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    I love trying new things and going on adventures. Thus, my significant other and I ventured to Sheridan Creek for my first ever trail ride.

    We had Becca as a guide, and Max and Sheff as our horses. Becca catered to our every need; she was patient, kind, and reassuring. Qualities that I definitely needed in a guide as I started panicking once I got onto my horse, Sheff. I was uneasy at first as Sheff started wobbling and was not perfectly still. I thought I was too fat for Sheff, but in reality, he was merely inhaling and exhaling. Nevertheless, after a couple of deep yogi breaths myself, I kicked Sheff and forced him to slowly move. Afterwards, we just wobbled along the trail as Sheff occasionally sniffed Max's arse. I then attempted to breathe, be one with Sheff, and stared into the scenic mountain background. Shockingly, it was somewhat relaxing! If I was a bit more experienced (i.e. on my second or third ride), then possibly, the ride would have been much more relaxing.

    Overall, I highly recommend Sheridan Creek and Becca. They made my first horseback ride memorable and enjoyable. We will definitely come back the next time we are in South Tahoe.

  • 8300 Arroyo Cir
    Gilroy, CA 95020
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The stars aligned when I stepped foot into this Kate Spade outlet store to kill 30 minutes before a wedding. I did not even know Gilroy Outlets had a Kate Spade, but I was all within reason as the store opened only a couple days prior.

    Why is this store awesome? Well, here's a short list:

    1. Awesome sales.
    2. Organized inventory.
    3. Lots of inventory, where the staff will restock every so often.
    4. Friendly staff.
    5. Fast queue to get into the store.
    6. Neighbors with Brooks Brothers. (This is actually very important because I can shop in peace as my man friend is entertaining himself with countless bow ties.)


    7. I purchased a handbag within 15mins of stepping foot into the store; I was in and out! Moreover, I have been looking for a small cross-body bag for some time now. It was a match made in heaven once I spotted it.

    If you aren't sold yet, well, maybe you're just not a Kate Spade girl. It's okay, because I wanted this store to be my little secret such that I don't have to wait in line for an hour to get into the store (i.e. the Kate Spade outlet in Livermore).

  • 10933 N Wolfe Rd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    What does a girl do when she has a meeting at a boba store and has to be hours early to avoid traffic? Well, this one uses up all the free wifi that the boba store has to offer and sips her boba oh-so-slowly to avoid a sugar crash.

    Aside from that, the boba was delicious. I may have found a new love for boba. Since my college days, I developed an aversion to boba because I got tired of sugary tea drinks and preferred real tea taste.

    Here, the boba was just that - it contained real tea. God forbid a tea shop using real tea, right? Also, you get the option of ordering your drink with minimal sugar. The secret is just to ask for the drink with minimal sugar and you don't even have to be weird by saying "1/3 the sugar, please." Furthermore, the milk that they use is lighter compared to other boba stores, which I suspect it to be evaporated milk.

    Needless to say, I will be back ordering Guava Green Tea with minimal sugar.

  • 844 Clement St
    San Francisco, CA 94118
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    I have a confession to make- I bought the last 2 durian moon cakes of the season in SF. Yes, this is the only bakery in SF that sells durian moon cakes. And yes, I got their card to special order some in the foreseeable future. And no, I won't share.

    Their durian moon cake is like a creamy custardy delight. It consist of a lard filled shell, small amounts of lotus paste, and lots of yellow durian. And sometimes, it may come with a big bright yellow yolk. However, for my own personal preferences, I prefer it without the yolk.

    I will be back next year (or even sooner).

  • 865 Market St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    $3.50 for a cupcake may be ridiculous, but their buttercream brings the kid out of me.

    This is my favorite Cako location just because of its location. More importantly, their quality of cupcakes are consistent throughout all of their locations.  But it is here where I discovered my love for tiramisu cupcakes. Their sales clerk are very friendly and helpful. And since my discovery, I have bought countless cupcakes here. They make perfect treats and wonderful host gifts.

