A restaurant on the Beach that NO natives have Yelped...

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  1. 8.6.2009


    Can this be possible?!?!  LOL  I have never heard of the place but noticed with the last person's review that only out of towners have Yelped this.  

    Anyone in Miami eaten here?!?!

  2. 8.6.2009

    awwww poor lincoln road
    tourist trap!!!

  3. 8.6.2009

    LOLOL  I just thought it was interesting that all of these tourists had Yelped it, but no natives.  That should TOTALLY tell the tourists something...  NO?  ;-)

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    oh! I ate there a couple of times. they used to have really good lunch specials when I worked on the beach. it was better then average until the last time I went (and I mean LAST time!). that time my fist tasted rotten and my friend found a piece of a brillo pad in her food....I KID YOU NOT! I never reviewed it because I think I'd blocked it out of my mind...guess maybe I should.

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    LOL! not my fist...my fish, the fish they served me...lol, oops!

  4. 8.6.2009

    OMG, lol hahaha.  Good one Adri!!!  ;)

  5. 8.6.2009

    NO WONDER locals dont eat there.  LOL

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    Place blows! I went once and my God what a rip off. Avoid at all costs.

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