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    Pronunciation: 'Poo-ra Buh'yezza

    Type of Business: Breakfast/brunch/lunch haven nestled inside a bright space full of interesting collection of artworks and handicrafts

    First Impression: Charming

    Impression After 27 Visits: Charming

    Number of Tables: 4 and sufficient

    Parking: Plenty on Western and sidestreets

    Don't Miss: Breakfast wrap, breakfast croissant, vege omelet, paninis

    Must-Have Drinks: Freshly squeezed OJ, freshly made coffee - per cup, mind you

    Looking Forward To: Expanded smoothie menu

    Occasional Eye Candy: Well-behaved canine faithfully sitting on the sidewalk while his/her owner is enjoying a breakfast wrap and freshly squeezed OJ inside

    Extremely Jealous Of: Their gigantic OJ juicer

    Conclusion: An oasis in the desert of the Western strip

  • 1584 Busse Rd
    Mount Prospect, IL 60056
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    6.2.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Aufgelistet in Top Restaurants

    So I went there for lunch today. Got there just after they opened at 11:30am and it was pretty quiet, so I sat by the sushi bar.

    "Economy is bad," said the owner/chef. "And business too."

    I ordered a lunch special: Giant bowl of miso ramen with ground pork and a fried rice. When my face finally re-emerged from the now-empty ramen bowl, this place was almost filled.

    With all Japanese.

    When you see mostly asians in an asian restaurant, you know it's done something right. Whether it's the no-nonsense menu, cozy space, homey decor, sweet scent of green tea, or murmur of Japanese you don't understand, there's just something magical about this place.

    Tough times? I'd say, only true survivors shine.

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    22.12.2007 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I've been going to Torishin since 1996, and it remains my No.1 favorite Japanese restaurant outside… Weiterlesen
  • 213-211 Bear Street
    Banff, AB T1L
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    In an otherwise touristy corner of downtown Banff, The Bison made us feel right at home.

    We liked it so much, we dined there - and met the same waitress - twice. We have no shame.

    Dinner starts with warm multi-grain bread with organic butter, served in a tree-bark bowl. It's so good I could fill up from this alone. Seriously.

    Order their red wine onion soup and red curry mussels and you're all set. I dare you to dip the bread in the mussel curry. What follows - the moaning and possibly involuntary gastronomical orgasm - may invite excessive staring from diners nearby. But you'll be too busy enjoying the moment to care.

    Should you still be hungry - you overweight bastards, er, foodies - go for their roasted leg of lamb, crisp roast chicken, or salmon. Whether it's the bed of mashed potato or toasted hazelnut, no ingredient is superfluous. Everything meshes in perfect harmony.

    When you're all good and satiated, wipe the remaining drool off your mouth and go sit on the sofa in the lounge area. Sip their brown-sugar mojito.

    Moan again. You'll be back.

  • 211 Harrison St
    Oak Park, IL 60304
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Beitrag des Tages 1.2.2009

    Goat has never tasted this good.

    Goat cheese, that is. Whether it's served as a dip with crunchy garlic bread, or in the form of cheesecake sprinkled with toasted hazelnut - also crunchy - it's gastronomical perfection from the beginning to the end.

    We simply couldn't get enough of them cheese.

    For non-goat cheese entrees:

    + Scallop. Four humongous pieces sit on the corners of a buttery mountain of mashed potato and crispy onion. The scallops are pan seared on both sides. Looks good, taste even better.

    + Duck confit. Guess this leg of ours really cooked in its own fat for a while. The flavor penetrated the skin like Keira Knightley penetrates every man's heart. I almost - ALMOST - picked up the bone to lick it, then I remembered it wasn't Chinatown.

    + Salmon as catch du jour. Glazed with horseradish honey and cooked all the way through, this rich protein source melted in my mouth, like Keira Knightley melts... oh never mind.

    My experiences with upscale restaurants have been consistent: The smaller the menu, the better the food. Briejo is just as well the epitome of this statement.

    This place exudes a sense of coolness and warmth simultaneously. I particularly enjoyed the junkyard-inspired lampshade above my table. Briejo is located in the heart of art district and there's no shortage of creativity here.

    The wait staff was energetic and professional. Owners Bridget and Jo - hence "Briejo" - hovered the floor all night making sure everyone's happy. And happy was everyone.

    Especially after consuming an abnormally large amount of goat cheese.

  • 1122 Lake St
    Oak Park, IL 60301
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    It's do-or-die for Cubs on NLDS tonight. Friends and I decided to watch the game over a couple of beer and some greasy food, and Bar Louie was right around the corner. So, perfect.

    We were seated immediately as it was pretty empty. And it's a Saturday night. Whatever. It was 9:12 pm, five minutes past first pitch, and the row of flat-screens had MIL-vs-PHI, ABC news, and Titanic on.


    Lucky for us, Cubs was soon on tv, our Guinness arrived, and it's time to order some finger food.

