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    All hail Cesar!
    I cannot say enough to repay him for all his professionalism, knowledge, brilliant help and experienced humor. If you hold an account here and are confused, inexperienced, overwhelmed with questions, facing financial planning, looking for credit counseling, ready to buy a home, to consolidate, to see if you can refinance- please do not put it off- this is the man for the job. This is the help that can change your life.
    Cesar is phenomenally helpful- answering all of my questions seriously, providing well-explained, very detailed plan options while explaining short and long-term results. He is experienced, informed, professional and above all, helpful.
    You need to be bring all your paperwork, your records and your honest questions to the table. It is recommended that you proceed scheduling an appointment after reviewing the website online or on one of the handy fliers readily available here at the credit union.  
    You will need to bring all of those to him to review and he will cross-check to be certain you are proceeding with all options available. Be aware- This will take hours, not minutes, so please be prepared, schedule responsibly so neither of you are rushed or hindered.
    I promise you will be more informed. If all the "what-ifs" keep you awake at night or stress you- I promise you will feel better knowing what your options are, confident in how to proceed.

    I've faced bankers who are obnoxious used car salesmen- that pressure or demand you adopt loans or overwhelming debt rates without care, patience, explanation or kindness. This is the opposite.
    My relief in having Cesar's help is without compare- like Atlas getting a massage while on a clear sunny beach- there are no words for my gratitude. I hope to maintain contact with him for a long time in order to proceed in meeting all my financial goals.

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    All hail Cesar!
    I cannot say enough to repay him for all his professionalism, knowledge, brilliant…
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    21.1.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I used to have multiple accounts with Chase. And don't get me wrong, Chase is accessible to say the… Weiterlesen
  • $$$ Computer
    801 W North Ave
    Chicago, IL 60642
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    My phone died.
    You do not understand how catastrophic this is: The screen went black, the home button useless, my office halted and functioned barely in a primitive jerking zombie-pained manner, hysterical, sent a panicked message with my Genius Bar appointment reading approximately thus:
    "My phone has died! Promise I did not try to teach it to swim in water or drop it from the Sears Tower! Plugged it in after it died and it will not respond. Asked my boyfriend to help- he yelled at the phone for a half hour and it (of course) did not respond. I am desperate and would appreciate any help or advice you can provide!"

    I arrived early for my appointment and saw a very cool musician. They STILL helped me first with enthusiasm. Actual statements: "We were taking bets if you were real- that post was hilarious!" "Whoa, and you are real, and NICE!"
    A lightning fast two minutes later, my phone was restarted by the calm, capable Katie P. It was impressive. What's more? They were humored not patronizing in help.
    I'm grateful.
    I'm sending a thank you note to corporate soon as I figure out how to make it funny. These geniuses (Katie P. especially) deserve a raise!

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    This is My Very Special Nobel Peace Prize Nominated attempt to make the Boyfriend Happy* on His… Weiterlesen
  • 3333 W Touhy Ave
    Lincolnwood, IL 60712
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    I haven't been to a mall in in a long time. It's  a slow but standard mall with all the stores you expect (Gap, Carson's, NY & Co, Express, Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret) where you don't have to pay to park.
    Which is welcome and makes that alone less expensive and less annoying.
    The "ghetto" label others state is was eluded here- I saw lots of families- Moms with small children and older power-walking grandmas wearing visors, cute.

    All the stores had summer sales, making my fun trip relatively inexpensive: I bought a $15 linen strapless dress in a fun print, a rose-gold necklace, a big floppy summer hat and a polka dot garter belt with matching panties, Pretty!

    Kohls is understaffed, a big explosive mess of disorder (stock, staff and price). Good god, it's cheap but a headache. Sometime, if my shopping stamina is up to snuff, might maybe try to go back to check out jewelry and housewares but it simply wasn't fun this time.

    Old Navy was packed with sale summer dresses and shoppers- I'll definitely try it again when it is less crowded. Lots of options.

    By contrast, Victoria's Secret is well staffed and those salesgirls are very cheery and helpful finding hidden sizes and fitting rooms- It's a welcome change.

    All the other stores were clean and brightly if you go early, you don't have to hop skip and jump over kids. And I like kids- I just do not want to shop with one or be catered to like one (Claire's, Justice, Hot Topic and that like are present but you don't have to go there, I refrained).

    Also, Men seem neglected for clothing here. Finding Large or XLarge is a bit of a challenge. That said, Next time I go, it'll be to buy stockings and then to Five Guys!

