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    So, it started out as an awful experience, got a little better, but if I had to do it again I'd hire someone else. They did a good (not great) job, but dealing with them was pretty much a hassle every step of the way. Slightly sloppy work and very poor communication.

    We were in the market to have our pool and spa refinished, so Charles, the owner, came out and measured our pool and spa. He was quick and professional. We were told he'd get us a quote that night.

    Three or four days passed and I hadn't heard from him. This should have been my red flag from the get go. I contacted him, he apologized and he sent a quote the next day. When we signed the contract, he said they could start on Wednesday and have it all done by Monday. Awesome!

    Wednesday came and by 11am, no one was at my home. I called him around noon to make sure they were still coming, to which he said they are a little backed up but will be there in a few hours. Not a big deal, but I wished he had called to let me know. 4 hours later, 3pm, still no one here, still no phone call. I called him yet again and he said they're about 45 minutes away but at this point it's too late in the day to get started so they'll just drop off their equipment and get started first thing Thursday (today). 5:30 pm Wednesday, I see their truck pull into my drive way, no one knocks on my door or says anything, they just roll their equipment into my side yard and leave. They were here for all of 30 seconds.

    So, Thursday. My husband and I have been gone at work all day. Charles had permission to start work on our pool while we were gone, as was agreed upon. My husband gets home at 5pm and NOT ONE THING has been done to our pool. No one came to our home period. And what's worse, NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL was made to let us know they'd be postponed an additional day.

    Upon learning this, I called Charles twice, he did not answer and his voicemail was full (bad sign- makes you wonder how many other angry customers have left him messages). So I sent him two text messages, the first asking him to call me, and the second informing him that this is absolutely unprofessional and we need to mail down a definite date and stick to it. I did not hear from him until the next day. In his defense, he didn't know the guy didn't show up and he had misplaced his phone the day prior.

    Once work got started, it went quickly. The finish turned out nice, but imperfect. There are a few lumpy spots which you can see very clearly when the water is still, multiple white patches where it looked like the plaster wasn't cleaned very well after it was buffed, they also never consulted us on the color of the stair tiles, so they just put down a navy blue. We would have preferred white, but whatever. Not worth the hassle. Also, the plaster work around the tiles is messy and overlapping the tiles in some places, so the tiles don't have clean edges. They also splattered something (looks like concrete) and never cleaned it up so we have a few concrete lumps stuck to the edge of our spa. They installed a spa heater, which my husband had to remind them to ground, which is a fire/safety hazard when left ungrounded, and they had to go back and add a bypass valve which they should have done from the get-go, as the instruction manual for the heater recommended. Lastly, there was so much excess plaster left uncleaned in our pool that it actually clogged our pool filter less than a month after we had the work done.

    Honestly, I'm just glad to have it done at this point, but we're less than pleased with the professionalism and quality of service. Working with Sun King was a hassle  pretty much every step of the way and not worth the thousands of dollars we paid them.

    I'm giving them two stars instead of one because they did the bare minimum and got it done and weren't completely god awful.

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    I purchased a Groupon for a 2 hour cleaning on Thursday for that Saturday. That alone made me happy that I could book less than a week in advance and still get a weekend  appointment with no hassle!

    We were setup with a woman named Lynn. She was a little late (like 15 minutes), but she called and let us know ahead of time so no big deal at all and I appreciated the communication.

    Lynn was super personable and friendly, even with my three dogs vying for her attention. She did a great job cleaning and holy cow our stainless steel appliances look amazing! She was quick and thorough and got pretty much everything that we wanted done. I say pretty much because in retrospect I wish we had gotten the 4 hour cleaning, but that was our fault, not hers. She definitely hustled for the two hours she was here! She even stayed an extra half hour and didn't charge me.

    We've signed up for their monthly service and will continue to request Lynn, she was great!

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    Ehhh, it was just okay.

    The food was fine, service was fine, everything was fine. Nothing really to complain about, but nothing to come back for either, especially when there are so many great Greek places locally.

    I had a Greek salad, which was good, but I've had much better at Louis Pappas and Famous Greek Salads of Florida. They also don't offer a chopped salad, so I had to spend a few minutes cutting the cucumber, tomato, and feta down to manageable bite-sized pieces. Again, not a big deal, but a small annoyance. My husband had a gyro which was deemed "fine".

