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  1. 18.10.2010

    I'm trying to write a review for the St. Bernard Oyster Festival but I can't figure out how to create the business/review it.

    Should I put the address of the church it was located at? Or just put a general St. Bernard Parish address?

    And where would it go under the business listings? I know other people have reviewed festivals before but I can't be bothered to search and compare them.

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    That's a great question, Dorothy. Let me confirm the protocol on this, and I'll get back to you.  

    Question -- is this an event that happens every year? That might make a difference.

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    There's a festival category, so I created a business listing for the St. Cletus Oyster Festival, and you can put your review over there. (And if you happen to have a picture from it, that would ROCK.)…

  2. 18.10.2010

    I've got pictures for everything but I tend to review while I'm at work (and the kids are working or testing.. I'm not neglecting them) so it takes some time to update with pictures. I'll do it once I'm home though, promise!

  3. 18.10.2010

    Oh no, not the St. Cletus Oyster Festival.. I reviewed that under the school because it's a school fest.

    I was talking about the St. BERNARD Parish Oyster Festival:…

  4. 18.10.2010

    I have reviewed a few festivals. Those festivals has a listing already for the business address of the festival. That is where I posted my review.

    Im not sure if that was appropriate, but we never had a CM to give is valuable advice before.

  5. 18.10.2010

    Thanks John, that's actually more helpful! So since that particular festival doesn't have a listing, I should just put down the business address on the website.

  6. 18.10.2010

    I would, but I would also defer to Jess. She is the boss around here.

  7. 18.10.2010
    • Suzanne C.
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    I added a listing for the Ponderosa Stomp (a roots music festival), and I decided to enter the physical location of the fest (House of Blues) as the address instead of the mailing address for the foundation that puts it on. My judgement would err towards putting the address where the festival is located so people could stumble up to the venue and enjoy themselves some [music/food/whatever is being offered] instead of ending up at the organizer's office.

    So how would we list White Linen Night?

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    These are all great questions and suggestions. The festival category is actually new, so I'm not sure there's a perfect way to set up these listings. I'd agree with Suzanne, I think, and use the actual festival location. If someone's looking for a mailing address, they can probably find that information on the festival website (so be sure to include a URL if you can find it!)

    @John  You're right, to the best of my knowledge. I'm not so much the boss as I am the Yelp NOLA public servant, here to support you and encourage you and generally be helpful on and off the site. Plus, I'm still learning, too, and you guys are all really awesome about posting helpful suggestions.

    @Dorothy Sorry, I totally added the wrong festival, but fortunately @Le Thu wanted to review it, anyway. (Yay, my mistakes are useful!)  Are you comfortable adding the listing for the other Oyster Festival? If not, would you like me to add it? Let me know.

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Also, in response to Le Thu's comment ("I'm dying to review St. Cletus Oyster Fest and share my experience, and I was going to review it under the church.")

    Protocol for this is to review the event under the EVENT listing, rather than the business listing. For example, when we have an Elite Party at some awesome venue, we'll review the event under the listing for that event, and not under the venue's business page. If it's something that's outside the normal customer or visitor experience you'd have at a particular business, then you'll want to post your review under the event/festival listing rather than the business. Then, when you go back to the St. Cletus Church, you can review your experience as a non-festival goer, but a regular visitor to the church.  

    Make sense?

    Thanks for bringing this up, Le Thu!

  8. 26.10.2010


    So I made a listing for the St. Bernard Oyster Festival and I can't select the Festivals Category.. where is it hidden???

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