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  • 160 N Gulph Rd
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
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    we've been here several times, and are very thankful for it's organic feel. reminds me of Five Guys. they recently changed their fries from those thin, tastelss ones to more of crimped style (think the kind you get frozen and do yourself in the oven).
    love they choices of beer, wine, and shakes and even custard.  
    depending on time of day, seating can be tricky but during the summer you can sit outside too.

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    hubby and i parked in the garage and walked to the restaurant at around 830 on Friday. the bar area was busy but the dining area wasn't that busy. for some reason, the hostess sat us down at a table right next to an outside door. it's october and when it was opened, it was kinda chilly. so we moved ourselves down one table where my hubby had to have street lights in his eyes almost the whole time.

    i'm not really sure why we had bread plates bc we were never served bread or anything else for that matter. mb it was a spare plate or one to hold your silverware when you aren't using it.  our drinks came quickly but the food took it's time. when it was presented (i got a pasta dish which was ok and hubby got the meatloaf, mac/cheese, wasabi mashed potatoes which was interesting), our food was at most warm. not hot whatsoever. i was close to sending it back to heat it up.  our server came over once to ask us if it was ok about 1/2 way through. another server brought us boxes and another took our plates away. i get it, team effort but isn't that usually one person's job?  

    we left a 15% for courtesy purpose only. as i said to my hubby, it was ok but nothing i'd write home about.

  • 39 W Gay St
    West Chester, PA 19380
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    My 2 friends and I decided to eat here while we were attending "Swingin' Summer Thursdays" this past week. The weather was great and wanted to eat outside. This place had a few spots open so we sat ourselves. We were given menus...10min later...the server came and took our order...10min later...we got salsa/chips...10min later...our drinks...20min later our food. Seeing the pattern here? Alright there were a few large groups of people with us outside but very few people sitting inside.

    I ordered the chicken quesadilla, my friend ordered Chicken Nachos, and my other friend ordered a steak quesadilla. Ours weren't even cut. It was a tortilla that had been stuffed and cooked. I couldn't even pick it up without use of my fork bc it was so floppy. I was thankful for the sourcream/guac and rice that came with it to assist with the flavor.   The food was ok but I would've preferred Mas a few blocks away. At least Mas has better service, food, drinks, and even a functioning website.

    We eventually got our check and left. I don't know if I'll be back. I wasn't really that impressed.

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    the other recent reviewers are correct. i had eaten here a few yrs ago and it was a good burger joint like a Five Guys. i was even impressed that i could place an order online. Alas, it was really awful. it was a pre-shaped, like from a frozen form, patty smushed with condiments and an overly sized bun. It really sucks that I paid $6 and couldn't even bring myself to finish eating it. I got an order of fries and yup..boring flavor with a taste of once frozen.
    when i got there to pick up the order i had placed online, the cook in the back looked so depressed and kinda stared at me. there was no one else was eerie.  i was given my order and then asked for a receipt that i had purchased it online. hmm. isn't that kinda the point of picking it up after ordering it online??
    i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. you're better off going to burger king.

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    I called to make an appointment for an oil change and they were able to get me in the same day! Unfortunately, they closed before I could get to them but Dave (the Manager) told me that he'd put the car in the shop to keep it safe. Though he did offer to do a lock-in/out (i'm not 100% on that terminology). Anyway, 2hrs after dropping it off, it was done and he called me to say what he would recommend for winterization. I was so thankful that they did that because I had a feeling I needed some of it and they confirmed it. I picked it up the next day and they gave me a recap and a receipt with the details as well. While I was in talking to Dave, one of the mechanics had pulled my car up to the door so I was able to drive away with ease. I was surprised to find a cookie on my passenger seat which was tasty!

    Overall, great customer service and willing to help with any questions I had. I was so thankful they did a full inspection for me at no cost. I'll definitely come back.

