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    I used to reserve a midsized car for a week. The price was good around $215.

    When we got there the gentleman was pleasant and asked us, "Where are you going?."
    'We have a one year old daughter and we are going to visit family"
    "Are you going to have a lot of luggage?"
    "Well us and all my one year old's things."
    " Today I can offer you a Mustang"
    My husband and I laugh, "no thanks, I don't even think our car seat would fit"
    "Are you sure? a mustang...." "Really, A mustang is not for us, but thanks"
    "Okay I can offer you a Convertible."
    " Really, No thanks. I don't want to put my daughter in a convertible or a mustang."
    This goes on about three more times with my responses going from No Thanks to Negative to REALLY NO! Finally...
    "I don't have all day to go through this, do you have the midsize car we rented or what?"
    Then he cocks an attitude, "Yes, but I was going to comp you the mustang or convertible. All I have to offer you is a Jeep Compass"
    "GREAT, Praise the Lord!"
    I was really disappointed with the pushiness of the worker. I understand them trying to get you to purchase gas, insurance, etc. but to try to force my family and I to get a sports car was too much.

    Finally, we start our road trip and the CD player in the Jeep doesn't work. I call and they offer me to take it to Budget and switch cars. No thanks.

    We have rented from this Budget about 3-4 times per year for the past 4-5 years and it seems to be going lower and lower in customer service.

    In June I was going to take a solo trip to visit family and I just wanted to rent an economy car.  The agent tried to get me to upgrade  but since it was just me I declined. Well the agent showed me. I ended up getting the most basic car, not power locks, windows, or even an alarm system. I felt he gave me that piece of junk because I didn't upgrade.

  • 1551 Palos Verdes Mall
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    I visited 4 consignment shops looking for maternity wear and this shop was the best of the four. It's large and has a space to move around (unlike some I visited). They have a pretty good maternity selection, as well as a rack of sale items. They also have a non-maternity section for women. They have children's furniture (bouncers, slings). The other side of the store, with it's own entrance on that side, is the children's section. They have tons of children's clothing as well as books and toys. I definitely will come back after I have my baby. She also let me know that they were getting in their Spring collection for maternity wear. I ended up finding some what I was looking for at a great price.

    Finally, the dressing room was a restroom/dressing room, which was large enough to be comfortable in.

  • 4009 Piedmont Ave
    Oakland, CA 94611
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    I visited 4 consignment shops looking for maternity wear. This shop was my second favorite. The worker was very helpful. The maternity section wasn't large, maybe a rack for pants and a four tier rack of shirts but I didn't find a pair of pants and skirt so I was happy. They had "hip" clothes and new toys.

    The bad part was finding parking on Piedmont ave. But I'd definitely go back again.

  • 5858 College Ave
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    I visited 4 consignment shops looking for maternity wear. This shop was nice, bottom part toys (lots), art supplies and clothes. The maternity wear had a section upstairs. Although I didn't find any maternity wear for myself they did have a large selection to pick through. The workers were nice. Oh and in the back they had this cute section of shoes, tons of shoes and rain boots. After I have my baby I would go back. I'm not giving it the full five stars just because I didn't find anything this trip.

  • 3413 Mt Diablo Blvd
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    I went to 4 consignment shops looking for maternity wear and this shop was my least favorite. The owner/worker didn't look up the whole time I was browsing through the shop. The maternity section was small and I didn't see any thing worth looking at. I browsed the rest of the shop because I was also looking for places to come back to when I had my baby. I noticed a crib Original prices around $258 their price $220. I understand them getting their money's worth but it didn't seem like much of a discount. They did have a large book shelf full of children's book which was nice. But over all the clothing look disorganized and old.

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