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    Honestly, this place is where you go if you are starving and NOTHING ELSE is open.  The food is so gross - over sauced, over cheap and tons of fat and salt.  If you microwave your dinner out of a box each night you might like it.  The waitresses could not be more bored and more unfriendly.  Hotel Layfayette should demand a better restaurant and decent coffee for its guest.   I'd give no stars if I could.

  • $$ Massage
    113 Rowell Ct
    Falls Church, VA 22046
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    Amazing services and staff.  The location is very convenient with easy parking.  The carpet could be replaced with wood floor, but otherwise perfect.  I generally receive the signature massage and go every two weeks.  It makes me a better person!

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    Held a business dinner here tonight.  Our waiter Dave/David originally from outside of Buffalo, NY was amazing.  Request him if you can, his service was a large part of a wonderful evening.  The food was extremely well done.  I do not know if I can select a favorite.  Great steak, fries, mac n cheese and spicy Thai mussels.  The table shared everything, which was perfect because we got to sample all of the great offerings.  Dessert should not to be missed - Red Velvet Belgium waffles and the chocolate cake.  Yummy!!

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    Worth the wait to park (all the black cars lined up outside) and definitely deserving of its stellar reviews and reputation as The Kabob place in the DC area.  Best seasonings on the chicken and the chickpeas and spinach are simply delicious.

  • 2700 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    Just walk the produce aisle and then compare to any other store.  Whole Foods is absolutely getting the highest quality produce sold in the market, it is simply gorgeous.  Then examine the fish, meat and dairy - the best!

    For the life of me, I don't get Trader Joe's.  Slim organic choices and lots of frozen, high fat and high sodium choices, AND no meat department.  Yes'm your meat comes precut and packaged from some unknown location.  I guess it is cheaper, look at what you are getting.

    I say let the Microwave King and Queens shop at TJ's, leave the real food for the rest of us at WFs!

  • $$$ Hotel
    7696 Sam Snead Hwy
    Hot Springs, VA 24445
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    The Homestead's 3 stars are because it is in such an amazingly beautiful surrounding.  The food is ordinary, fattening and unimaginative.  The people are very friendly and want to do a good job.  However, the Homestead is tired in need of repairs and does goofy things like close the market at 8PM, the Pro Shop @ 5PM when it's gets dark after 8PM and there is no bottled water in your room.   I'd love to rate it higher as I love it's history.  I am most surprised Canyon Ranch is lending its name to the spa.  I hope that great brand doesn't get diluted in the process!

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    Great place to come for a casual lunch.  Take home food for dinner or tasty apps for a party.

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    Stopped by on a Friday for lunch with no reservations, they accommodated us in a side room.  It turned out quite well for us.  The food is very good.  We started with a fennel and apple salad salad.  I had their house smoked salmon with capers on crostini.  My friend had the risotto.  We split the key lime cheesecake.  All was delicious.  Looking forward to coming back.  My only advice to management - fix up the bathrooms.

  • 228 N Market St
    Frederick, MD 21701
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    Volt was disappointing.  I was looking forward to trying and decided to meet a friend from Baltimore for brunch, while I traveled from Washington DC.  It took over 30 minutes to get a coffee.  Yes, it is French pressed coffee, but that does not take 1/2 hour.  Our server could only be described as strange and perhaps a little ditzy.  My beet salad was too cold and therefore the beets had no flavor.  The biscuits were very good.  The omelet, potatoes and dessert were okay.  Not bad but okay.  I would also add that they are trying too hard, it comes off pretentious and awkward.  Having dined at Charlie Trotters in Chicago and the Inn at Little Washington in years past, I know what Five Stars looks like and tastes like.  This is not a close one.  Beautiful building though.

  • 4301 N Fairfax Dr
    Arlington, VA 22203
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    I had been for lunch and had a great experience.  Went for dinner on a Saturday night and it was disappointing, not just with the food but the service was terrible.   Our waiter was almost rude in the manner he dealt with us.  Water glasses went unfilled, wine glasses unfilled and please do not ask for a substitution.  They had a beet salad that I was interested in, but it had goat cheese (which I don't like) and I asked if any other cheese could be substituted.  He responded flatly, "No" with no further
    explanation.   You should know all salads are made in advance.  When I asked if the had Prosecco, he said "we have Cava".  Not, "unfortunately no, but we have Cava which is the Spanish sparkling wine and many people like it."  His whole demeanor was short and clipped....until dessert.  Then he became interested in us and actually checked on us.  I told my friend it must be close to tip time that he has suddenly realized he should feign interest.  On top of lousy service the whole meal was "meh".  The Flatbread was the nightlight of our meal.

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