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    If you are thinking of using Maria and her team to do your makeup, BEWARE.  She likes to nickel and dime you for every little thing to make money off of you.  

    My friend (the bride) chose Maria and her team to do the bridal party's hair and makeup for the wedding.  Her and her team arrived on time at 5:30am. They quickly set up stations and got girls in the chairs to get started.  One did hair while Maria and another girl did makeup.  It wasn't my turn until about 30 mins later since I was just going to get my makeup done.  When it was my turn, Maria was available to do my makeup.  I sat in her chair and she got started right away.  Before she put foundation on me, she asked if I wanted to make my makeup sweatproof/ waterproof for an extra $5. In my head I was thinking 'What?. Shouldn't that be included as part of the fee she's charging to do my makeup?'  I wasn't happy about this extra fee but I agreed knowing it would be a long day for me.  As she was finishing up on doing my eyes, she asked if I wanted to get fake eyelashes.  I declined as I'm not a big fan of them as they feel heavy and get messy on my eyes.  She assured me the ones she had were very light and looked natural and I should get them since all the other bridesmaids got them.  She was becoming one of those pushy car salesman trying to sell me fake eyelashes when I already said no.  After that I had a feeling she was going charge for fake eyelashes even though she made no mention of price like she did with the sweatproof primer she offered earlier.  When it came time to pay her at the end, the other bridesmaids where in for a surprise. She charged them $20 for the fake eyelashes. I knew it! My hunch was right. She never bothered telling anyone she was charging for those and everyone in the bridal party assumed it was included in the fee since there was no mention of an extra fee for them.  When it came to my turn, I was ready to pay my $5 for the sweatproof primer, but I too got a surprise. She charged me an extra $3 because I had redness in the face! Who the hell charges for that?!   I'm already paying her a substantial fee for her to do my makeup and a little bit of redness or blemishes on my face means I have to pay extra? It's just absurd the way she runs a business.  

    If you decide to use her, she may charge you $5-$10 extra for any additional time, effort or technique used during application of makeup due to facial structures, sparse eye-brow/shapes, blemishes or any skin discoloration.  Also, she may charge an extra $5-$10, for long, thick hair / hard to manage hair textures or a more detailed hairstyle, etc.

    Be ready to spend some money here.

    Maria L.
    Kommentar von Maria L. von MVL Designs Hair & Makeup
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    My go to place for Thai when I'm in the mood for it OR I don't know what else to eat. LOL.  This place is decently priced, ranging from $6-$8 for an entree.  I usually get their Pad-Se-Eew or their special (noodles in a clear broth with slices of duck meat).  Both always tastes great.  The only thing I do have to ding them on is their service.  When it gets busy, it's a little bit difficult to  get their attention.  Make sure you don't take too long hmm and aww over the menu to decide what you want to order or else you'll never eat!

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    I can't believe I never tried this place until now.  The Banh Mi was so delicious and AWESOME!  All the veggies and bread were so fresh.  I ordered the #1, combo meat with pate and let me tell you they do not skimp out on ANY of the veggies or meats. They give you so much that when you bite into the sandwich some of the veggies even spill out.  And for the price you pay for the Banh Mi, it cannot be beaten.  For $2.50, you get a decently sized sandwich with all the fixings of a Vietnamese Sandwich.  This is my new go to place for a cheap and filling lunch.  They have other hot dishes you can order too like a  Panda Express type thing, which I'll have to try next time.  If you come around the noon time lunch rush, there's a small line but nothing that no one can't handle.  Make sure you have some cash though as this is another cash only place in Oakland's Chinatown.

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    As I'm still trying to find new places to eat at around my office building, a co-worker recommended trying Take It Easy, so I gave it a shot.  The food was okay.  I ordered a Pad See Ew and there wasn't much taste to it.  I wanted to add some Sriracha to give it some flavor but they didn't have any hot sauce, just hot oil with hot pepper flakes.  What Asian restaurant doesn't have Sriracha or hot sauce?   They need to either provide some sort of hot sauce or add more flavoring to it.  I think the next time I'm want Thai I'll hit up my go to place down the street, DaVan Thai Cuisine.  Their food tastes so much better.

    ***Also, make sure you have cash as this is a cash only place.***

  • $$ Pizza
    4042 24th St
    San Francisco, CA 94114
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    I came to Patxi's for the first time to celebrate a friend's birthday.  I've always been curious about this place since others have compared this to Little Star Pizza and is supposed to be even better.  The verdict? Patxi's is not better than Little Star nor is Little Star better than Patxi's, but they both have 2 different tastes to their pizzas.  I think the difference between the 2 pizza places are their dough and tomato sauce.  Paxti's crust is a little bit doughier, but has a buttery taste and a light crispiness to it.  Their tomato sauce is a little bit more thin and straight forward; it tasted like tomatoes.  They didn't overdo the cheese or any of the ingredients.  All the ingredients were well balanced, but were not evenly distributed.  Some slices of the pizza had more meat than others.  Overall, the pizza here at Patxi's was good and the ambiance was definitely better than Little Star.  You can actually have a conversation with the person across from you without worrying the next table might hear you.  There's plenty of space here.

