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  • 2441 E Coast Hwy
    Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
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    Totally overrated. I ordered ahi-tuna appetizer and was charged for entree price ($31.00), just because they put a scoop of white jasmine rice instead of salad.  Almond crusted Mahi-mahi was composed with small pieces of fish (not fillet) and, was not crispy. Service is very skimpy and meal came out one hour after we ordered. The price doesn't justify the quality and service. I'd rather have a meal at Mozambique where the price is reasonable and service is attentive.

  • 3313 Hyland Ave
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Love this place for the fresh Oysters, Services, and  Atmospheres. No corkage fees so bring your own wine! Wish they serve French Fries!  Seafood Cioppino and Grilled Cheese panini are also very good.

  • 1280 Bison Ave
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
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    Do not go here!  The lady name VAN (she must be the manager) will kick you out after 15 minutes of total SPA Pedicure service. VAN's demeanor is very condescending and conniving.  This is the most worst nail place ever.  I would give -5 stars.

  • 2660 San Miguel Dr
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
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    I live in the Port Streets and shop here all the time. Usually, I have a pretty good experiences with the staffs, however this old lady name KATHY was so rude! When I was approached the cashier line, she was so into her smart phone, she basically treated me as if I was intruding her precious time. She didn't  utter one word during the whole paying process.  What a horrible customer service! Aren't they supposed to greet the customer at least by saying "hello"?  

    Pavilion & Gelson's CASHIERS are the most horrible bunch. Should learn from the Wholefoods and Bristol Farms in Newport Beach.

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    All the reviews left for this place should be filtered. They're left by the owner or their friends. This place is WAY over priced,and the owner or manager ( lady with the dark framed glasses with dark bob hair) is so rude and staring you from the moment you walk in, and when you have an eye contact with her, she will give you a strange fake and a reluctant smile. Yikes! very scary woman!.  Least favorite place in SOCO. What a shame!  ZERO customer service and over priced!  No wonder this place so empty all the time. I wouldn't even give ONE star.

  • 11 Mercer St
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    Totally overrated and overpriced.  Good size sushi but not fresh. Bento teriyaki chicken texture seem questionable as other reviewer said. We ordered Kurosawa saki - medium size and it didnt come in a original bottle and it was WAAAAAY over priced compare to other restaurants.

  • 2400 W Coast Hwy
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
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    This review is for the GROUPON Users only.

    Non GROUPON users - Don't go to Jack Shrimp during the Groupon promotion period. You will pay extra $4.00 for the 3 shrimps. For example, I ordered Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya with extra shrimps, but I was given only 3 shrimps for $4.00 extra charge.

    Food: Jambalaya is the best.  Jack Rice is okay.

    Service: Good if owner's around. Some waitress' at the front can be VERY rude, if you use the Groupon.  

    Groupon Users Beware - if they know you're using Groupon (my experiences last year),  the food quality suffers. Very skimpy on shrimps and using too much MSG or something, I drank so much water in one night and got totally blew up next day.

    Tip: If you use Groupon, do not forget to tip based on the original price, not  the discounted price.

    Take out: don't use the Groupon for take out.  Waitress will eat you alive (one at the front), even if the owner allows it during the week days.
    Why? They want you to come sit down and order a few drinks so that the total bill goes up and the wait staffs get more tips! Tip matters!

    Jack J.
    Kommentar von Jack J. von JACKshrimp Restaurant
    19.3.2013 Glad you liked the food! Apologies for any kind of rude, no excuses!  In 23 years we have not used… Weiterlesen
  • 2300 Harbor Blvd Ste L2
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    I love this Verizon store.  I exchanged the Samsung Galaxy III (ordered thru Verizon customer svc) to Samsung Note 2  and the customer service was top notch. I'm very happy with the quality customer service here. I forgot the name of the lady who helped me - she is long straight haired young lady and she offered to transfer all my contacts from Iphone 4 and the service couldn't be better.

  • 1660 San Miguel Dr
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
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    I wouldn't even give one star to this market. I live in the Port Streets but usually try to avoid this market due to the lack of quality customer service by CASHIERS and obnoxious old folks patrons.  This cashier (Peroxide blond lady worked at the express line counter 8/3/12 around 7PM)  was so rude in that I was totally ignored - she didn't say hello or hi and didn't like the fact that I gave her $100 bill and almost threw the cash changes at me without counting in front of me.  I would never use this place again. The cashier's attitude totally ruined my lovely Friday evening.

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