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    This is the third update I am doing because I really want people who think that they are going to do business with a reputable company to read ALL the reviews from all the people who have had BAD service and been CHEATED by Western Appliance.  You can find my reviews on this board but I am sending an update.

    I won't say the General Manager has not been fully truthful with the District Attorney, but I will say that he is pinning all his hopes on the fact that my contractor was honest and trying to work with them when he let the stove slide on his truck.  He was told over the phone by WESTERN APPLIANCE to LIE to not only Jenn-aire but to me as the client and tell us that the damage to the stove was like that *IN THE BOX* when it was brought to my house.  The issue is that they did not SUPPLY a box when they gave us the stove so if they are willing to lie about that.....what else?  You can use your imagination....or go  back to my original posts.

    Also I just received a response from the BBB saying that Western Appliance has refused to respond to their inquiry.  Do you know why?  Because my case with BBB is that they DAMAGED my stove in house by "letting it slip off a dolly" and replaced parts of it WITHOUT TELLING ME!  

    First of all ... how do you insist that your sub contractors (who YOU hire to do your delivery) could not have possibly damaged my stove when they ALLOW IT TO SLIP OFF A DOLLY?  (Those were YOUR saleman's words, not mine).  If they did that kind of damage to my reliable are they?  As subcontractors are you SURE you have hired reputable people to represent you?  Have they damaged other people's property?  In reading some of the reviews I can only imagine they have done this and worse to others...yet you continue to use cheap is that labor?


    Thirdly, had you told me the stove was damaged (and I have repeatedly said this and you continue to fail to address it), I WOULD HAVE CANCELED THE CONTRACT AND MY CONTRACTOR WOULD NEVER HAVE PICKED IT UP, AND THUS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO DAMAGE THE DOOR (and only the door).  We would never have had this conversation at all.


    Complaint ID#: 343957
    Name: Western Appliance

    BBB has made several attempts to contact the
    business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret
    to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.  

    BBB develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies in our
    service area. This information is available to the public
    and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your
    complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the
    matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

    If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify
    BBB immediately.

    I would seriously read all the reviews and see how many of them are saying similar things about this company.  And really ask yourself if it is worth it.

    And, for the record I got a much better deal at Sears and they were able to deliver it on drama and with 18 month payments and no interest.  FREE delivery and a great extended warrantee.  

    Shop around people....these guys are not worth working with.

    Eric M.
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  • 107 Locust St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    This place is a MUST for women with style!  This is not ho-hum Department store, nor is it some teenybopper uber boutique.  The opportunities for you to find that perfect dress or separates are endless.  There are elegant gowns, flattering separates, fun dresses and kitchy cool jackets and suits.....whether you want to look polished in a tailored outfit, or wow them with something that shows off your personal style and will find something that makes you walk a little taller, strut a little fiercer and make an impression no matter where your adventures take you.

    Jo not only knows her stock, but she has an eye for what flatters a figure.  She will offer to help you find that perfect piece, or let you roam the store until you find that treasured outfit.  If you want to be stopped often and asked "where did you get that?", you need to go to Bellissima.....and once you have been will come back again and again!

  • 515 Cedar St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    It really is pretty inside, warm, dimly lit with the lounge downstairs and the eating area both inside and outside...up stairs.  Down where we were they were playing Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn...very reminiscent of Foreign Cinema in the City, but the comparison ends there.  Pity

    It was toward the end of the evening, the kitchen was winding down but the upstairs was full...good sign...and the young hip crowd was chatting, schmoozing and seducing each other as young 20 somethings do.  So we agreed to eat downstairs in the front room.  

    The menu was limited but some of the items looked promising.  We decided that since neither of us was starving, we would order two appetizers and an entree to split and see what happens.  I had been out with my friend Bounty and she lived up to her reputation of making sure many MANY cocktails were I was not in the mood for anything alcoholic, so I just ordered hot water and lemon.  The waiter told us the prosciutto porcini mushroom raviolis were out, and that they were being replaced with fresh peas and goat cheese in a sage marinara sauce.  Hmmm sounds tasty, we will try that.  

    Tim's wine was very good.  My hot water came in a small tea pot that had the front of the spout halfway chipped off.  The waiter made no attempt to replace it and when I called his attention to it he just looked at me and said "fair enough, he would throw it out after we were done."

    The antipasti was some hummus made with white beans and pine nuts, and anyone who knows me knows I KNOW my was less than memorable.  The artichoke hearts were tender enough and in olive oil and some garlic but lacked the brightness some preserved lemon could have added or even some coarse salt.  The marinated mushrooms were (to my taste) small browns soaked in balsamic.  Nothing warranted any attention except the house cured olives...small, flavor full but few and only scattered on the hummus.

    The grilled veggies were all right, the fennel shaved a little thin but drizzled nicely with balsamic...the peppers were good, but then again, how can you screw up roasted peppers?  The chipolini onions were horrid.  The small ones caramelized ok, but the grill cook, just popped them on and then off and the larger ones were just raw onions with grill marks, again disappointing.  When I told the waiter to take the plate, we were done because the onions were not cooked; once again we got his standard answer "fair enough"   I am starting to think "fair enough" is standard waiter for "f* you".