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    I haven't been to a mall in in a long time. It's  a slow but standard mall with all the stores you… Weiterlesen
  • 3401 W Bryn Mawr Ave
    Chicago, IL 60659
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    My neighbors came over and asked if I had been here yet. They were very excited- the kind of excited that happens when you get to share something new and delicious.
    Off to brunch! The menu is small but spans a broad range of traditional to sweet to savory.
    I ordered the blackberry French toast- pillowy, warm, thick eggy slices with all the saucy jam you could ever want! Yes, the chef makes the layers of jam (blackberry and kiwi) and it is bliss. I could only eat half and boyfriend devoured the rest.
    My friend's five year old ordered the berries and cream French toast (from the grown up menu) and nothing was left- this is most impressive for a five year old.
    Boyfriend ordered decadent biscuits and gravy with sausage, poached eggs, hash and that order was the size of a platter for a family.
    My friend had the chorizo skillet- mostly potatoes but filled with black beans, egg, avocado, sour cream and cheese.
    My friend's husband ordered the savory pain pancakes were packed with veggies- crispy Brussel sprouts, scallions, leeks, onion, garlic, pork belly and it was so rich and golden with egg yolk it glowed.
    No leftovers. None.
    Juice, coffee, colas in a decor reminiscent of a Wisconsin Grandma's warm, clean, homey kitchen.  
    Cash only. A 7-11 across the street in case you need to run to the ATM.
    Really sweet staff makes this unexpected, inexpensive- you MUST go and try the blackberry French toast. Don't hesitate. It'll get crazy when everyone finds out how delicious the brunch is, with something for everyone.

    Oh and this street is under construction which right now keeps the wait down but will explode soon when driving and parking becomes easier.

  • 2070 North Clybourn Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60614
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    Ahh Panera. You are good. You are so good that if I call Handsome Boyfriend and he says he "isn't hungry" I should still order for two... Because otherwise, it never fails, he will eat my order.

    Panera is a step up from most fast food. It isn't the pinnacle of five star fine dining like Alinea but neither is it McDonalds.

    You may not believe this but once I was a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for seven years... And it wasn't because of PETA or peer pressure or Bambi.
    It was because I watched those around me suddenly, dramatically bloat post-puberty. Diets of fast food, vending machine offerings, candy will do that... It became urgent that I eat food that wasn't smothered in cheese after being deep-fried and learn where and how this could be eaten.
    My macho Dad refused to cook.
    My Mother truly cannot cook- Seriously- last visit she asked me to cook things the way I did "back when" which amused all greatly.

    St Louis Bread Company (you can't trademark or copyright a city- hence the legal name change when the little Midwest bistro that could sold then grew into a fast food chain) a.k.a. Panera helped me to discover food beyond a microwave or a drive thru.
    Don't laugh now, it's true.
    Salads that are not iceberg lettuce and a bottle of ranch- this made me indescribably happy, opened creative food possibilities for a hungry young kid who had only before known beyond small Southern-town options.
    I will still be incandescent in radiant joy over a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad or Tomato Soup in a Bread Bowl... Even though, like many, hacked that bread bowl recipe- it is yummy when someone has made it for you... always yummy and welcome.

  • 659 W Diversey
    Chicago, IL 60614
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    Positive reinforcement? I have flattered. I have tried threats. I have tried bribery. I have promised naked gratitude. I have begged, pleaded, made attempts to bully with a crowbar... Nothing and I mean nothing will get Handsome Boyfriend to try on clothes in a store.
    He truly hates shopping with all of his being.

    Express for put pictures of Kate Upton all over the place. This is genius.
    Because those pictures of the beautiful, busty, bodacious Kate Upton made it possible to lure him in somewhat unsuspecting.
    The clean hanging racks, organized by color and size made it fast to find the casual shirts, even the sale section.
    I tried to find pants, but other than jeans- the sizes are small and skinny- so if you are tall and athletic you may have far better luck here for casual shirts, not pants. This is my observation, not my choice in stock selection. Believe me, if they carried pants that had the remote potential to fit he might've tried those on as well. Sadly, everything in pants were small, skinny and not in his size.
    The staff had fitting rooms clear and ready for the shirts with no fuss.
    Before he knew it, in minutes, there is a bag of five new shirts... of which he will wear one, that looks so good, I may now have to bikini wrestle Kate Upton to keep her from his handsomeness (This is what I tell him). Yup, True story.
    I think that means he may shop again?