    Aside from the tiramisu cupcake, the bacon maple cupcake is a close second favorite of mine. The rest of the cupcakes are just plain ole chocolate and vanilla to me, but still delicious.

  • 1199 Valencia St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    My overly-enthused waiter boy probably thought I was an idiot. I asked him an overly descriptive question of "What is the meaning of the restaurant name of burrata?". He then kindly told me that I was at Beretta, which is a type of bird, like the one that is printed on the cover of the menu. So, I just told him to excuse my blonde moment because I was too focused on their offering of Pizza Margherita Burrata. And in my attempt to save myself from embarrassment, I told my waiter that, to my knowledge, "beretta" is the Italian word for a gun that goes bang bang, and not a bird that goes chirp chirp. He then laughed as he stared at the Grand Larceny drinks sitting on my table, and probably thought my drinks has intentionally deprived me of a few IQ points.

    Aside from the bantering, the food was good, with the dessert being better. As I was a party of 4, I tried a decent amount of their foods. My favorite savory item ordered was the Pizza Margherita Burrata as it had the classic Italian anti-cancerous tomato sauce with oozy slices of cheese. As for dessert, I made my waiter boy suggest something because everything looked tempting. His suggestion of panna gelato with olive oil and sea salt was magnificent. The gelato had a rich creamy texture with the olive oil bringing out a whole different salty experience.

    Overall, food and service is good. But there is a long wait for this place, even with a reservation.

  • 770 Stanyan St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    Kezar Pub is the quintessential sports bar. It is filled with walls of big screen televisions with nearly every game broadcasting, ranging from football to the less popular hockey. Moreover, for the people (i.e. me) who is not sport enthused gal, there are endless board games available to entertain me.

    All in all, Kezar Pub lives up to its name by being THE sports bar of the San Francisco 49ers.

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    OMGWTFKBBQ?! First Korean Market has the best housemade kimchi ever! It's only $3.99 for a small, $5.99 for a medium, and $8.99 for a large.

    Well, kiddies, the lesson today learned is - never judge a book by its cover. I was skeptical of First Korean Market due to its not so decorative interior, but I was not feeling the urge to drive all the way to Daly City to satisfy my kimchi craving. Like a pregnant lady, I was having strange food cravings, and wanted to ameliorate the situation stat. So, I decided to give First Korean Market a chance. What could really go wrong? Nada. I just found my go-to kimchi store.

  • 2355 Chestnut St
    San Francisco, CA 94123
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    Dear Future A16 Guest:

    I am no cheese connoisseur, but a very picky cheese eater. I hate most cheeses. However, order the burrata with olive oil, sea salt and crostini. It is a creamy version of mozzarella that melts in your mouth. The sea salt gives it extra flavoring for that excitement. I would actually come back just for the burrata.

    Picky cheese eater

  • 4546 El Camino Real
    Los Altos, CA 94022
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    My dear friend is quite the picky one. To be frank, he is quite peculiar with his food such that to satisfy him, there is a high bar to meet. With that being said, my friend dragged me to Pho Vi Hoa to extend our afternoon rendezvous.

    Upon stepping into Pho Vi Hoa, neither of us were hungry as we have been snacking away the day. But both of us had the capacity to stuff our faces a bit more. Thus, we split a rare steak pho and a papaya salad. The pho was flavorful with tender rare beef and perfectly cooked rice noodles. The side of raw bean sprouts and basil was fresh with no signs of oxidization. Also, the papaya salad had a tangy yet spicy dressing to turn up the heat a bit between us.

    Aside from the food, Pho Vi Hoa has good ambience. Unlike most pho joints, it is dimly lit, super clean, and houses leather booths. I was taken by surprise as Asians own this joint. Although the scene may have been a bit too romantic for two old friends, we are quite the interesting pair such that we have no issue pretending to be the "it" couple. Overall, Pho Vi Hoa is a good dining experience.

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