    The raviolis were a complete disappointment.  There were no fresh peas to be found, and while I like goat cheese, it was way too much goat.  There was no sage in the sage marinara and the chunks of whole canned tomatoes were only matched in chewiness by the end pieces of Parmesan that were scattered in chunks over the top.  

    We decided to go somewhere else to get desert as we just couldn't stomach more of this.  The wait staff very rarely (if at all) checked in on us, they were too busy breaking down the house for the night.  When told that we would not be getting desert, we got our standard "fair enough", and then we waited 10 minutes to get our check.  

    I guess the good thing is that we only decided to get some apps and one entrée.  If asked to sum up our dining experience at 515, I guess I would have to quote our waiter and say "fair enough".  I will never go there again.  It might be a fun place for cocktails, but the food and the waitstaff leave much to be desired

  • 818 Chartres St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
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    If there is anywhere on earth that a gal from Santa Cruz feels is worthy of leaving home to go and play, it is New Orleans.  I was there a weekend ago on my 10th anniversary and was lucky enough to have found this delightful shop during my travels.

    To be greeted with a glass of champagne?  Well that is a good way to start the process, but the true delight is the people.  Not only the people who run the place (darlings each and every one) but the folk that shop here too.  My only regret is that I didn't buy more.  Hey ladies, I might just have to order Gayla's silk top (the one I threw over my turquoise dress) and one of those wonderful portrait hats.

    Such great stuff, such great people and let's not even get started on the lingerie.....sigh a great place all around.  Love you gals!!!

  • 6204 W Coast Hwy
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
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    Here is the deal with the Spaghetti Bender...
    Just order the soup and salad and garlic bread.  Start eating and wash it all down with a nice bottle of red wine and repeat until you can't pick up the spoon anymore.

    There is usually a long wait, but it is worth it.

    Just for the record, I have been eating there since 1970 when my family rented a house across the street as a summer vacation.  We went there because we ran out of local places to try.  At first, it looked like a dive bar and my mom was a little unsure if it was ok for kids...well after the first meal we ate nowhere else.

    For a long time, they used to close for the month of January because the family would go back to Italy for the family vacation and I was out of luck.  (I always got to pick where I wanted to eat for birthday dinner and it was the first choice, but never open.....drat!)  Now, I demand we make a pilgrimage at least once a year.

    Go....enjoy....snack a slice of garlic bread for me!

  • 5521 College Ave
    Oakland, CA 94618
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    I used to be a loyal customer for over 7 years.   I used to not only buy gallons and gallons of their shower soap and scent it.  Then they got greedy.

    I have a signature scent that I have been wearing for over 30 years.  I currently have it made for me at a FABULOUS apothecary in Santa Cruz, but once upon a time I was dedicated to only having Body Time do it.

    I went in last year (when I drove all the way up from Santa Cruz) to buy another few bottles of the soap, get the facial cream wash and buy holiday gifts.  As a rule I usually spend on the average close to $3,000 minimum a year there.  Not a lot, but in today's sketchy economy, it spoke volumes (or so I thought).

    I went to a clerk, had her pull my formula and asked her to make me about 3-4 large bottles of the shower soap.  She told me she COULD NOT (!!) because I used lavender in the formula and she could not make it anymore in the amounts that were required because it would cause a rash.

    I told her that not only did it not cause me any rash (and I had been buying exclusively from them for over 7 years) but lavender is one of the least aggressive scents out there.  She argued back and forth with me for about 5 minutes and then the truth came out...

    It seems that the formula that I had been buying from them was expensive and that they finally figured out that they were not making the profit margin off of me that they were with other formulas.  (a-hah!)

    If they had told me that up front, I would have ponied up the money to pay the difference, but instead they tried to tell me this fairy story that they were worried about my health and how lavender would give me a rash....

    Needless to say, I put EVERYTHING back on the shelves, called my friends and told they they would not be getting their Body Time goodies from me (some live in So Cal) and told them to start buying from the Apothecar's Apprentice.  I miss the facial cleaner, but I am not going to spend my money at a place that doesn't value my business and can not be honest with me!

  • 1300 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    Are you Kidding?  If you want ambiance, there are a ton of trendy "authentic Chinese" places with the look and the atmosphere and plain, lousy food.  Tim, doesn't need to work on the look of this place.  You do not go to Yuet Lee for ambiance, you go for the jook, or the salt and pepper calamari or the shrimp and scrambled eggs.

    I used to be an event planner in the City and put together walking tours with meals in "authentic Chinese" restaurants and I never at at any of them after the first, initial meal.  The closest thing to Yuet Lee's was Chinatown Restaurant back when it was under the old ownership, but that little secret delight is gone now so it's Tim's or nothing.

    The kitchen is open so there is no mystery as to how your food is prepared.  You can't say that for a lot of places in the area.  Not only that, but as a chef and caterer, I can tell you the rule of thumb is to eat where the chefs go after work.  And yup...they are all at Timmy's!

    Try the jook, pee before you go so you don't have to go to their bathroom and deal with the green.  The food is worth it and THEN SOME!

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