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    WOW!  Some of the reviews here are just unfair and clueless, some are petty, some are right on.  To the reviewer who ranked them down because they were _BUSY_ !!  Really?  To the reviewer who complained that they _only_ use Fedex, well my company stopped using anyone but FedEx because they were the only major carrier that could be counted on to deliver intact (servers) on time!  UPS while useful, and sometimes cheaper, will end up screwing up somewhere when you need them not to.
    The staff here, Owner Ed, Kevin and Ashley are just the nicest people and always remember to greet you by name.  They always help with large or heavy boxes that need to be carried to the car.  
    We have been customers for years and years, (think we are in the first four) and consider ourselves lucky to have found this little gem!
    By all means if you gave this store one star, please go find somewhere else.
    Support Small Businesses!

  • 471 El Camino Real
    San Bruno, CA 94066
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    If you have your head on straight go down and see Frank and judge for yourself.  If you have your head up your a$$ you may know one of the negative reviewers here and you should hang out.  
    First visit a couple months ago, put some Wilson sights on my 870, perfect, also did a little trigger work on a Smith, again perfect. VERY reasonable pricing. Didn't ask how much on the trigger work, wasn't disappointed at all. Left another one for them to work on and will return again and again. Offered a suggestion on a rifle that would save me money when they could have just sold me something for more. We call that HONEST.

    All you need to do is check your attitude at the door and you'll find these folks very pleasant and helpful as well as knowledgeable.

    To those disgruntled folks on here, wow!  Thanks for not coming back, you ruin it for all the rest of us.

  • 632 Ellis St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    Well, I've known Frank for close to 25 years and he is as real as it gets. One of the best people I have ever met. Definitely the best and most honest mechanic/business owner period. He's worked on our Porsches and our Audis and kept them purring.  Have referred friends and they all come back raving about what a great guy he is. If you have german cars you can't go wrong.

  • 3585 California St
    San Francisco, CA 94118
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    I'm giving it 5 stars because of the variety and overall experience. Been shopping here for years and years. Some of the nicest checkers and deli staff around. Get to know them, need something special, just ask. They have set me up for office parties and potlucks for a great deal. They carry harder to find things, often the best veges around. Their prices "can" be higher than the giant markets like safeway and lucky, but think of it like a really huge neighborhood corner store. Their deli rocks and for the specialty items they are sure cheaper than Molly Stones. I probably shop here three days a week at least. Family lives nearby and it's on my way home. Thumbs down to the reviewer that wanted a laundry list of ingredients for the prepared deli food.  Really?  
    AND they will deliver (like to my elderly relatives) It's a nice sincere store that is a little more expensive than others but makes up for it in quality and service.

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    Fried chicken just rocks, Gumbo is to die for, RedBeans and rice good, ribs GOOD hushpuppies Good, Binet's YUMMO.  Saw lots of other stuff on the table and menu that looked great. I'd eat there tomorrow and the next day.

  • 6009 Christie Ave
    Emeryville, CA 94608
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    This place ROCKS, I have been eating here for years and the service is great the food very good.  Try the Fire Roasted Chicken or Mom's Lasagna! or any of the specials.  Clean and reasonably priced. Good healthy food

  • 1740 O'Farrell St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    This place just opened about 8 weeks ago and is a real find!  Based on the BACON MAPLE Butter, the PotPie, the Sliders, the BEER! , the Flatbreads, it's just yummmmmmmy!  6 of us went and basically ordered some of everything and shared.  We went at 6:30 on a Thursday night and the place became (by 7:30) packed and hopping.  Knowledgeable staff/owner and good service. We WILL be going back. Oh Yaeh   MAAAAC and CHEEEESE. was good also.  Sliders Rocked!

  • 2299 Post St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    Doctor Colyvas did my knee last year (meniscus) and just did wife's shoulder today.  (rotator cuff tear) He came out to the waiting room and sat down to tell me what went on and that she was fine.  
    Five stars is just not enough by a long shot.  Professional, caring, accomodating, GREAT STAFF.  Joni is just top notch.  His team at the California street campus are super.  His choice of assistants also is great (Hi Dr. Dintcho!) He only does knees and shoulders which fit our falling apartedness just fine.  SIX stars!  * * * * * *

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    WOW!  I say it Louder!  SO I have had this picture and write up on the place with a picture of their"ALL IN ONE sandwich" sitting around for a year, and finally found myself in North Beach last Friday.  Just down the street from Molinaris Deli  (YUMMO) unassuming little place with a bar and a grill and counter plus tables.

    Ordered the pastrami "all in one" and was pleasantly fullfilled.  Decadent for sure (fries "inside" the sandwich??!!) , coleslaw was real nice and I would definetly order again .  Something deliciously crazy about squirting ketchup on fries inside the pastrami sammy.  

    Unique and tasty.

  • 3185 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Excellent customer service!  Picked up my M&P after purchasing at the Cow Palace and these folks were courteous and knowledgeable.  S/O's some extra clips for me and despite back order have kept me well informed.  Will buy from them again and again.  Oh yeah, to the dweeb that whined about parking and  gave them 3 stars....  Geez!  And the email whiner....Shut up!  probably  texted the email while driving his prius...  Oh for a Yelp Emoticon!!!

    Seriously, Good shop, good people, good value.

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