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    1531 N Kingsbury St
    Chicago, IL 60642
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    My girlfriend is a dancer here. It's not the best strip club I've seen but the dancers are beautiful and the place is clean and not sleazy. If you're a female, you'll get lots of attention from the dancers but the guys get taken more seriously as they are more willing to pay for lapdances and lots of them. My girlfriend is hot nonetheless so go see her dance here. Her lapdances will make you fall in love. I did.

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    Being that I'm part Latina, I'm almost embarassed to say that I like this joint. Even though I'm not Mexican (I'm part Puerto Rican). This place just really seems to cater to the "non-ethnic" crowd. That said, their homemade chips and salsa are fresh, crisp, and good. I love the Juanita's special- a little bit of everything. The Mexican rice is yummy. And that bean soup/thing is great too.The only thing that bums me out is you have to pay extra for sour cream? Makes no sense at all. And they charge you a hefty fee for guacamole. Oh, but their margaritas are deadly strong- just how I like 'em!
    Oh, and lastly, there is one waiter in here that is just hot! I don't know his name but you know who you are!! wink-wink! And I don't even really like men- now, that's saying much on how hot he is!

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    This store seems to cater to the homosexual male in my opinion. Nonetheless, I like coming here with my girlfriend. There are cute g-strings and naughty outfits for every occasion. Pretty good selection of dildos. It's fun to go here and look at all the stuff- blow up dolls, edible undies which to me remind me of just fruit roll ups in the shape of panties. I do like the oils and the flavored liquids you can lick off each other.

  • 140 New Montgomery St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    My first review and I'm the first to review Yelp? I find that hard to believe! Okay, I broke down and signed on to Yelp mainly because I have been using Yelp since last summer to find out what the best restaurants and hair salons are in this city. Since I'm pretty new to Chicago, this was the perfect place for me to explore and research. And since all of the people I know in this city are the people I work with, I thought that a website such as Yelp would give me a more broad perspective of the places to be. Not to mention that the people that I work with are not the most keen on the hottest places to eat or be seen! I'm giving this review 3 stars because it's right in the middle. I'll see if I could up a couple of more stars once I start acing this site!

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