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    What makes people bitch, moan and complain? I mean I complain but I feel it is justified and I rarely ever complain in public I do it at home, on the phone or with a friend... but I guess I am just as bad. I really like to do it on this site, no one can talk back.

    I just can't get over this woman on the phone today. She had a horrible experience and I felt bad. However there wasn't anything I could do but apologize profusely, tell her I would follow up with my manager and give her a call back. But still that wasn't good enough. She continued to bitch at me, and if I tried to interject she would talk louder and bitch louder. Then she has the nerve to say to me "I guess you don't care, you haven't said a word!" I almost lost it. Again I apologized on behalf of my hotel but she didn't care. I could also tell that most of her story was made up she just wanted to make it out like I was the bad person.

    Whatever, I get at least one of them a week. I just have to deal. But why are people rude? Is it where I live? I used to live in FL and people were SO NICE. I never had issues and bitchers in FL like I do now!

    I guess it is just my industry.

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    If you are in any kind of customer service industry I think you are going to get some complainers.  Some people just aren't happy if they aren't complaining about something.  Also, when they get ahold of someone who is actually in customer service, they probably think that they have a captive audience, someone whose job it is to listen to their beefs regardless if they are fabricated, outrageous, etc. because "that is their job."  And if that customer service rep actually has the nerve to do anything but meekly accept the rant and apologize on behalf of the company, then the complainer then has the right to demand to speak to a manager and demand that the rep gets fired for "being rude."  Or the complainer can pan the company on any number of review websites like this one and write how rude the staff is.  Customer service is a tough gig; it can be a lose-lose situation.

    All that being said, I've handled some customer complaints in my job as well, and not everyone who complains is like that.  I've done exactly the same thing (apologize profusely, promise to look into the problem, followed up with another phone call, etc) in the past, and for many customers, that's all they're looking for - validation of their complaint and the feeling that their complaint has been heard and addressed.

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    I have only worked with the public once, when I was in school I worked as a cashier in a crummy little market out west. I remember people constantly bitching about the prices and saying what a horrible store it was. I wanted to tell them to piss off and go somewhere else if they didn't like it, but of course I couldn't.

    I just had to stand there and take it. I think the idiots realized they had a captive audience so they could say anything they wanted. Bitching and whining at some poor kid in a store was cathartic for them I guess.

  1. 13.2.2009

    I hear ya! I work with the public, and every once in a while I deal with a special kind of person who basically comes in looking for a fight. These people are not just complainers, they are straight up bullies. It really irks me because I work in a public institution where everything is FREE! They'll get on the soapbox about their"tax dollars"(less than 6 bucks a year), and use that as some kind of excuse for creating a scene, and trying to make me feel small. I've worked in hospitality too, and they are all the same. Bullies, bullies, bullies-that's all.

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    There are many sad people in the world who don't connect with others in a normal and healty manner.  They are called assholes and sometimes one must deal with them. I know as sometimes I too have been an asshole; but then again haven't we all? I work with a sector of the public and I too find them rude, insisting and often wrong, I have luckily been able to laugh at 90% of them when they are insane.  There is that small group whom you have to hate and wish they'd frankly disappear. Fuck em! There's nothing you can do but write them off as the flotsum and jettsum of society.  In the words of the sage Mr T. "I pity the fool."

  2. 17.2.2009

    It's funny that you  mention FL - I was just there and couldn't BELIEVE how nice people were!  They were so much nicer than people up here!

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