  • $$$ Schmuck
    219 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
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    A gorgeous girlfriend had this ring... It is a delicately pretty ring- and I coveted the glittering magnificence. You see, so many girls have worn chunky gigantic cocktail rings or silly glittery costume rings or the ubiquitous engagement rings that look so alike it can be boring. By boring I mean, so not moi. Don't take it personally because there  is something here at nearly every price point from impulse on up to investment glittering like magic, waiting just for you.

    I'm like Beyoncé. I buy my own diamonds, thank you very much.

    Check out the clean, gorgeously minimalist  work of Claire Kinder and Jennie Kwon- now if that is too dainty for your tastes, try it on and stack them!

    Catbird is not cheap but look- these are made by real artists with all the talent and loving even pride you desire to wear uniquely as your own. Shop and sparkle!

    Rony V.
    Kommentar von Rony V. von Catbird
    31.10.2014 Hi Katarina! Thank you for your kind words and sharing your awesome designer picks!
  • 199 Marina Dr
    Montezuma, IA 50171
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    I'm the first to write a review?
    My goodness!

    Let's make this good- the marina is casual, easy and very chill. You pull up in a boat, order a drink and maybe a pork tenderloin sandwich (Iowa has more than tall handsome men and corn, there is the dairy industry and pork) easy to split in two and share. Or, y'know hog all to yourself. As I do.
    They have pizza and even Mac and cheese for picky youngsters.
    And they also placate hungry grown patrons...

    Best if all when they have live bands playing music that leans towards country and classic rock. I'm down with that!

    If you aren't get in your boat and leave- but be sure to tip your server. When we were here one waitress seemed to be holding down this entire joint, with a spring in her step and a memory for everyone's name- no small feat!

    Last, there are large recycling bins up front- The contents of which are redeemed to put on a fireworks show on the Fourth of July that is spectacular when viewed from the marina or on your boat in the water. So don't trash when you can recycle and  enjoy a show for it!

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    Let us take a minute to discuss skincare. Just a minute.
    Because I'm responsible and this means less time to primp and the bonus awareness that no matter how limited your time, nothing fixes itself all by itself: Not your skin, not your hair, not that report due for work Tuesday... Winter is HARSH on your skin and you had best get prepared with the best advice, service and product.
    Embryolisse is pretty amazing stuff and they sell the entire line here. The stylists are extra super friendly and will make you up and advise on the gloriousness that is the Embryolisse product line. Ask questions- they are so nice here! I favor the Lait-Creme Concentre because it absorbs fast. Has no strong fragrances, no shiny grease residue or stickiness or skin irritation.
    I do not like stinky creams that feel like sticky, heavy Vaseline or burn or sting.
    This touched my face and it was like all the pores of my skin sighed at the smooth relief.
    Go here, buy it, walk out feeling good and looking great.

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    Portillo's sold for 1billion dollars to Berkshire and all of yelp talk was freaking. And by freaking they were like "EAT NOW before it might be forever altered and ruined by evil corporate monsters with no respect for tradition..." No exaggeration there, I have never been. I always thought the opportunity would magically manifest but alas, never had.
    So not understanding the fuss, made plans to try it... Pace yourselves! If you don't- you will hurt yourself. It's a lot. And by a lot, I mean one serving can easily be split with two or possibly three!

    Chocolate cake is no joke. I'm obsessed and was looking at pictures prior online like a porno-stalker thanks to the praise heaped by fellow yelp reviewers. Worth any wait, fudgy, creamy, rich, sweet, moist, lush, dark and full of flavor. Do not miss it. If you plan to miss it, order one anyway and send it my way. Ready? Now!
    Boyfriend had the Chicago dog and a malt the size of the Sears tower. A ginormous chicken sandwich? Done. Visiting relative ordered onion rings and a chili cheese dog. Order one large fry, share, there will be more than enough.
    Also, a large diet coke may be like a liter. Next time I'll officially measure- but trust, on sight, this is more than an average human bladder capacity. You need room for the cake!

    Go for a walk after.
    Go for a long, hard run when you recover.
    Go back for more chocolate cake.
    This cake is my obsession. I shamelessly face planted into it, refused to share any and can't think about anything else since. It's foremost in all my motivations, it's the the pinnacle by which all other chocolate goods will be henceforth measured, it is the only reason to get me running on a track... Because otherwise I'll make Jabba the Hut look like a particularly frail, deprived Kate Moss. And it is WORTH EVERY BITE- Mmmmmm cake.

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