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    Ew ew ew eweweweewwwwwwwwwwwwwww Is this real?

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    Where was this when I had 4 jobs? lol...

    Although that picture of a "sugar daddy" should have small print on it saying.. "Not actual picture of a sugar daddy'".

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    no serously, I know him he's a very nice sugar daddy. You guys outta give it a try.

    • kelli r.
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    17.11.2007 can't be real.

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    Alright Craig. If you say so. But only because you you recommend him.

    Some of those guys are pretty young. Who shall be our guinea pig? HEH.

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    I think this was Craig's start-up internet business idea, wasn't it?
    Dishy - I think that's why he's trying to upsell the guy...


  1. 18.11.2007

    Ooh Ooooohh! Pick me!

    Do I have to have sex with him, or can I just sign up for him to give me money?

    • Jack B.
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    Sugar daddy, or creepy sugar slightly older dude?

    The web site exists, the link is good, so it's real in some sense. As to whether it's real in its promise to match young women with wealthy older men, I leave that exploration to younger more womanly people, or to older, wealthier men...

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    "The meeting place for mutually beneficial relationships." That's such a pleasant way to say such trashy thing. I believe it though. Once I happened to turn on this show that I'll never admit to ever watching and there were people on it that used a website called to meet up. I bet there are real people who do that stuff.

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    Vanilla - that little dog is so cute!

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    I didn't realize that what I put up would actually turn into a link... that would also actually work... I swear I did not watch that Montel show even though I heard about it on tv and the website says as seen on Montel.

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    Uh.. some of those are cute.. slash.. 25/26 years old. Interesting... Definitely not your stereotypical sugar daddies.

    I believe it. There's a million dating websites.

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