    *On a side note, make sure to "check-in" using your Yelp app on your smartphone so you can get a PBR for $1 or a free fountain drink.

  • 1290 E Plumb Ln
    Reno, NV 89502
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    Uh what's not to love about all you can eat sushi made fresh to order?

    Any time I'm in Reno, I always hit up Sushi Pier.  The sushi is always fresh and delectable.  I usually come here for lunch as the all you can eat lunch menu is pretty much like the dinner menu with the exception of a few hand rolls.  Trust me, you're not really missing much, BUT if you do want those few hand rolls during lunch, you can order from the dinner menu and just pay $20.95 rather than $16.95 for lunch.  I recommend sitting at the bar if you can as you get your sushi faster and you can ask the sushi chefs for recommendations or even have them whip you up something special and off the menu.  When you order at the tables, your food tends to take a little longer to get as the chefs accommodate those at the bar first.  If you do happen to sit at the tables, make sure you order enough to get you full the first time around or else the turn around time to a get second round may take a while and you might end up getting full while waiting as your food begins to digest.  

    All the rolls and sushi is good here, but the one thing you HAVE to try is the quail egg shooters.  Sounds weird and looks unappetizing, but it's good.

    Happy Eating!

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    This is my other go to place for Indian (numero uno is Pakwan).  The flavors here are so different than what I have at Pakwan.  It's so fragrant and flavorful.  I order the usual Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Biryani, Saag Paneer, and Naan.  Everything tasted so good I even ordered extra Naan to wipe the bowls clean.  The time I've ever tasted something so good and flavorful was when I was in London.  Of course nothing ever beats Indian food in London, BUT this sure comes close to it.  The service here is a little bit slow BUT it is all worth the wait.  They cook everything right on the spot.  Just expect your food to be ready in about 30-40 minutes.  Trust me it's worth the wait.  The chef/ owner of Lahore uses the freshest ingredients.  The fried cheese in the Saag Paneer was cooked just right and the chicken and lamb were not dry at all.  It was tender and soft, just the way they should be.  The only downside of Lahore is that their Naan always tend to come to my table with a TON of oil. It's so much oil that the Naan can have it's own pool party. LOL.  Aside from that, the food is always good here.  Oh just beware, this place is VERY popular so get there early if you want a table and eat at a reasonable time for dinner.  No matter what day of the week it is, it's always busy.

  • 354 17th St
    Oakland, CA 94612
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    The food here was okay but not a place where I HAVE to go eat at.  The food is a little bit bland and for the price I pay for a pho...SO NOT WORTH IT.  For the $9 they charge for a pho is ridiculous.  Most pho's EVERYWHERE runs on average $6-7. This place is a utter rip off.  This place is merely taking advantage of the fact that is is near high rise office buildings and the Kaiser Regional offices.  If you really want some pho, save some money and head down the block to Mama's on 19th St. and Webster.  It's cheaper and much better tasting.

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    When I'm in a cheap, greasy Chinese food mood I come here.  I usually come here for their lunch as they are only a block from my office.  You can't beat $6 for a hearty meal around a bunch of office buildings.  When you order one of their rice plate specials, you get their soup of the day with it,   I've tried several of their dishes like Mongolian Beef, Sweet & Sour Pork, and their House Pan Fried Noodles, which were all okay.  I could probably find better and tastier Chinese food in SF.  It does get pretty busy between 12-1. I would suggest going either before or after the lunch rush.

  • 1802 Balboa St
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    Came here to celebrate a friend's birthday on a Sunday night.  We made a reservation on the same day and when we go there, they seated us promptly.  For such a large party like ours (table of 11), we were seated in the back in one of "four" rooms.  Their "four" rooms are all divided by your old school accordion room dividers and can open up to seat larger parties such as 20 or more.  

    This is by far one of the better Korean restaurants in SF AND very comparable to the Korean food in K-town in LA.  The only thing they are missing is the noodle wrap that goes with you meats. *Sigh*.. just thinking about the noodle wrap is making me want to drive to LA for some awesome Korean food. Well at least I found this place to hold me over until I can get down to LA.  

    Ok now to the food!  I ordered a Bi Bi Pap for myself and shared the Short Ribs and Kimichi Pancake with my friends. OMG the Kimichi Pancake was the BEST I've ever had.  It was so flavorful and you could actually taste the Kimchi.  Most places I've had it always made it too bland and you couldn't really taste the Kimchi.  The Short Ribs were marinated just right and the flavor really came through after being barbecued.  The Bi Bi Pap is pretty much like your typical Bi Bi LOL.  Make sure you eat this slowly as the dish is kept warm by the hot stone pot it is served in.  The best part of the meal is the FREE little appetizers they give you to go with your meal.  They're mostly cold vegetable dishes to help balance the meat and hot dishes you're about eat. Also as a freebie, they give you Spicy Soft Tofu Soup, which tasted AMAZING.  There was an extra kick that is left in your mouth after slurping this magnificent soup. Then finally for dessert, they give you a malted sweet rice drink that was DE-LISH. I kept asking for more =D.

    This is my new go to Korean place when I'm in the mood for Korean.  Sorry, My Tofu House.

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