Here is a link to the Facebook page for the school at which the event is being held:…

    I have been to a PTA even in the past where there was 1 food truck and the results are long lines, slow food and missed opportunity so by having 3 trucks we are hoping to avoid this scenario.

    Thanks a million to everyone for helping to get the word out!

  2. 18.9.2013

    Carrie - I sent you a private message with info for Cheesy Rider.

  3. 19.9.2013

    Thanks Kristy! I made sure to call and let him know who sent me!

    I have also been in talks with some other great people including:
    +Victoria C. with 'Tucson Food Trucks'
    + Shaun at Cheesy Rider
    + Jesus with 'Hawaiian Snack Shack & Snacks'
    + Paul K. at  'Burgeritto'
    + DC Jumbie Caribbean Food
    + The Rolling Chef

    We still don't have solid confirms yet so I am still searching! Thanks for any & all help out there! Cheers~cb

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    Carrie - Feature On The Fly is a new food truck that would love to come on down and sling some food! Contact me at 5202229265.

  4. 20.9.2013

    We just booked the event and have our three trucks. I am pleased to announce we will be working with:

    + Smokin' Hot BBQ
    +The Rolling Chef Tacos & More
    + DC Jumbie Island Cuisine

    A special thanks to
    +Feature On The Fly for answering!

    To all that assisted in our search I thank you and will keep everyone posted about the event!

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