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    Mothers 80th birthday and wanted to send a nice flower arrangement with chocolates.  Chocolates not left w/flowers.  Called owner of Spinning wheel and he said to have my mother look again. WTF. He then left a rude message on my mothers answering machine that he gave the chocolates to the driver.  Chocolates were delivered the next day, yet the owner told my mother they were left w/flowers.  My mother was furious.  Not what I expected for customer service.  My mother said write them off..

  • $ Diner
    957 Main Ave
    Durango, CO 81301
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    My wife, daughter and myself loved it.

    worth the wait and service is great..

  • $ Diner
    18 Town Plz
    Durango, CO 81301
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    worth the wait at the door.

    Farmers breakfast was outstanding for myself, wife and daughter.

    All the positive reviews are correct..

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    Never had a sirloin steak which I had to work at to cut through.  With the parking lot looking sparse, thought I would have a better experience.

    Don't waste your time.

    Charlotte F.
    Kommentar von Charlotte F. von K-Bob's Steakhouse
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  • 1111 Camino Del Rio
    Durango, CO 81301
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    Signed up for a 4 hour single ducky and double ducky with my wife and 12 year old daughter.  I was recommended to used the ducky as the water level was lower.  

    Within 10 min our ducky hit a rock in the middle and I was thrown out.. My daughter was screaming..  The next 1hr 50 min were nerve ranking.  With no experience on rapids, I was out of my comfort zone.  My wife gave up and got a ride in the raft - her ducky was in tow.

    I was so nervous I couldn't decide to throw up or shi? my pants.

    Please don't risk your child or wifes life based on a girl in the booth.

    If I was going to do it over, sitting in a raft with a guide is a way to go.

  • 2882 Kitty Hawk Rd
    Livermore, CA 94551
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    Previous dine in at Cattlemens was fabulous as the T-bone steak was great.

    Tried take out for a half rack of pork ribs on Jun 18th and it was awful.  The ribs were so tough all I could imagine was this is what a zombie feels like eating a cadaver. Not fresh and/or enjoyable.

    Not sure what happened yet this was not a good experience.

  • 3235 N Arizona Ave
    Chandler, AZ 85225
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    Let us pray - you don't use Grace!

    First item out of the technicians mouth - hope we don't have the "M" word. Mold.  Oh, by the way we also have a company that does water removal/cleanup and your home warranty will cover it.  Approx 3-4K, yet my deductible is 1K.  I chose to remove the 2ft x 2ft drywall in front of the water heater, remove the insulation and air dry.  Problem solved.

    AHS will cover the water heater and labor to install.
    Non warranty items from Grace totaled $835.  One must ask themselves, how is this possible.

    Grace Plumbing non warranty details:
    - New drain Pan and pipe going outside ($285).
    - Temperature relief pipe must be slightly sloped ($190).  
    - Drip leg needed off of gas line ($186).  
    - Dispose of old water heater ($125)

    Lowes Plumbing details:
    - New drain Pan and pipe going outside ($20). New pan placed underneath water heater.  My option to run line later.  Grace said this would void warranty.
    - Temperature relief pipe must be slightly sloped ($0).  When hooking up new pipe, just need to angle down - part of install.
    - Drip leg needed off of gas line ($0).  Not required in Phoenix.
    - Dispose of old water heater ($0)

    Whirlpool gas furnace options:
    6yr - $430
    9yr - $540
    12yr- $640

    Labor $280 + $85 parts.  Any parts not needed, you return to Lowes for a refund (mine was $35).

    Basically, I had a complete install of a 9yr Gas water heater for $920.  I asked for a cash option with AHS, which will cover the complete amount.

    I fully understand a business needs to make money, yet don't use fear and outrageous fees to make up for fewer customers.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

  • 5558 W Bell Rd
    Glendale, AZ 85308
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    Seen place reviewed on Check Please Arizona and thought to give a try.  Called ahead of time to see if there was a wait - No.  Place was 25-50% full.

    Service was slow and it took forever to get our food delivered to the table (30+ min).  Four of us ordered pulled pork and one order of fried chicken.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think they smoke the pork once an order is placed. Yikes.

    Appetizers were fine.. fried sampler plater and fried pickles.  Good to try.. then you start feeling sick from the grease.

    Pulled pork (one so many awards) was dry and nothing to right home about (worth writing a review though.  I've been to Austin, TX and at the Salt Lick the pulled pork is moist and unbelievable.  Was hoping for a similar or better experience.

    Oh well.. I give it too oinks..

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    Loved it!  After reading the review above was skeptical, yet YELP had many positive reviews.  My wife and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary and could not have been happier with the experience.  We had the Persian Platter (sampler) for the appetizer, Chef's special (sampler - chicken/fish) and some cold Taj Mahal beer (two to be exact).   We made reservations, yet showed up 30 minutes early and was seated with no issues.  We went on a Thursday night for reference.   Service was great and waiter explained the Persian food as we were clueless and only hungry.  Two rice dishes were fabulous.  We will go back again with friends and family.  Total bill was $72.  We had allot of leftovers to take home and enjoyed the next few days.

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    Stopped in with my wife for appetizers and drinks on a Friday night.  Loved the atmosphere and food was outstanding.  Fries (potato and sweet potato) were excellent.   White fish on tortilla with salsa was also fantastic - can't recall name, yet doesn't matter.  

    Wine was served in stem less glasses..very good.

    No complaints and we will return again..  Thanks for the great service.

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