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  • 410 Washington St
    Walterboro, SC 29488
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    So I am a sucker for places with Hotdog in their marquee. Dispite being on a diet, I was called in to Cliffs Hot Dogs as I drove by.  I wish I had saved on the calorie consumption.  
    Here goes,
    Drive up to sign and see hot dog $2.00
    I think perfect.  I go to window and order one hot dog with ketchup and mustard.  The girl rings it up and says, "that will be $2.34". I asked her what the tax rate was here in Walterboro, because I had never heard of a 17% sales tax.  That is when she says it is $0.15 cents extra for ketchup(catsup).

    I am blown away.  I have never heard of paying for the life blood of a hot dog.  Weird.

    The hot dog itself was decent.  Obviously cooked on a grille as it was charred the right amount, but the bun was horrid.  It was ice cold, as if it had come directly out of the fridge, and it was a few days past it prime.  

    Cliff- you put your name on this place, don't you think it at least deserves a bun steamer?

    I would pass this one by.

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    I do not do coffee very often, but I could not resist the allure of some o
    Freshly made bake goods.  I tried a nice piece of cheesecake.  I
    Boy was it good.  I will go back.

  • 4017 Columbia Rd
    Martinez, GA 30907
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    I am coming to the party late, but pay attention Augusta/Martinez.  Here is a place that needs to be supported.   Look at the reviews.

    So it is New Year's Day and the impossible to please chicken nugget cheeseburger boy is with me and we call and Best Bites is open.  Away we go and find it tucked in a small store front on Columbia road.  We entered and are greeted kindly by Susan.  We are the only patrons in the place because it's New Year's Day.  Susan explains a few things on the menu and it's the Gyro Platter for me and the Meat Calzone for nugget boy.  

    I love a place where the food takes a little bit of time.  This tells me someone is giving it the right amount of attention to detail.

    Wow, the food shows up and I am serious when I say, I have never seen a prettier Calzone in my life.  Golden brown, puffy and well proportioned in size.  Now nugget boy never eats a great deal, so to see the whole thing disappear is testimony on its own.  He is stuffed and happy about it.

    I had the gyro platter which was fresh and seriously tasty.  I am a lover of well prepared rice and I almost hate to say it, but the jasmine rice was the best part.  It was spectacular.  The meat and sauce were also well worth the visit.

    People, "mom and pop" places like this are an endangered breed in Augusta, if you do not support it they will go away.  Do you and your family a service and visit Susan and her son set Best bites Meditterean soon and often.


  • 700 Ronald Reagan Dr
    Evans, GA 30809
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    Quick tip.  Get some new tables outside. There is not one that is not wobbling like a penguin.

  • 2011 S Kings Hwy
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    This place was near my hotel. I needed a cold beer so I stopped in a bit early in the afternoon. I am glad I did. The owner was there and he was very nice. Hooked me up with some very cold beers at an untypical low beach price. This establishment is a former steak house and therefore has a large kitchen to utilize. I told the owner I would come back to watch the NASCAR race and try his food. I look forward to it!

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    I had one request. Please make my chili cheese fries extra extra crisp.  What came? Fries that were undercooked by anyone standards. I told the server about it and she didn't offer to make it right by cooking more. She simply said I am sorry.

  • 1210 N N Kings Hwy
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Ok so unlike most of you, I have never tried this type of food. At least not in this form, calling itself Jerusalem. I have had food from Saudi Arabia and I found some similarities.

    That said, upon the reviews already posted, I knew before I walked in that I would order the falafel sandwich. I am glad I did. It was very very good. I also ordered a small app of humus. This too was very good if not some of the smoothest hummus I have ever had. The bread served with it was outstanding.

    Once finished, I asked Dalia, the owner, what a falafel was. Se explained some of the main ingredients and how it is made. She also pointed out that it is made fresh right then and there. They are not made ahead of time and re-warmed.
    I saw a few other things on the menu that looked tantalizing and I will come back and try them on my next trip through town.

    CORRECTION AND UPDATE- A previous review mentioned how you could smoke inside this smallish Resturant.  I want to assure you that this is no longer the case.  Dalia explained that in a previous location, patrons were allowed to smoke. However, since moving to this new address, there is NO MORE SMOKING.

    Do yourself a favor, and try something a bit different and go by Jerusalem Resturant. Tell Dalia, I said hello.

  • 1540 Fording Island Rd
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
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    Rudest service i think i have ever experienced anywhere. Talk to your servers mr/ms manager.

    I ordered eggs chorizo and rancheros showed up. Server told me I didn't. I don't like Huevos Rancheros. The food was very bland. This place needs help. Many options in Bluffton/hhi

  • 131 Augusta St
    McCormick, SC 29835
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    This place is situated in the middle of nowhere.  McCormick South Carolina.  For those that do not know in McCormick, Huddle house is considered one of the places to eat.  You catch my drift.  
    Well anyway, those of you that know me, know I am a sucker for any pizza place that advertises as genuine NY style.  I was highly skeptical as to this claim seeing how I was in McCormick SC.  Wow, what a pleasure the pie was.  It was very very good.  Crust and ingredients were superb.
    I will add that the experience was a complete one, because besides the tremendous food, the wait staff was semi-rude.  Not once did they smile or say a nice word.  This comes as a shock to me down south here, but after further contemplation on this review, I decided it was merely an effort to be more like NY.
    Must visit for a real pie.

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    Lots of activities. Been here each year. This year the karts really seem slow and old.

    Krishelle H.
    Kommentar von Krishelle H. von Nascar SpeedPark Myrtle Beach
    27.6.2012 Hi Mike, I'm sorry to hear that you felt like the karts were slower this year! Thank you for taking… Weiterlesen
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    Congrats on your Review of the Day.  Something good... on a Monday!

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