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    First time here. Sandwich was delicious! (New Yorker) Girl at the counter was delightfully pleasant. The atmosphere is very chill, kind of a beach patio meets Bohemia kinda vibe. I will return. The Jersey Reuben looks like a good choice next visit!

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    1608 India St
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    A sheik, trendy joint with co-ed vibe. The atmosphere is energetic and staff delightful!

    I love a good burger.  The name, "Burger Lounge" captured my sense of intrigue. Not knowing what to expect, I kept it simple; burger, fries and a drink.

    When the order arrived on a fashionable, square, white, glossy plate, I expected, the meal was going to be all frills, no substance. Then I picked it up. I immediately new by the density of this burger, it was packed with substance. Then I took a bite. The burger was prepared to perfection; moist, with flavor that did a two-step on my taste buds! This was not a burger joint with a cartoon character mascot. There were defiantly no items on the menu that started with "Mc".

    If you're on a BK budget, this is a bit pricey. The meal was about $13.00, but well worth it.


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    What a delightful surprise! The food was delicious! My wife, who has lived in Thailand, and considers herself an authority, said this is the best Thai she's had since leaving Thailand. I had yellow curry and Thai fried rice. Both were amazingly full of flavor, the veggies and chicken were fresh tasting and cooked perfectly.

    One word of caution though, Google Maps directed us the street side entrance, which is nondescript, and not very appealing. Based on the front appearance, we decided to look for another place to eat. While driving around we accidentally found the rear, which is actually the main entrance. It was much more appealing from the rear, with ample parking. Enjoy!

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