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    So to follow up on my review:

    After a contacting 7 on Your Side with Michael Finney, I got the same run around from Tova Day Spa. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

    Here's where they put the blame on me:
    My fault...for calling the wrong spa {I was told I must have called another Tova Day Spa).

    My fault...for not getting the name of the person who booked the appointment {but when I talked to Manager, it was her who told me I would have booked it with her}.

    My fault...for misunderstanding the Internet. Yes, they take Gift Certificates, just not SpaFinder Gift Certificates [oops! why did they tell me they would accept MY SpaFinder gift certificate when I called to book my appointment in early April]?

    My fault...for thinking that such a "reputable spa" would want to keep a customer coming back instead of insisting being correct? After all, why be a 5 stars spa when you could keep being a 3-star spa?

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    Booked two mani pedi appointments for my daughter and I for her 7th…
  • 1150 Murphy Ave
    San Jose, CA 95131
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    Like other people, I dropped in, happy there was a spa so close to my house.

    I went for a manicure. No one else was there, so the workers had time to sit around on their cell phones, and one man was working in another room. The ladies who work there wear very skimpy clothes and this man seemed very out of place. It appeared like a brothel.

    The lady was nice and made my nails look like. But when it came time to paint my nails she did a HORRIFIC job. An OPI polish should only use one coat--she used 4 and it started to come off when I left the building, plus my nails didn't feel smooth. I had to go home and paint them with my own polish drying solution to not make them feel like the polish was going to come off immediately.

    When I went to pay, the credit card machine wasn't working--they wanted cash only. It finally worked 10 minutes later.

    Sorry, but next time I desire spa services drive to a better one, farther away. Sorry, but you need to make this one feel more like a spa and less like a rip off.

  • $$ Hotel
    1050 W Katella Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92802
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    This past weekend {January 4-8}, we stayed at the Anabella Hotel. We came back from our day in Disneyland at 11:30pm to find out that a pair of flip flops [… {purple} had been stolen out of our room. Saturday the 7th was the only day that we had room service in the room and nothing else was taken.

    The room was a two (2) room suite with a very small walk-in closet. This closet was where the ironing board and safe was. There we kept our empty backpacks and duffle bags. I used the flip flops to walk to breakfast and stored them on top of one of the duffle bags. The door was closed when we left for the day.

    I reported the shoes stolen at 11:30pm, and talked to the male on duty. He told me that the Manager of Housekeeping would be in at 7:00am. At 8:15am, I checked in with the front desk before breakfast, and was told that no, she doesn't start until 9:00am. At 10:10am, when we went to check out, I was told that not only did she not have a report of any shoes being stolen, but that her maids did not see any flip flops at all--this sense of "What Flip Flops?" All I was told by the blond lady on duty was that if they found them, they would mail them to me.

    The next day, I called to talk to the Manager of the Hotel [Ian], and was told that two employees had had turned the room [Room 9103] upside down, and had not found them, nor were they in the Lost and Found. He basically said that Hotels were not responsible for items in our room, something that I knew when I signed the "rental agreement" {or whatever that paper is called when you sign for a room}.

    Yes, we're not talking about a camera or gold watch. We're talking flip flops. The only people in that room were my husband, daughter, and myself + their staff. There was no sign of forced entry; the only item taken was my flip flops. We only had room service Saturday--the day the flip flops were stolen. We turned that room upside down before we checked out, and of course I had already unpacked before I contacted Ian--no flip flops in our possession.

    So who's got the flip flops? The Anabella will not reimburse me because I "do not have proof that their staff took the item." So, do we the public have to start bringing our own security for our shoes? Lock up everything in our car? Cancel room service to keep our stuff safe? I want my flip flops back, or the $26 to buy another pair.

  • 868 Old San Francisco Rd
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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    My husband called to reserve a bounce house, and asked that it be set up for 11:00am [party to start at 1:00pm]. The night before, the company called and double checked for the time to set it up; again, my husband repeated 11:00am, but whomever called doesn't speak very good English. The showed up the next day at 7:50am! It was the correct bounce house and the kids enjoyed it, but when I went in it, it is dirty, like it has dried food or silly string on it [gross!]. And we told them that the party ended at 4:00pm and to come pick it up around then. At 9:10pm, they still hadn't come to pick it up, and told us that they "get really busy on Saturdays, and they were going to come pick it up Sunday [Mother's Day] after 12:00pm--maybe." FIND SOME PLACE BETTER!!!!

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    Read Kimberley B's review from 2008--the atmosphere hasn't changed at all. At all. VERY LOUD AND VERY BRIGHT!!

    I only came here because I was given a gift certificate. I did the Mendocino package (manicure, pedicure, European facial, 1 hour massage).  

    When I go to a spa, I want tranquility, and darkness, to feel relaxed, and I want the outside world shut out. The secretary apparently was out on Maternity Leave so Luba did my Mani and Pedi. But she kept stopping to answer the phone and see who was at the door, and that got really annoying after awhile. I mentioned she should get a temp, and the notion was dismissed.  Her answering the phone so much also made services go longer than planned. So, my 1-hour massage got cut down to only 40 minutes so that they could end early to take care of the next person. I wanted to ask her about some facial products and was practically shoved out the door.

    Don't get me wrong--the services are good. Luba took care of my bad looking feet, made them look nice; my nails look nice; would have wanted to know what products she was using for my facial and why [better spa places do this], but my face looks and feels much cleaner.

    As for the massage--I've had better. I stated that I was stiff on my left side from sleeping on my left side so much. My back was kneaded to death--I got light massage on my legs and ankles, places where I really needed it. I came in stiff--came out stiff.

    Use your own judgment to come here. This is not a luxury spa--many people have stated it--but again, you may get your money's worth based on what you come in for.

  • 21275 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    Pros: Fairly recent movies, cheap prices

    Cons: Dirty bathrooms, filthy cramped theaters [and they are not cleaned between films], really hard seats, fully priced concessions

    We went last night and watched Robin Hood. When the movie began, we could hear the background noise really distorted, but not the main characters, so I had to tell them to fix that, and they were really nice and did so.

    Every time I left to go to the bathroom, they concession/ticket staff were standing around talking--couldn't they have spent that time cleaning the bathrooms or the theater?

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