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  • 2700 Manhattan Ave
    Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
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    After passing by this restaurant so many times, my wife was curious enough to take me here for my birthday. The exterior is quaint and charming, as you walk inside you get a cozy feel for the place. It was a Saturday night and very busy ( I guess it was a carryover from Valentine's day). I'm not sure if it's due to the lack of waiters or because I was too cheap and ordered LA's finest tap water but it felt like service was slow that night. Dinner was great as I ordered the NY steak and the cutting board, but since I was getting a bad vibe from the service, we decided on getting dessert elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, the food and the atmosphere was great but at the prices they ask for and for the service, I don't think we will return.

  • 16 N San Francisco St
    Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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    Thank God for Yelp, I hardly ever travel to Flagstaff and totally forgot where I had dinner the last time I was in this neck of the woods. Found
    Criollo Latin Kitchen from Yelp and it was the best decision. The tortilla soup was pretty good and I ordered the jerk chicken and felt like I was back in Jamaica. It was so delicious. For dessert, I had the churros and chocolate which was simply amazing. I felt it was moderately priced and and totally worth it (service was pretty good). I will definitely come back the next time I'm in town.

  • 132 N Robertson Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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    This place was absolutely amazing. As you walk in, you get this Victorian vibe with a lounge feel alluding to a cozy and intimate space. The flavors and the scents from each course and dish was so unique and engaging. It's been a long time since I got excited from such a dinner and the Yelp deal we took advantage of was worth every penny. The service was fabulous and would go back in a heartbeat.

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    We've dined at Yanagi once and had a pleasant experience. The staff was courteous and we liked it. The thing is, "you always get screwed going through the drive thru." I don't know what it is, but there is always something missing with the order everytime we've ordered takeout. Don't get me wrong, the dishes are great. We ordered sushi dishes and the wasabi and soy sauce were missing on the first order. So the next time we ordered takeout sushi we asked them to check that there was wasabi and soy sauce. They did and everything was there, but we also ordered tempura and the sauce was missing this time around. I think we just can't win with this place. I really want to give it more stars but the missing condiments drops it to 3 stars. So for those placing a takeout order, check the order before you get home.

  • 2200 Artesia Blvd
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
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    Our search for a couch began with the failure of our Jennifer Convertible couch after 4 years,  the simulated leather began to flake off ( disintegrate) and adding patches on the worn sections are not an option especially with a little one that will be crawling soon. We wanted something that wouldn't break the bank and something a little better quality than IKEA which brought us to the Sofa Company. The staff was friendly and courteous and not like the used car sales people I've run into at other furniture stores. Joan our sales associate was great.  She asked all the right questions , was very helpful and great at managing expectations.  A lot of the advice provided by these reviews also reminded me to ask the right questions like;
    "Will it fit through the front door?"
    "What exactly are the dimensions again?"
    "Will the arm rest be flush with the edge of the couch bench?"
    As far as managing expectations, she mentioned that it "might" be an inch or two off so if you measure 144 inches for a space (from wall to wall or exact speace), make sure you don't tell them to make it to exactly 144 inches or you'll be in a world of hurt.
    Overall, my experience has been great and I look forward to delivery of the couch.

  • $$$ Hotel
    150 Sand Point Rd
    Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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    If you're looking for a great place to relax and just get away...this is the place. Jeani and Jack are so hospitable and the breakfasts were very good. There's wifi so I was able to keep in touch with work stuff. The room was great and very comfy. I would definitely stay here again.

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    I know I'm supposed to expect slow service in a resort town but when you hear the words, " sorry about the wait" spoken to other tables around you as you're seated, you really should run away and do not pass go and collect $200. The waiter basically waited for all the tables to get seated and then went around and took everyone's order. This might have been ok in a sleepier town, but Bar Harbor mainly has 2 hour parking spots throughout town. My food (ordered the lobster roll) came out alright so my gripe mainly is about the service. My wife, however, was not too crazy about the food. She ordered a Turkey club (waiter couldn't tell us if it was deli meat meat or carved) that was not very savory. To add insult to injury, she found a broken toothpick in the sandwich. When she pointed it out to the waiter, he said he was sorry about that and that was it. The waiter tried to make amends and offer me another beer but at this point we just wanted to leave and keep from getting a parking ticket.

  • 13 Abels Ln
    Mount Desert, ME 04660
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    I really enjoyed the dining experience at Abel's. The view of Some's Sound and the service was great. The steamers were truly amazing and it was great how I couldn't find sand in them.  I liked how they split the lobster shell down the spine and it helped to minimize lobster cuts (from the shell) on my fingers. At first I found it odd how there was a sink next to the bar, then after dinner I totally found it useful. I can't think of a better place to cap off my last dinner in Maine. Word of warning, just remember how you got to the place from the main road. We left pretty late, it was pretty dark outside and a challenge finding the main road.

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    For my first Maine Lobster experience it was an ok place to start with. I didn't get a chance to read the other reviews before going but they're pretty spot on.  Service was really slow. When you're on vacation and in a resort town, I've come to expect it. What I didn't expect was how salty the mussels came out. Everything else was great. I ordered "The Down East Lobster Experience." The clam chowder was fantabulous, along with the lobster ( 1.25 lbs.). I just don't understand why they would serve the mussels sooo salty. It might be due to someone in our party (of 11) complaining about how slow the service was. Another reason (for the slow service/salty mussels) could be due to how they just re-opened a few days ago. The place smelled of fresh cut lumber that's how new it was.  I do need to point out how the blueberry pie was truly addicting.

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    Had lunch here with a colleague today and was pleasantly surprised. The food was incredible and such a different flavor as opposed to other Mediterranean restaurants I've been to (Greek, Lebanese). I ordered the Lamb Kabob, the meat was very tender and the sides (potatoes, carrots, rice) complemented the lamb perfectly. I work in the area a couple of times a year and I look forward to my next business trip in the area. I just couldn't believe how empty it was, better service for me I suppose

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