    So, yeah. That's Acropolis. I'll probably go back at some point, but it's not high on the list.

  • 4115 S MacDill Ave
    Tampa, FL 33611
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    I absolutely love Maddogs.

    EVERYTHING is great. I've never been disappointed in their food. Pub burger? Amazing. Steak sandwich? Amazing. Salads? Amazing. And that's just lunch.

    I went here for dinner once with family and everyone was blown away by their food.

    The shrimp appetizer was delicious. For our  entrees, My husband had the pub burger (one of my favorites), I and one other diner had the fish and chips, and the two other diners had the curry and bangers & mash. Great food across the board.

    We also ordered three desserts between the 5 of us- toffee cake with ice cream, apple cobbler, and cheesecake. I didn't care for the toffee cake (too dry), my nephew inhaled the cheesecake before anyone else could try it so I'll assume it was good, but the apple cobble was the shining star! If you have room for dessert, you must order it!

    Maddogs is the best!

  • 100 N College St
    Auburn, AL 36830
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    The best place to get the most delicious lemonade, milkshakes, and AU gear. Staff is friendly!

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    Meh. It's small, so it's easy to get around, but that's really the only upside. Very old and in desperate need of updating. One of the Starbucks employees did flag me down and give me a free apple cider (this was winter time) because he said I had great "travel style" but that's the only highlight of this airport.

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    This review is for the groomer only:

    Took my three dogs here to get groomed, and one of them got cut so severely that he had to get a liquid stitch and couldn't be active for two days or else he's need a staple.

    I've previously taken my dogs to get groomed here without incident, and I understand that accidents happen, but how this was handled was awful.

    They let an inexperienced groomer cut his hair, and mind you, they were getting shaved. You have to be pretty careless to cut a dog so badly with a shaver. It was about a half inch gash on his under arm.

    They called me to let me know he had been "nicked" and that they took him over to the banfield vet to get checked out. I knew it was worse than a nick because you don't take a dog to the vet over a nick. Nicks barely bleed.

    Anywho, it takes me 10 minutes or so to get over there and when i get there they won't even let me see my dog for another 5 minutes because THEY HADN'T EVEN STITCHED HIM YET. So he was back there bleeding with an untreated cut for OVER ten minutes. What the fuck.

    They comped my groom and eventually they apologized, but not before getting side eyed from the C U Next Tuesday at Banfield. As if I was wrong for calling them on their shit.

    I'm not sure if I'll bring my dogs back there, but if I do I'll make sure I specifically request an experienced groomer, and I suggest you do the same.

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    6.6.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's pretty average as far as Petsmarts go- lots of inventory, boarding facility, grooming, banfield… Weiterlesen
  • 101 S Washington
    Round Top, TX 78954
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    Yet another disappointment in the search for Texas Mexican food.

    There was absolutely nothing memorable about this restaurant except the noise level. Margaritas were super sour & had to be sent back, the food was terribly bland, and the service was spotty.

    Where can I get some damn good Mexican food in Austin?! It really can't be that hard.

    Will not be back!

  • 14365 N Dale Mabry Hwy
    Tampa, FL 33618
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    I love this place. What a fun little shop! Candy up to your eyeballs! There are very few things that you CAN'T find here! European candy, Japanese candy, Mexican candy, old school candy from your childhood, artisanal chocolate bars, a wall of salt water taffy, and all the weird ass soda flavors you could ever dream up! Hell, they even have astronaut candy! :)

    The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because these bitches don't have Bubble Jug Gum and their prices are a little steep, though I totally understand why. You can't exactly pay rent selling $1 candy bars, so I can respect their pricing.

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    I feel very so-so about this restaurant. I feel like they could be awesome, but they're just... not.

    Prices are decent, food is decent, service is decent, everything is decent. The chip sauce is great. Put it on everything. It makes everything better.

    I had a chicken, bacon, ranch sandwich & a Caesar side salad. Side salad was okay, but over dressed as per usual for middle of the road restaurants. Chicken sandwich was good and fresh, but a little on the plain side. But then I put chip sauce on it and it was much better.

    I'd be willing to go back, but it's not super high on my list. Well, maybe for the chip sauce.

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