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    I liked this place the first time I ordered--decent whole wheat crust and lots of variety--but my most recent experience was terrible. I ordered online tonight (on a Monday), and it took over an hour to arrive. When it did, it was cold and tasteless, and there was a key ingredient, described on the menu, missing.

    Also, the driver refused to come to my front door and instead made me walk out to his car in the street, even though I told him I was wearing no shoes.

    I asked the driver, whom I tipped generously in spite of the shoe situation, about the missing ingredient, and he said, "I don't know, I'm just the driver."

    I called the restaurant, and rather than trying to make it right, the person on the phone just argued with me and said I was reading the menu wrong and hung up on me. I called back and explained that it was their menu that said it--I even read to him directly from the menu I used to order. Given the price of the item, it seemed to me a little deceptive not to include what the menu said it would.

    Nothing. Terrible terrible customer service. Overpriced. Don't bother.

  • 2004 17th St Nw
    Washington, DC 20009
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    Wonderful, funky little place. Best selection of Japanese foodstuffs I've found inside the district. Stunningly reasonable prices. Love love love.

  • 2467 18th St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
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    As a relatively new transplant to DC and a seasoned/former used bookstore worker, I was thrilled to learn of this store's existence.

    I was a bit put off, however, when I called just now to see if they had a particular title in stock (I live over 45 minutes away), and the person on the other end not only told me that I needed to come in and browse the relevant section (law) myself, but also did so in a way that suggested it was presumptuous of me even to ask.

    I will definitely not be coming in to browse...

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    In the interest of full disclosure, I live within a block of Movies!, so a fair amount of my enthusiasm for the place stems from my ability to traipse over there in 30 seconds, wearing flip-flops no less.

    Yet my devotion to the place runs so much deeper than mere convenience...Movies! and its friendly, knowledgeable proprietor Rob Arcos serve a source of those of us who really love film and love talking about those of us who dream of quitting our day jobs and spending the rest of our days perched in a quaint, welcoming storefront, sharing what we love with an adoring and friendly patron those of us who believe in entrepreneurship and independent, local business...

    Much like President Obama, Movies! is a return to what I appreciate about being American, and in spite of my having (eek, confession time) a limited Netflix subscription to fill in a few gaps, I will continue to support my independently-owned, local video store.

  • 2009 W Gray St
    Houston, TX 77019
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    Dating from 1939, the Landmark River Oaks Theatre is just about the closest Houston comes to having a well-trafficked, historic landmark. One of the two oldest theaters in town (the other being the Alabama, present-day home of Bookstop), the River Oaks holds the record for longest run as an actual film theater.  

    Inside, the theater is an exquisite, albeit moderately decaying, art-deco relic of Hollywood's golden era. Art-house cinema can be viewed on three screens; the first-floor primary screen shows larger-name indie releases, often Oscar contenders, while the secondary upstairs screens typically show more foreign and truly independent features. The floor-to-ceiling wooden carvings and red velvet curtains flanking the downstairs silver screen are the only evidence that the second-floor theaters once served as balcony seating for a palatial, single-screen cinema. On weekends, film buffs and fun-seekers alike can catch midnight screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as other, rotating cult favorites.

    While the theater seats can't measure up to modern, stadium seating standards, and the projection and sound systems are anything but state-of-the-art, the River Oaks offers well-curated film offerings, a charming upstairs bar, and a nostalgic glimpse into Houston's past, not to mention an escape from the megaplex.

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    In recent years, Niko Niko's has undergone the transformation that most counter service/greasy spoon establishments must if they are to survive: it has become hipper and fancier.  The table accoutrements and website are festooned with a comic book likeness of Dimitri, the proprietor.  The dining room and parking lot are twice as big as they used to be. Nonetheless, the restaurant has managed to sustain much of its chaotic Greek charm.

