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  • 13300 Big Basin Way
    Boulder Creek, CA 95006
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    wonderful in every way. We just had our Steampunk wedding there, and it was perfect.

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    A family tradition. Always satisfies.
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    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    My fiance and I wanted to have a Steampunk wedding, and the restaurant where the reception would take place suggested Tony Bravo to be our DJ. From the start, Tony presented himself as amiable, fun, and professional, leading us painlessly through the preparation process, and helping us select music.
    We have never hired a DJ before, and did not know what to expect. We also had no idea how a wedding reception should be laid out. Tony Bravo not only played a kick-ass dance session, he also stepped in as a master of ceremony, performing above and beyond what we ever expected. He mingled with our guests, attentively checking in to make sure everyone had what they wanted, were enjoying themselves, et cetera. When disaster struck in the form of the restaurant's electrical shorting out, he called in the waitstaff to bring in extension cables, and had everything up and running again in two minutes flat.  He saved the day.
    We will be hiring Tony Bravo again, and will recommend him wherever a DJ is needed.

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    for a taco bar, it does not get much better than this.

  • 1541-C Pacific Ave
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    Hidden Peak is the place I wish had opened long ago. Having been introduced to this lovely venue by a friend, my fiance and I continue to return on a regular basis. To begin, the atmosphere is of high and rare value. There is no digital technology allowed. No cell phones, no texting, no laptops. Heaven. when we sit down to our cups of tea and snacks, there is no rush, no sense of urgency, just tea and snacks and conversation. Go there alone or with a friend or group. Go there with your partner, brother, sister, anyone. Read, write, draw. Enjoy this place.

    The tea is a wonderful experience. I know only trivial information about tea quality, but I can tell you that regardless of how much money you chose to spend on tea, you will enjoy it, and there is a tea for you. The presentation is evocative, welcoming the enjoyment of not only the tea flavor, which can be simple to deep and complicated, but also the aroma. It is easy to be transported to different memories while relaxing at this tea house.

    I have always had a very positive experience with the staff. All are well versed on tea and tea culture, and all have been very friendly, inviting, and accommodating.

    There is no criticism I would like to offer at this juncture.

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