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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    Great happy hour!

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    Our go to Bbq spot in Sac...its almost worth the 2 hour drive from the bay... i mean it is if you don't count the traffic ;) Definitely a MUST when you're in town. Gotta have 'em ribbbbs! :D (oh and killer ginger lemon drop!)

  • 620 Airport Dr
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    We flew with Gabe last week with the introductory lesson. It was AWESOME! The prep/video before the flight was pretty informative and interesting for beginners. And then we set off to do the actual flight across the bay from the peninsula and crossing the Golden Gate bridge and back again. He really helps you get comfortable with the plane and how to control it, letting you do the maneuvers yourself! The views up there are remarkable and also the "high" that flying gives is like nothing else! Great start for future pilots and passengers too! :) (having the groupon is a nice bonus but its totally worth the price!)

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    A solid choice and the best Jerk i've ever tasted thus far... (better than some places in Miami even!)

    I reserve to come here as personal treat and take visitors to their sister resto - Coconuts, also fantastic, but gotta have the original.

  • 1784 El Camino Real
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Great spot just near our place! its pretty easy to miss because the road is busy but just look out for it.

    They did a fantastic job with our nails and we went there right before closing and they did not rush at all. They did the whole hot stone and scrub thing which was fantastic too! And the price is very reasonable. Kevin and Annie are the owners and they did a great job and were super nice...

    see u guys soon! :)

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    the huge (and very tasty) sandwiches to share...

    the huge (and to die serious) cheesecake...its mine, get your own and dont even ask about the other one i got for our flight back home...

    thank you .  :)

  • 79 E 3rd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    my brother and i rushed to the first place we can find being famished and desperate for a late lunch...we ended up here at Masu. I have vaguely heard/read about this place at yelp but wasn't really sure what to expect.

    We weren't disappointed. we ordered the set of rolls for $20, some appetizers/sides and certainly got our money's worth. The food was fair to good and the place's overall ambiance was laid-back, steady and cozy. This may also be due to the fact that it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, there was an average wait time for the food to arrive but it probably seemed longer to us because we were really hungry.  

    And even though we both ate too much, too fast...we both swore to definitely be back!

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    Aufgelistet in turning japanese

    the place is on 'the other side of Broadway' but don't let that get in the way of a potentially very satisfying meal. a simple sushi place with minimal decor and the seats are just enough so that it probably wont be too crowded even with a full house. Although i agree with the other review and i wished they had given us some tea to start with, that was the only thing negative about our dining experience. The rolls were just fabulous. We ordered the oyster tempura roll and i have to say, that is a must. the other more usual rolls did not disappoint as well. and the Lion King roll was rich and filling in very very good way. another plus is that after those tasty rolls disappear from the table one by one, the tab won't be too hard to look at either.  good job!

  • 2020 Broadway
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    i realized that i have seen this place a couple of times before but it was probably too early for them to open at that time...even then the charming facade caught my eye and surely had i the time i would have gone and fed my curiosity (and tummy) sooner.

    Young's is just a wonderful place to hang-out. the vibe is cozy and a bit nostalgic. plus there is the 'kiddie candy awe' factor where i am quite certain many 'oohs' and 'hey...s'  will slip out in no time. the walls are decked with candy and trinkets. the small cafe is lovely and of course the ice cream is fantastic! they carry many different flavors of Loard's and they can set it up in most ways we like. the servings are just right and it is worth every penny!

    personally, i love ice cream parlors. sundaes and splits are just far more interesting ways to gain weight after all. and since Young's is open til about 10pm i think its very very good answer to those bad late night cravings.

  • $$ Sushi
    389 Geary St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    thus the fate of the hard-headed....

    bad decision.

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