    The falafel sandwich, spanikopita and dolmades are delicious. Sandwiches come with a choice of fries, rice or potatoes, and my money is with the scrumptiously salty, broth-soaked potatoes.

  • Mandell at Richmond Ave.
    Houston, TX 77006
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    In contrast to other metropolitan centers, e.g., New York, Houston is not widely renowned for its community gardens. Situated within the Montrose area, however, just outside the El Pueblito Place patio, you will find Mandell Park, an idyllic, urban patch of green, home to the beautifully maintained Meredith Gardens. Mandell Park was originally ceded over to a group of neighborhood gardeners after the City of Houston changed its plans for the construction of the Montrose Library.

    Run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, and funded by donations (Friends of Mandell Park), everything about this place says organic and locally grown, from the gorgeous, seasonal herbs and greens, to the sustainable mulching practices--the compost heap is where many local residents unload their lawn waste and table scraps.

    A project of Urban Harvest, the garden itself is also features butterflies and hummingbirds flitting amongst their favorite varietals. In the surrounding park, human visitors can enjoy a concert by Rice student composers, play frisbee with canine friends, or simply bask in the sun whilst watching the world go by.

    Mandell Park is a bucolic gem amidst the smoggy swamp we call Houston.

  • 3803 Dunlavy St
    Houston, TX 77006
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    My husband won't shop here, muttering something about doctored expiration dates on cheeses, but my heart belongs to the Fiesta at Dunlavy and W. Alabama.

    I echo other reviewers' sentiments about the fine music, fine wine, and fine selection of goods from Latin America, UK and elsewhere. Worth writing home about is the international foods aisle, where one can choose between numerous varieties of very affordable foodstuffs like coconut milks, Indian spices, curry pastes and ginger beers. The kosher selection is decent, too (shabbos candles, even!)

    I love me some cheap produce, and this is always my first stop when I need to stock up--it's easily half the price of Randalls, and I won't even compare it to the Whole Foods/Central Market produce situation--but I will say that there occasionally appears on display the sub-standard fruit or vegetable, which can be a bit disappointing. Ditto on the meats/fish. If what you want is gleaming, flawless, "organic" perishables, Fiesta might not be your place. If, however, what you want is hard-to-find African root vegetables and chamomile blossoms, you may be in business.

    In the freezer case, check out the amazing assortment of foreign and natural foods, including CHEAP edamame and all varieties of fake meats.

    Summary: If you are, like me, a wine-loving, curry-cooking vegetarian on a shoestring budget, give this little Montrose market a try.

  • 1533 Sul Ross St
    Houston, TX 77006
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    It's difficult to say what makes this place more magical--the weightless, light-filled, Renzo Piano building with its louvered ceilings and beautiful wooden floors, or the world-class collection, a well-curated assortment of ancient, near eastern, and African art, not to mention key pieces from the modern and postmodern eras: surrealism, minimalism, cubism, abstract expressionism, pop art, op art, color field painting, conceptual art. You name it, they have it...

    Always genuine, understated and tasteful in its approach--one would never hear the word 'blockbuster' uttered within its four walls, nor be bombarded with didactic panels and audio guides--the museum nonetheless challenges its visitors to experience art as transcendence, offering exciting changing exhibits (many of them by contemporary artists), lectures and other programs.

    A visit to the museum isn't complete without a stroll about the verdant Menil complex, which includes the ultra-serene Rothko Chapel with Barnett Newman's "Broken Obelisk" reflection pool outside, the Byzantine fresco chapel (where the attendant will speak to you at length about the de Menils and their harrowing plight to save these precious frescoes from art pirates), the Cy Twombly gallery, the Dan Flavin light installation, the museum bookstore, or the lovely oak-filled park. This perfect little ecosystem is framed by a quiet neighborhood of gray, Menil-owned bungalows, which contain people as well as local arts and culture organizations.

    Admittedly, having grown up in Houston, I'm biased, but if I were to pick one place to spend the rest of my days, this would be it.

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