Am I losing my mind?

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  1. 21.1.2010

    Or does Yelp look different today? The top part with the logo, in particular, just looks . . . redder, somehow.

    Lest you think I'm still drunk or something (I am not, unfortunately), I checked the screenshot I did of my last ROTD. What? I like them, don't pretend you don't like yours.…

    There's a swirly thing in the logo that isn't there today. Has it been like this forever and I'm just now noticing, or is this new? Or are they coming to take me away?

    • Andy W.
    • Portland, Vereinigte Staaten
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    Dammit, why do we think so alike, Kim?

    Your mom looks different today...

    • 272 Freunde
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    It is not all in your head child , but then, if you hear knocks on your door, i wouldn't answer it.

    • Ron T.
    • Beaverton, Vereinigte Staaten

    Yeah. I think your mom arranged it different today.

    The voices inside her head told her so.

    • Sean G.
    • Portland, Vereinigte Staaten
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    I thought it was just me, too, but now that you mention it...

    The thing that disoriented me was the sizing of the search box.  I had typed in a search, and was like, "When did this suddenly become 14 point font?"

    Now I notice that the Yelp logo has changed... very subtle, but luckily we're all detectives and have worked together to... um... well, see some clues I guess.

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    "Dorothy Mantooth is a saint! You understand me? Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!"
    "Hey, leave the mothers out of this. It's unnecessary."

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    Good photographic memory. I recall noticing something different roughly 3 wks ago, but I didn't pick up on this specifically.

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    woooooaaaah tripping balls

  2. 21.1.2010


    The search bar does look a little...Chrome-y...

  3. 21.1.2010

    looks kind of lame - they should give their UI and graphic designers a good beating

    • Eva J.
    • Brooklyn, Vereinigte Staaten
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    wow Kimberly, so do you always get like 25 compliments?

    • Anna B.
    • Portland, Vereinigte Staaten

    Sassypants gets like 25 compliments an hour.

  4. 22.1.2010

    That font on the menu bar cannot be by design. Fancy it up!

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