  • 5408 Sapp Rd
    Greensboro, NC 27409
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    while this store has tons to choose from for any themed party, the staff was not the best. i needed 3 balloons blown and waited for over 30min. there was a customer in front of me with a decent sized order but there were about 5 other staff members just standing around at the register doing nothing but "welcome to party city"   so if you're looking for speedy service, don't bother coming here.

  • 3332 W Friendly Ave
    Greensboro, NC 27410
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    Stopped here because we had a groupon for 3 pints for a certain price. Parking was a bit tough since it's in the middle of a shopping plaza but we managed. Building is small but staff was friendly and they offered us a sample of practically everything...almost like they were being sales people for certain flavors. After trying about 5 different flavors, we made up our minds and they packed the pints and sent us on our way.

    Only thing I did notice that I didn't approve of is that they scooped ice cream from old containers on top of the new ice cream. I used to work in an ice cream shop and we were told NEVER do that because it contaminates the new product. But oh well, every one does it differently.

  • 1614 W Friendly Ave
    Greensboro, NC 27403
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    The location of this nail salon is definitely tucked away. Thanks to the other reviewers of this place, I decided to give it a try. My mom, my sister, and I wanted to get a basic manicure and the prices were perfect ($13 each).  I called to make an appointment but communication was crossed so we weren't sure if it was at 3p or 330p. We showed up at 315p just to be safe.  We walked in and I was very surprised by the vintage atmosphere. Amazing chandeliers, pinks and yellow, and neat textures. Alas, the smells of a nail salon hits you in the face. But once you get used to it, it was fine. We were offered 'something to drink' and opted for 3 mini-water bottles.

    Unfortunately due to the miscommunication, 2 of us had to wait (in massage chairs) but my mom went first. Marianne (the owner) took my mom over to one of the nail tech stations and talked to her the whole time. While talking, Marianne convinced my mom (and the rest of us) to get out brows waxed. She was amazing! I was nervous because I'd never had them done before but she did a great job. She even recommended how to style them and where to grow and where not to grow. She also trimmed my dad's brows too! She told us it was complimentary due to the confusion of appointment time. Nice!

    My sister and I got our turn at the nail tech stations after the waxing. They were very quick and the O.P.I color I picked out was great. We had a dinner reservation at 430p and they got us all out by 415p. Just in time.

    Overall, the staff is very friendly and they did a great job accommodating for us. Nails, honestly I've had better but for the price, no big deal.  Word of advice though, make an appointment especially if you're going on a Saturday. This place can get/be very busy!

    Rick R.
    Kommentar von Rick R. von Marianne's Brows & Nail Salon
    8.11.2013 Thanks so much for your review Laura, we appreciate your comments and so very much hope to see you… Weiterlesen
  • 1369 Wilmington Pike
    West Chester, PA 19382
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    I stopped in with 2 of my friends for the first time tonight. it was much bigger than i was expecting. similar idea to Plato's Closet - can sell or buy. the staff was super friendly and loved that they would ask your name, take your selections, and put it on a rack for you to try on when you're ready. they constantly would check in and help in any way. great selection of shoes, purses, belts, scarves, clothes and a huge wall full of jewelry. could totally spend hours in there browsing everything. It has a good layout and learned that when you reach white colored items on the rack, it would move up to the next size. what a great idea!
    the place was very clean and smelled good (not that worn clothing smell like some places). I would definitely recommend a visit for great deals that are in season.

    Chris B.
    Kommentar von Chris B. von Clothes Mentor
    11.7.2014 Hi Laura!  I just got access to commenting on posts and I would be remiss if I didn't reach out to… Weiterlesen
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    this place is always clean and nice. though i can't say i've ever experienced a rush in customers here. often times you're not sure if they're open because the parking lot rarely has cars in it.  i agree about the staff...sometimes friendly, sometimes not. bread is fine but wow about the dressing! 2 huge ladle scoops of dressing?!?! maybe 1 at most but 2?? make sure to ask for it on the side so you can actually taste the salad and not just the dressing.
    overall an ok place to go.

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