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    I had a serious problem with a computer (IBUYPOWER) and after the company told me that the only solution was to buy a new computer because they no longer made parts or even kept records on the one I had paid a couple of thousand dollars for five years ago I started hunting through YELP and came across PCTECH.

    I was amazed at how many customers thought Eman and his team were computer gods. Somewhat dubious, I called Eman. His place kind of looked like a hole in the wall but it was only a few miles away.

    The one thing that all the tech support people at IBUYPOWER told me was that my motherboard had a damaged sound card. IT COULD NOT BE REPAIRED. There was a thin chance that if I went to the right place and got  lucky - someone who knew a great deal about computers (Think Bill Gates) "might" find the right sound card and a workaround could result.  I was on the phone with them for about two hours.

    Anyway, I took the computer to Eman and he asked me several  questions and said - "your Windows needs to be reinstalled."

    "And then can you find a sound card for me?"

    Eman said that fixing Windows would cure the motherboard.  At that point he had not turned on the computer or opened it up.  I figured he might be mentally unbalanced but he seemed quite sure of himself.

    He quoted me $120 and said he would have my computer ready in 12 hours.  "And, if it doesn't work and I have to buy a sound card, how much will you charge me?" I asked.

    "$35 and you'll have Windows reinstalled and your computer will run about five times as fast as it does now.  This computer should be good for another ten years if you keep it clean and do regular maintenance on it.  It does not need a sound card."

    "Got yourself a deal," I said.  Now to be honest, I figured that since I had to buy a new computer anyway, if Eman told me he couldn't fix it and charged me $35 I would just run out the door and he could keep the stupid thing.

    I came back the next day and the sound worked perfectly. The computer ran better than the day I got it and I saved about $2,000.

    I am in a state of shock.

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    There was a day when this was five star.  So sad to see it go way downhill. I would give it half a star but that's not available.  Had horrible, horrible cold potato pancakes.  Three for about nine dollars.  Waitress said she would make an adjustment. Manger screamed at us and said we should be ashamed of ourselves for complaining -- obviously our MO was to get food for free.  Bill was about $18, took off equivalent of one pancake.  It seemed the pancakes were freezer burnt and about 70 per cent thawed out.  Curious.  I have heard salads are great there.  Alas, not worth the effort to find out.

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    Stopped for gas this morning and went inside to pay for it.  No one seemed there.  Empty, then saw a lady who appeared to be hiding behind a display. She looked confused and angry.  Can I pay for some gas, I asked.  

    Another angry scowl then she went to the register.  I said I wanted ten dollars on pump 7.  Use debit card, she said.  Okay, I said, is there an extra charge?  No, ten dollars, what is wrong with you?  

    Sorry, I said. Used debit card, got the gas and left. Something out of whack I thought.  So I checked my bank account. Which I seldom do. Surprise! The cost was $10.35.  Well, what's 35 cents? Still I kind of resented the experience.  

    So I called tonight and talked to a nice guy.  He said they charge 35 cent for EACH item you buy.  Ten chocolate bars cost an extra $3.50.  Each item.  They don't tell you this when you make the purchase and there is no indication of the surcharge when you use your debit card.  At least none that I saw.Or was told about.  It's all added after the fact.

    Lots of ways to look at their "hidden"charge. For example, the  vig on a one dollar purchase is about 200 per cent per week at this Arco. That works out to about 10,000 per cent a year.  

    Maybe the  lady was scowling because the customer before me paid cash.  

    Who knows?

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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    Excellent pizza.  Wonderful salad.  Dynamite desserts!   Reasonable prices.  Friendly service and the place was spic and span.

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    I lost my key for my Honda Accord.  The car has an excellent alarm system that uses a (fob) remote to turn the alarm on and off, plus lock the doors -- and when locked, the engine will start but the transmission will not engage.  It's almost too good.  Anyway, the best deal I could get to replace the key and the fob (remote) was $375.  Ouch!  Finally found Panorama Lock and Key.  Wow!!!  Double Wow !!!  

    These guys quoted me $75.  Ended up charging me $60.  Did it in 20 minutes.  (The Honda dealership said I would need to leave my car overnight.)  I had an extra key that didn't work and an extra fob.  Panorama had the latest high tech instruments to bring these back to life.  Guys were friendly and fun.  

    Oh.  Although the alarm in my car was close to  Honda's original factory equipment, it was actually an aftermarket (Passport 2000) device. You really had to know what you were doing.  These guys really knew what they were doing.  Hint: It helps to have the correct name of your aftermarket equipment but I don't think it's essential.  Astonishing experience. I will write about it on my website (

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    We have friends in Kona and manage to visit this delightful area a couple of times a year.  About four years ago we discovered Ba-Le.  We have probably eaten there a dozen times.  And recommended it to many friends.  We went yesterday and ordered bassa fish for lunch. ($11.71)  It was okay.  Then I noticed there was a lunch special.  Five bucks.  So I ordered the Korean ribs.  The ribs were so tough I broke two plastic forks trying to cut them from the bone.  I have pretty good teeth but I could not chew them. Very stringy.  What the heck?  Five bucks, no big deal and the bassa as I said was not bad. Alas,  I was charged $14.06 for these deplorable ribs. ". But,"  I said, ". I thought it was only five bucks." No, no, you ordered the large meal.  That ends our visits to that pho place.

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    10.6.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    The food is getting better if that's possible.  That gal and her staff who run the Sugar Cube knock themselves out to accommodate you.  The menu -- which is extensive -- changes.  The food is fresh and the place is spotless.  My wife and I have never seen a restaurant this new so busy...and for a few days that was a problem.  The wait was a bit long but now it's down to five or ten minutes.  My guest from Berlin is a fan and said if you want a Big Mac, you could get faster service.  Neither one of us went there for a Big Mac.  We went for great food that was freshly prepared.  Our visit was delightful.

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    20.1.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    As good as it gets!  The best meat pies in the universe, made from top steak.  Desserts to die for… Weiterlesen

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