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  • 7550 Telegraph Rd
    Alexandria, VA 22315
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    Met some friends here for the second time for dinner last night. Very tasty Chinese food at decent price points for "sit down" service. I wish we lived closer to take advantage of their take-out (although I feel like for take-out it'd be a bit pricey). Portions are large (6 of us shared six entrees and it was too much) and I really like that they give you a choice of white or brown rice. Interesting/fun drink menu, although the names and descriptions aren't very clear. I took a chance and ordered a "Suffering Bastard", which if I remember basically said it had "lots of rum"...that was true. It was also so sickening sweet that I could barely drink it. Lesson learned. Service at the table was attentive, but not annoying. Sorbet palate cleanser between courses, and the hot towel at the end of the meal are nice touches.

    Unfortunately, their "hostess" borderlines on rude. My boyfriend and I arrived early for our reservation and wandered in to see if they had a bar where we could have a drink while waiting on our friends (couldn't remember from our first time). We were basically shuffled out the door while being told "you're too early"..."maybe you can go shopping or something while you wait"..."you're too early". It was so obviously rude that even other patrons that were leaving as we were being escorted out commented. Oh, and for the record, unless we wanted to wander around the grocery store...there's no place in Hayfield to "go shopping"...and unfortunately, there's also not another restaurant with a bar in it. AND, when we came back (at the appointed time) with our friends, the hostess AGAIN made a bit deal out of our being there "too early".

  • 35 Baltimore Ave
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
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    The more time I spend in Rehoboth, the more impressed I am with the quality of their restaurant scene.

    I was thrilled to manage to get a reservation for 5 at the last minute on a busy Saturday night. When we got there, our table unfortunately wasn't ready, but the host quickly rearranged some available tables to accommodate us. If I were to offer any complaint about our experience, it would be that the seating area is tight. We were on two of three tables in a banqueted area, which meant that anytime someone on the inside section of the table needed to get up, we had to physically slide the tables around to make room -- and the poor couple next to us probably would have enjoyed their romantic dinner better if they hadn't had to share it with five friends just out to have a fun night. So, for that reason, and that reason alone, if Yelp offered half star ratings I *might* drop this down to 4.5 stars.

    Service was FANTASTIC. As soon as she heard that we were celebrating one of the couple's engagements, she brought over little glitter hearts and decorated our table. She was extremely knowledgeable about the wine list, and easily suggested a fantastic Zinfandel that paired amazingly well with a combination of duck, veal, beef, and scallop dishes.

    Across the board, consensus at our table was that the food was amazing, starting with the amuse bouche of bacon wrapped dates, baby kale salad (I still want to know how they make their crispy poached egg), and then the aforementioned entrees.

    Then, to top the night off, our amazing server bought the table a round of Prosecco to toast our newly engaged friends (and as an apology for the tight space).

    It's not a cheap meal, but it was wonderful!

  • 50 Wilmington Ave
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
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    28.5.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    This was the first place I wanted to go for dinner when we returned to Rehoboth last weekend and they did not disappoint! They were on about an hour wait, which is typical, but still take your phone number and text you when your table is ready (and give you ten minutes to return) - so convenient when their bar is full.

    The scallops were as good as I remembered, and the fish dish (I can't remember what kind) covered with ettouffee that my boyfriend had was amazing.

    And, at only $89 (with a generous tip) for two entrees and two adult beverages (wine for me, beer for him) it was one of the more reasonably priced meals that we had last weekend.

    I only wish they didn't close so early, but that seems to be the overall trend for Rehoboth restaurants.

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    4.9.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Wow! Found this gem on our trip to Rehoboth last week. Enjoyed it so much the first night we ate… Weiterlesen
  • 424 Atlantic Ave
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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    The good:

    - They're open late and delivered to our hotel w/in 30 minutes of a 2 a.m. phone call. Considering that we were shocked to find all of the walk in places closed before the bars did, this was a VERY good thing
    - Pretty good NY Style crust

    The bad:

    - I'm not sure I've ever had a more tasteless pizza. It wasn't at all that it tasted bad, it just had no taste

  • 7630 Lee Hwy
    Falls Church, VA 22042
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    Had the BF meet me here on a whim last night, because it's in the same plaza that my nail salon moved to.

    Decent, standard, Tex Mex fare. Nothing horrible, but not somewhere I'd hurry back to.

    Large open space decorated in standard tex mex decor. Decent sized crowed even at 6pm on Wednesday. Definitely looks like someplace that caters to families (there were several there last night).

    Chips are great. Fresh, thin, and salty. The salsa however for me was bland, and a mix of juicy/chunky that was really hard to pick up on their thin chips. If you have thin chips you need a thicker or finer salsa, IMO.

    Queso dip was literally just that. A cup of melted cheese that appeared to have been thinned with something liquidy with absolutely zero spice added to it. We fixed that by dumping some of their salsa in it, but even then it was only ok.

    BF had the cheese, chicken, beef enchilada combo and said it was "ok". I had the chicken tamale, chili relleno, beef enchilada combo. The tamale was a tamale. Corn meal coating over dark meat chicken covered with cheese. Nothing to write home about. The chili relleno might as well have been a cheese tamale. Same coating, and I was about 1/2 way through before I actually found the "chili". I wasn't a big fan of the shredded beef in the enchilada, but I suppose it was ok. All in all, I think that was the pervasive theme -- everything was "ok", and there's just too much good Mexican around to settle for "ok".