    I was craving for nacho cheese. You know, those yellow goodness oozing out of a dispenser and you dip your chips in it. The closest thing they had on the menu was this "chicken nacho" that cost $9.99. So I asked the waitress if we could work something out, and to my delight she said yes.

    That's when things took a downward spiral.

    Bottom of first, Cubs down 0-2. I had a headache.

    Food arrived. My nacho? It was semi-soggy 'cos the cheese was drizzled on the chips, not on the side where I could dip. Okay, I'm hungry. Just eat fast and watch the game.

    Fast forward to middle of the sixth. Cubs down 0-3. Chips now 100% soggy. My headache just got worse.

    We decided to get the check and get the hell out. Check came, and the nacho cheese: $9.99. It was as if they took the chicken out of that "chicken nacho" and charged me the same price for it.

    Here's the best part. The waitress explained, "Oh, we don't a button for your nacho cheese on our computer, so we just have to ring it up as chicken nacho."

    At this point, my friends were like ants on a hot pan. I was simply too tired to argue. I needed Advil, fast.

    Get the hell out we did, and I never looked back.

    Cubs lost. So did Bar Louie.

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    Convenient location aside, this place actually knows what it's doing.

    After a year of contemplating, I finally decided to get the (inherited) deep scratches on the rear door fixed. The previous owner had attempted a cosmetic touch-up but did a halfass job. I figured, better have it thoroughly fixed before it snows.

    I had previously gone to a different - and supposedly cheaper - place for a quote. $650 to repaint the entire door, including sand+buff all minor scratches on the rest of the car. Then I brought it to Loro for a second opinion. The rep explained in much more details what needed to be done and exactly how it would be done. $523, sand+buff included.

    I'll take $523.

    Dropped it off on Monday and it was ready on Thursday - not a big deal since I usually take the trains to work. However, I couldn't make it back before they closed at 6pm. They graciously agreed to leave my car in their showroom until Saturday, which was nice since I don't have a garage to keep the new paint cool and dry.

    Saturday morning came and I was anxious about how it had turned out. A careful inspection - before I paid, of course - showed a pristine new door. Perfection especially around rubber seals, handle, and side molding.

    They must've been carried away with this paint job as they forgot to sand+buff the rest of the car for those minor scratches. It was quickly taken care of, however. Ten minutes, to be exact.

    Five stars for job well done, reasonable price, and attentive customer care.

    Always research and compare. Loro may not always be the most cost-effective bodyshop. It may depend on the type of work and whether insurance is involved. Till then, drive safe!

  • 4740 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Milk. That's all I remember from the night.

    And the night where Aise violated Astronomer Joe's "pole."

    Watching Kmberly B. and Matt L. break made me love life even more.

    Everyone looked stunningly beautiful - both with and without the effects of bourbon, martini or Becks.

    Andrea, Colleen, Gabi and Kevin: You're awesome.

    ps: Love the umbrella.

  • $$ Pizza
    1769 W Sunnyside Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640
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    20.7.2008 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Aufgelistet in Top Restaurants


    It was Friday evening, after the rain. There was a line as usual, but the five of us were famished. Staring at the brick oven - and witnessing rounds and rounds of pizza goodness that weren't coming our way - made us teary-eyed. The free samples the hostess was passing around should've helped, but it actually made it worse. I want my Prosciutto e Rucola. Now.

    And when she called my name, I knew at that moment how Neo must've felt when he found out he's the One. "Whoa."

    Five people. Five pizzas. Two appetizers. Some wine and soda. One hell of a good time.

    They're closed on Mondays. I forgive them.
    They don't take reservations on weekend. Forgiven.
    They don't offer white wine mussels everyday. That's just wrong.

    5.0 Sterne
    3.2.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    One of the best pizzaria I've been, and quite honestly the best pizza I've had.

    The Margherita and…
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    18.7.2008 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Okay, one crazy this morning.

    The more I ride South Shore, tho', the more I grow to like it. Minus the one crazy.

    3.0 Sterne
    20.2.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The trains are aging, fast. That means less punctual.

    I ride South Shore once or twice a week and it…
  • 314 E 2nd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This Little Tokyo joint has more to offer than it looks. Great food, priced - surprisingly - below even the cheapest Japanese restaurants in Chicago.

    Seemed like everyone was eating ramen here. So, Mr. Miyagi's wisdom told me: order Ramen, fool! (okay, it's more like Mr.T's)

    Friend and I ordered Miso Ramen (extra spicy) and long-missed Tan Tan Men - however funny it may sound. It's pronounced "ton ton men." Usually spicy and served with ground pork, cabbage and other goodies, this Chinese-influenced soup ramen is perfect for a cool night 'cos - with Mr. Miyagi's accent - It Will Right Your Fiah!

    We also ordered a couple of appetizers: Ika Butter Yaki (grilled squid in butter sauce) and Korokke (potato croquette). All that, paired with a bottle of warm sake, was a meal sent from heaven.

    And it cost less than $30. I know - I'm still trying to come to terms with that.

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