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    The only reason I am giving this campground a one star is so that the review will be read, as a caution to camping anywhere near to Estacada, Or.

    The camp sight is small, gorgeous and overlooks the river. Clean and well kept. We felt fortunate to find a spot, last minute, on a Friday in August. The off site camp host (from Lazy Bend) is a lovely man. Very kind and seems to love his job.

    The issue was: we were robbed at 3 am. We left our cooler on the picnic table, packed all other things away (thank goodness) and our cooler was stolen. Upon discovery, we walked around and asked if anyone else had things stolen and 2 other camp sights (that we spoke with) had coolers with beer stolen. Yeah, so our cooler had our beer and food. All of our food. Several people heard and saw a few cars driving around at 3 am but didn't realize what was going on.

    I've told several people about this experience and apparently this is common when camping near Estacada. I guess my one-star review is really for the town of Estacada but I don't think Yelp has a review options for an entire town.

  • 2522 SE Clinton St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    A little over two years ago, new ownership came to the Clinton. Amazing stuff happened like they began using the A/C in the summer and heater in the winter. The other owner didn't value comfort of his patrons, apparently.

    So, the owners don't take a salary. Every penny earned goes back into the theater. Recently, they bought a new sound system, new screen and are replacing their seats. They also fixed the hole in the bathroom floor (yay for not falling through the floor!) and have been updating as they can.

    A recent reviewer (7/2014) stated that their A/C doesn't work. Hmm.. Not true. I was JUST there several times in June and July and the cool air was flowing (not to mention cold cans of HUB lager). Also to this reviewer, paint is very expensive. That's a lot of ceiling to cover. Maybe you could volunteer some time at the Clinton rather than  complain about it? Just a thought.

    Anyway, love the Clinton and that the ownership is dedicated to our community. In fact, Lani just came by our neighborhood association meeting and let everyone know about some upcoming free events.

    Thank you, Clinton for existing.

  • 3713 SE Gladstone St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    Love, love, love this coffee shop! Delicious coffee and tea. Also, Carolyn generously donated her space for a recent Creston Kenilworth Neighborhood Association meeting.

    Appreciate her commitment to our neighborhood!

  • 736 NW 23rd Ave
    Portland, OR 97210
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    I love, love, LOVE this shop! The co-owner, Rachel, is super helpful every time I come in. I tell her what I am looking for and she always has great suggestions. Sometimes I will pull something from the rack and she says, "I am not sure if that suits you..." She is always right! Dang, totally the advice I need when shopping alone!

    Prices are extremely reasonable and you won't find the usual thrift store junk, they are very selective when choosing what items to consign!

  • 1325 W Lockeford St
    Lodi, CA 95242
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    My hubs and I stopped in on a recent trip to the area. Wow, could have spent hours browsing (um, and buying)!!!

    Store is well stocked, super friendly staff and very conveniently located nearby a yummy coffee shop! I really love all the display pages, got my creative juices flowing!

    Will come back, again, very soon!

  • 3934 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
    Portland, OR 97212
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    We all really enjoyed our stay in the Sunflower House in Lincoln City, OR. My husband and my 5 children and myself all stayed comfortably in the home. The house is a block from the beach but the beach access is a very long set of stairs so going up and down can be uncomfortable (especially for our little kids!). However, only a few blocks south is vehicle beach access if stairs are an issue. The house itself is cozy, clean and well stocked for cooking (no coffee grinder, though!) The master bed has a pillow top and is extra, extra soft so would not be comfortable for anyone with back/neck issues. We really enjoyed our stay and thank the owners for opening up their home for rent!
    Note: There is no BBQ grill on site.

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    My uncle was looking for something for his bike and we wandered in. The staff is completely amazing and helpful! They seem to be able to order whatever you need and have it waiting within 2 hours!!!

    Small, non profit shop but not preachy to their cause. Feels good to make purchases that count toward good deeds!

  • 3709 SE Gladstone St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    We have been on the hunt for Barberry bushes and recently visited Portland Nursery. We were overwhelmed by how large it is and when asking an employee for assistance were disappointed by the lack of help and knowledge.

    Fortunately, Birds and Bees exists! The first time I went in, I was a little taken aback by the lack of selection but talked to one of the owners, Amanda. She promised that they could order anything we wanted. She and her partner have been so helpful in our decision making: how many bushes, the size that we need etc...Anyway, we finally purchased the bushes and they were $15 less than what Portland Nursery charges AND they are bigger! I could not be more pleased. We will be back and will tell all of our friends to shop here.

  • 2880 SE Gladstone St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    Love, love their burgers (with bleu cheese, heaven!). Great service, comfy seating and plenty of outdoor space both in front and in back. One of my favorite spots and I am lucky enough to be able to walk there and stumble home!

  • 4765 NE Fremont St
    Portland, OR 97213
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The best fish taco I have ever had. I would say even better than tacos I have had in Mexico. Sadly, this is a special item and the protein changes (shrimp right now, which I am allergic to). Will be checking back frequently, though!

    Also, great service and family friendly (if you are into that sort of thing).

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