    A margarita, a draft beer, queso, and two entrees for ~$60 with tip. Disregarding the alcohol, I'd say that we typically enjoy carry out from Cafe Rio more at less than 1/2 the price. Will I eat there again? Maybe -- I can see it being somewhere easy to pick up carryout from after getting my nails done, but it's not somewhere that's likely to become a "destination" for us.

  • 4301 N Fairfax Dr
    Arlington, VA 22203
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    Four star dining at five star prices.

    Went last Friday for my birthday, and overall, I'd say that it was a great experience. The dining room is elegant, although a bit open and far from cozy, and our server was wonderful. We wanted a leisurely dinner, he sensed that, and accommodated nicely. Now, the fact that with a 7:30 reservation there were still multiple empty tables in the dining room may have helped with that.

    But anyway...started with a couple of cocktails and 1/2 of a Gulf Coast flatbread. I don't see it on the on-line menu, but highly recommend what I believe they call their "Sage Advice". Light, refreshing, and very, very tasty. The flatbread was thin, crispy, and wonderfully topped with shrimp, caramelized onions, cheese and a light BBQ sauce. Different, but definitely one of the highlights of the meal.

    Followed with the cauliflower and goat cheese bisque, based mostly on other reviews here. Wow! So. Amazingly. Good. Deep, rich, and velvety. And, truthfully, we probably could have stopped right there and been satisfied.

    But, being a special occasion and all, we soldiered on. My Lobster Duo (mini pot pie and ravioli) was fantastic, with two large chunks of claw meat garnishing the top. BF's Pork Porterhouse was also good, but tougher than we would have anticipated, or desired, and the accompanying cabbage, apples and au jus were only ok.

    At this point, splitting a dessert would have been the smart thing to do (if not skipping it completely), but we've come this far! The sticky toffee pudding cake was wonderful, and reminded me a lot of a bread pudding, but the chocolate bourbon cake was BY FAR the star of the show.

    Four courses with wine and cocktails for about $270. Wonderful, but with so many options in the area, didn't quite have that special "something" that for me makes it worth that price point. Way too many places that we can go to have a comparable meal for 2/3 of that or less. If we return, I think it would be to eat at Nosh (the bar), and we'd stick with flatbreads and soup.

  • 4906 Brenman Park Dr
    Alexandria, VA 22304
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    Went with friends last night for a Lupus fundraiser. First, kudos to the restaurant for committing 10% of last night's sales to the 2014 DC Walk to End Lupus Now.

    Big, bright, bustling open space. As others have mentioned, very family friendly, and definitely not an intimate "date night" space. That said, our service was great, the server easily and without question divided our check at least 6 ways (we would have been willing to figure it out, but it's so much easier if a restaurant is easily able to do it).

    Easily some of the best pizza that I've had in the metro area. I realize that that may not be saying much, since in general I think we have awful pizza. I had the Bella, which is prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula and parm -- thin NY style crust with just the right amount of "bite" and char, super tasty -- in fact, the leftovers are downstairs calling my name right now. BF's Carne Mista was also fantastic.

    We'll definitely go back - or at least do carry out. I have my fingers crossed that the reviews that talk about the quality of the food being inconsistent are wrong.

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    Kinda bummed. Grabbed lunch at this truck today while it was in Tyson's. It may be because it was late in the lunch hour, and because I got the last of their lamb (sorry to the dude that was behind me), but I was underwhelmed. My lamb was dry, overcooked, and somewhat tough. The flavor, however was good, and I really enjoyed the chickpeas that came with it, so I'm willing to chalk it up to a bad day/time and will probably try them again when I'm at our Tyson's office.

  • $$ Pizza
    7125 Columbia Pike
    Annandale, VA 22003
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    I think I'd ordered from the Burke location in the past and was underwhelmed. Until Saturday, I had never ordered from the Annandale location. But, Saturday evening, with a craving for wings and no desire to leave the house I started searching Yelp for delivery options, and time and again Big Bite reviews raved about their wings. You weren't wrong. Were they the best wings I've ever had? Not at all. Were they they best that I'd gotten delivered? Absolutely. And, I would actually attest that they were better heated up on day two, possibly because I crisped them up more in the oven. Will definitely remember this the next time I'm feeling lazy and craving wings. On-line ordering was easy and delivery was quick. We also ordered mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers, neither of which were necessarily good or bad -- kind of your standard, frozen, food service grade appetizers.

  • 3101 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    Went last night for the National Championship game. Surprisingly quiet on a "big" game night, but I chalk that up to the game being on a Monday night (why, why, why do they do that?) and the abnormally frigid DC temperatures last night. It's a nice space, with lots of TVs. Since it wasn't crowded, we were easily able to take over a couple of bar tables, and service from the bartender was fairly attentive throughout the evening. Nice (read inexpensive) gametime specials. We tried the buffalo chicken dip, which was good but more of a cheesy chicken dip, light on "buffalo" flavor. We also tried their big pretzel with beer cheese and cheesy bacon dip. Both were good, although we were surprised that the beer cheese was actually a cold spread vs. a dip. I'm a Bud Light girl, so "good" beer places are kind of wasted on me, but it looked like they had a great selection (or at least a lot of taps) and the bartender was nice enough to bring my friend several samples to taste when he asked about different beers. I also liked the fact that he was able to ever so subtly steer us away from the original appetizer that we were considering, and recommend something else. Everything on the menu isn't going to be a hit - kudos on knowing that and helping your first time customers order wisely!

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