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  • 1977 Central Ave
    McKinleyville, CA 95519
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    ive been working with the owners for a couple years now and have visited this remote and adorable store.  If I lived in Mckinleyville, this would be my go to spot.  I had a awesome fresh roll and could see the attention every customer gets when they go in.  What a gem of a find for anyone visiting the north coast that wants great health food at a great price.  Meagan and Evan are real people that care. Not always what I find in the field out there!

  • $ Markt
    3571 Adobe Rd
    Petaluma, CA 94954
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    12.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I used to shop here all the time too, but the cat situation bummed me out as well.  I kept hoping they would take a different stance.  
    Dear owners,  I understand that an organic sustainable farm can not use certain methods to rid rodents, but this is hard for us animal lovers to see. Regardless of what they will ever admit to you, I think some of your staff is totally bummed about it too!  keeping the Moral up for your team is important.  Your teams enthusiasm about being there and their passion for what they are doing is critical to you standing out in a ever increasing trend of friendly organic farm.  They not only have to deal with their own distress for the wellbeing of the kittens but they have to be subjected to the public's upset ranting about them all day too.  You guys have amazing potential for being a leader in this segment, step up.

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    3.4.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    we go every week for the fresh produce and love it.  We also make ourselves at home on the farm and… Weiterlesen
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    UNDERWHELMED.  First of all we made a reservation and were seated right away.  They put us and 3 kids at two tables that both rocked terribly!  I asked for a matchbook and our waiter that looked less than happy to be helping us never fixed it.  For a 5 star restaurant I expect to have tables that don't rock!  They had placemats and crayons for the two younger kids which was great.  The waiter seemed to have no interest in us after we only ordered one glass of wine and no other drinks.  He took frikkin forever for every single thing we had to ask like 3 people for the desert menu.  I practically had to beg for the bill.  we almost walked out.   You think with kids they would try a little harder to get our service in and out.  IT TOOK 2 hours 45 minutes from the time we were sat till we finally got our bill!  

    As for the food, the shrimp and calamari appetizer was great!  The salad was average.   the prime rib was undercooked for medium but good.  the garlic mashed potatoes were firm and not garlicy.  And the kicker was the desert it was terrible!  My friend ordered a crisp that was not good.   We got her a choc cake instead that was dry and our teenager said it tasted like safeway cake.  I had to agree.  My crème brule was very tasty but there was nothing to crack on the top, no sugar glaze I could see.
    After spending a $150 I was totally disappointed and while I have LOVED this restaurant in the past, it must have changed management because it was not nearly as gourmet or freindly as I remember it being.  

    there was a team member that stood out however and he should be a waiter instead of a busser.  I wish he had been our server instead of the water guy.  I wanted to leave him the tip.  Asian man bringing waters and such who treated our kids like princesses.

  • $$$$ Reformhaus
    45 Camino Alto
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
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    All of their locations have the best discount!  I buy the same vitamins here for cheaper than I do at whole foods!  The staff here is freindly and they have a great selection for a store this small.

  • 457 1st St W
    Sonoma, CA 95476
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    adorable shop, nice bamboo clothes, awesome lights for sale.  Owner is very sweet.

  • 221 Locust St
    Redding, CA 96001
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I was at Orchard on business and stopped at their deli to order a turkey sandwich.  It was the BEST sandwich I have had in a long time and a great price!  Nice service there too!

  • 983 Alamo Dr
    Vacaville, CA 95687
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    they have a smoothy bar where i got the best smoothy ever!  B's Delight?  I also got a pistaccio goo ball that rocked!!

  • 1218 Mission St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    I was really suprised after reading the decent reviews what a crappy experience I had.  Lovely decor! We ordered food to go to take to an event, too bad we did not taste it before leaving.  I do not write reviews often but this was the worst tasting food.  The chicken had no flavor at all, the beef had no flavor at all, we got one item that we did not order and not the one we did, and the papaya salad tasted OLD.  maybe it was just a bad night, but I was bummed and we ended up tossing most of it and having no dinner.

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    This is one of those stores you find and have to keep shopping at!  What a gem of a store, slightly hidden in the middle of wine country and totally worth hunting down!  The selection of merchandise is so varied I think anyone can enjoy themselves shopping here!  All the beautiful furniture is for sale too!  There are great resale clothes and in all sizes plus accessories! I am addicted to the jewelry case full of local designer Don Dilelio's one of a kind antique jewelry.  I was thrilled to find my favorite candle line there too, Seda France!

  • 100 Alemany Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    this is a really good digging Flea!  It is supposed to be all antiques and vintage and they do a pretty good job keeping it that way!  The first sunday of every month is just garage sale day because of Alameda.............All the other Sundays are fantastic  and vintage with a good selection of stuff, some of it you gotta dig for!  Try the end booths by the stop signs (entrance) there are great vintage clothes and a lot of modern furniture down there!  Parking can be really agrivating if you can share a ride or public transport do it!!  I love this small flea, it is a gem!

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