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    I have been enjoying OBC for a few years now and this is the first review!  A shame really, because I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

    A liquor store, neighborhood bar with terrific food and amazing beers.  The service is almost the best part.  The owner George knows customer service and no matter how busy is always quick to say hello, share his beer/wine/spirits knowledge and is probably one of the most engaging proprietors I've ever encountered...sets the tone for the entire experience and I can't say enough about how much we enjoy talking with him!!

    The food is unique, pairs incredibly well with the 20 beers on tap at any time and is always fresh and cooked to order.  I love the greek salad, the sausage skewers, and if you are just trying to put a little something in your belly while drinking beer, the fresh baked pretzels are amazing and come with two dipping sauces.

    The beer - always perfect temp and a wide range in terms of selection.  Quite common to see selections that were co-brewed with OBC and those are one of a kind.  If I can't find something on tap, they are more than accommodating and will open a bottle purchased from the refrigerator cases lining the walls.

    OBC is the reason I fell in love with Belgians and I can't wait for the weather to cool and the heavier beers to reappear on tap.

    Hands down, one of my favorite places in all of Ventura County!

  • 29281 Agoura Rd
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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    Such a disappointment.  First four beers had run out on a Saturday at opening of a long weekend.  Service was inexcusable.  Drove a long distance for mediocre food, ill paced service, undeserving hype and "try harder craft beer".  Pretentious at best.

  • $$ Pizza
    2707 E Broadway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85716
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    THE SERVICE WAS AWFUL!  As an out-of-towner, I really trust Yelp and the reviewers who live nearby and love certain neighborhood places.  I scoured Yelp for the perfect pizza for our limited time in Tucson - finally choosing Rocco's.  I knew it was small, I knew it had limited seating and I knew that folks said the pizza is terrific.

    How can you possibly suck all the joy out of pizza and hot wings?  From the moment we walked in the door, the service, largely comprised of completely disaffected employees, was AWFUL!  Not a smile, not a hello, not a word or a glance.  I really should have insisted that we walk right out the door - and god help me, head directly to Pizza Hut.

    And what really gets me is that my complaint was not really about the wait staff or the five or so guys in the kitchen, but rather with management who clearly rests on the laurels of decent food at the expense of excellent customer service.  When chicken sits on the counter for 10 minutes wading in oily sauce, people get sick.  When pizza sits on the counter for even longer, getting cold and rubbery, the customer is better off with a take-and-bake pizza from Costco.

    I am a firm believer in good, strong tipping and I left nothing.  We finally took the pizza to go, but not before such a bad taste in my mouth.  Like I answered to the incredibly unfriendly hostess when she asked me how everything went - you don't want me to answer that question.

    A few days later, I found out that Rocco's was in the running for best pizza in Tucson and was in the lead.  I hope any recognition from the community is rewarded with a customer service come to Jesus with the staff.

  • 5004 E Broadway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85711
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    Wings over Broadway
    I must admit that when we pulled into the dusty parking lot outside Wings over Broadway, there was a moment of second-guessing whether or not we should go in.  The windows, adorned with security bars brightly painted red, did not elicit confidence that we made a wise choice.  But in the pursuit of chicken wings, we went in - and am I ever glad we did!

    We sat at the bar and service was really fast! Tuesday is wing night - a great deal and brought tons of people.  We arrived a bit too early for wing night, but were not disappointed.

    We enjoyed icy cold beers while awaiting our dozen wings - half 'no mercy' and half honey hot and an appetizer of bacon cheddar tots.  Clearly not the epitome of haute cuisine, this place serves delicious bar food, cooked to order.  And the wings were fantastic!  The sauces were really, really tasty and despite ordering the 'no mercy' sauce, were full of flavor and not just burn for burn sake.

    Good service and nice people.

  • $$ Hotel
    424 E Palm Canyon Dr
    Palm Springs, CA 92264
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    The word that comes to mind is fantastic!  A special place operated by special people who know hospitality.  We checked into the Hotel California as the first stop of our three-week road trip.  We had read all the amazing reviews on Yelp, but the actual experience was even better.  

    Perhaps we are casualties of the corporate hotel environment, but never before have we been so warmly greeted, by name.  Lucy, the hotelier instantly set the tone for our entire stay at this amazing boutique hotel.  Every creature comfort was afforded: a beautifully landscaped patio lush with banana plants, a game room stocked with DVDs to borrow, a kitchen so well stocked that you would be hard pressed to be missing anything.  What I loved the most was the fact that Lucy offered us a cold beer at check in - covered very little of the typically check in information (credit card info, etc.) and jumped immediately to activity and restaurant recommendations.  Our kind of lady!

    Our room over-looked the pool area.  Surrounded by misters with plenty of a chaise lounge chairs, it was impossible not to decompress and slide into relax mode.  Each evening, we swam, soaked in the hot tub and enjoyed the hummingbirds dotting back an forth between feeders.

    The room was spotless with plenty of comfortable sitting areas, a small kitchenette again stocked with snacks, sodas and cold water and a bed with cool Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.

    This place has set the bar very high!  Can't wait for our next visit.

  • 545 E Thompson Blvd
    Ventura, CA 93001
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    Went there 7/14/12 for lunch and was so happy with EVERYTHING.  The service was great.  We waited a bit for our food, but I also jerked around with ordering beer.  Our waitress was more than willing to let me taste beers I was interested in before I ordered a pint - which is nice.  

    I had read that the temp of the beer was too warm, but didn't find that the case at all!  Hubby ordered two different red ales and I had a wit bier and a banana bread ale - all so good.  Our lunch was a catfish po'boy and a crunchy burger...both cooked to order and perfect.  My burger was so tall I had to squish it down to take a bite.  Delicious jalepeno bbq sauce and perfectly seasoned.  My favorite was the FRESH handout fries with sea salt.

    So nice to have this great new place in downtown.  Must try!!

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    We ended up here when our first choice was closed on Black Friday.  The service was very nice and knew the menu really, really well.  Our server helped us pick delicious selections based on our cravings and hit the mark.  

    The restaurant is not fancy, but the food is amazing.  We started with the jungle shrimp appetizer - lovely shrimp on a bed of cabbage (red and green), cilantro, carrot and a zesty vinegar dressing - delicious!  We then shared the country curry with chicken and a shrimp pad thai.  Both perfectly cooked to order.  

    The curry was ordered with a request for 'extra spicy' and we were not disappointed.  Great flavor without tasting arbitrarily hot.    It took a bit longer for the pad thai, but it was well worth the wait.  So fresh and tasty, the tamarind sauce was great and the veggie were crisp and bright. Ice cold Sing Ha beer and I call it a great lunch!

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