Anyone tried the gyro place on S commercial at the Shell station?

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  1. 21.12.2012

    Was wondering what the name of that place is and how it tastes!?

    • Matt R.
    • Salem, Vereinigte Staaten

    Thermopylae is the name. I haven't eaten there yet. They seem to be closed a lot and have inconsistent hours. I believe Chuck B. may have gone there?

  2. 21.12.2012

    Yeah today they were closed at 3pm which I thought was odd...maybe its just a lunch hour thing?

    • 241 Freunde
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    After several failed attempts, I finally found them open. Their Gyros are very good. I think mine was between $7 and $8, which may be pushing the envelope a bit for food truck/trailer food in Salem Oregon. Their open hours seem to be sporadic so it's best to have a plan B in place.

  3. 21.12.2012

    Yes that is pushing it, although I must say I'm used to $3 gyros in Brooklyn where there is one on every corner. I need to review falafel king, they have a unique way of wrapping their gyro that makes it not messy.

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