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    Quality First Home Improvement immediately got off on the wrong foot.  First, their phone contact insisted that both of us *had* to be present to give us a quote.  This struck me as unusual, inappropriate, and shady.  If we happen to both be there, sure, but why is this a condition of an estimate?

    Then the sales person showed up without a ladder to measure and estimate a new roof.  These are suppose to be roofers?!  You'd think they would need to go the roof to check things out.

    2.5 hours later, (1 hour to measure the house, 1 hour to talk to us about the materials, and 30 minutes to total the price), they finally got around to giving me a bottom line on the project, and their estimate was *twice* as high as the nearest competitive bids we received (with all the same warranty and material options).  

    When I confronted the sales contact about the huge price differential, they offered some minor excuses that made only a cosmetic difference on price, and then finally said they would reduce the price if we would agree to let our house be used for marketing purposes for referrals on their website and print advertising.  Even with this reduction, they were significantly more expensive than the nearest bid.

    Needless to say, they didn't get the project.  I will avoid this company in the future.  Their competitors are cheaper, provide plenty of referrals (more than 50), and appear more professional.

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    Haven't been here in years but decided to give it another try.  Fewer options and worse quality from our last visit.  Marginally better than pure fast food.  Awful service.  It was 45 degrees outside and the door was wide open.  We were the only people in the place and we asked them to please close the doors because we were cold.  Just ignored.

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