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    First one star review from me.

    Food was beyond terrible. I can't recall ever eating Mexican food that bad.  Also I am pretty sure my wife and I got sick from here.  Food was bland, cheese wasn't even melted on my enchiladas, tortillas did not seem house made, and I could go on. What is even worse is how bad they get it when they only have like 8 different dishes to perfect on the whole menu. It blows my mind that there are some people giving this place  4 or 5 stars.

    However I do give it one star for having a nice build out that the next restaurant here can use once this one fails.

  • 310 Main St
    Houston, TX 77002
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    Easily one of the best build outs for a bar in downtown Houston. It is designed with about 3 different areas with a quieter front courtyard area, a middle bar area, and a back game room.  Each room has a different Mexican inspired design theme and they add up to a relatively large amount of space.  

    The bartenders are crazy fast even when it is packed and still somehow make suggestions and talk with you.  Don't bother upgrading your drink to Mescal (we couldn't tell the difference side by side) but do get the different flavors and other specialty drinks they offer.

    Easily the best of all the new 5+ bars that opened on this block.

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    There are a lot of mixed reviews for this place and it all comes from your outlook on life. If you are easy going, friendly, not a drunkard, and generally respectful of those serving you will likely have great time.  On the other hand if you are one of those people who typically need to see the manager at Chile's half the time you go, definitely avoid this place. Yes, the bartenders can have an attitude but it isn't personal! I imagine he treats his mother the same way.

    As noted by most others, the drinks are above average and the atmosphere is excellent and unique for Houston.  A solid 4-star bar.

    However if I could make a suggestion?! Why not have the door guy take phone numbers when the line gets too long so you don't have to wait in a line for unknown amount of time? He just stands down there doing nothing anyways, might as well be writing down numbers and texting people when space becomes available.

  • 3004 Canal St
    Houston, TX 77003
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    The best hot dogs in town; Excellent burgers; Excellent beer; Excellent atmosphere. Always get friendly service and have a good time. I have not experienced any of the negative things I see some people have said in regards to the food....

    However, to me, the owners do not seem too concerned about making a lot of money; Maybe they just want "enough" money. This is based on the fact that when you go here you can really only get one (1) beer because when you wait in line for 15+ minutes to order the first time it is unlikely you are willing to do it again.  This could easily be fixed by having a beer line only or something but they choose not to. Also, NEVER open a tab here because unlike everywhere else that just adds a 20% tip and closes it for you, they add at 20% tip or close it out at $40; whichever is higher.

    Not sure why they choose to have the quirky tab policy and not sell a lot of beer but otherwise this is one of my favorite places in Houston.

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    OH NO!!!! Long time customer at the old location and have been to the new place twice.  They still have the same great food with a few meat options if you must, but the service has fallen off a cliff. The old place was a small room run mainly by the owner and one other server.  This place has a more typical staff whom seem to go on a lot of smoking breaks or something. As others describe below, our table also had the issue of having one plate of food delivered every few minutes. By the time the last person got their food I was finished with mine (I aint letting those tamales get cold!!!) To end it, during lunch on a workday we waited 15 minutes to have our credit cards returned.

    The prices are considerably increased but I can understand that based on the increase in rent they must be paying. But know the prices put it on the high end of lunch prices. Easy to spend $15-20 per person after tip.

    I hope the owner is paying attention and does something quick to

    TIP: Stick with the vegetarian options because as a meat eater myself you will be surprised at how good and filling it can be.

  • $$$ Barbier
    910 Louisiana St
    Houston, TX 77002
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Cuts are $20.  They also have a full time shoe shine guy inside.

    Most of the Barbers are decent but one or two don't seem to know what they are doing... Try to get the guy in the window for best cut.  9 times out of 10 they can take walk-ups immediately. If you are in the tunnels and need somewhere to go this is the best I have found.

    An ok place to go but if you can drive there are better places around at that price.

  • 2518 Yale St
    Houston, TX 77008
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I have been here many times over the past couple years and like it a bit more each time i go. We have always had good service and have come here with large groups and for date night.

    They almost always have live music with free cover on Friday and Saturday nights. You can check their website or facebook page to see who is playing.  They don't get started until around 10pm and the bar doesn't get full until after 11.

    If there is going to be band usually they usually put up "Reserved Seating" signs on all the tables.  Just talk to a bartender because these are just there because they want to strategically sit you to ensure every seat can get filled when it gets packed.

    If you get to know the bartenders, ask them about how the owner of this place took the deed out the hands of the Mexican mafia and chased them away with a machete... True story!

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    CHEAP.  $70 and 45 minutes to fix a broken out side window on a truck.  Glad I found them and I will be back in the future (hopefully won't need to).

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    Long time customer here and this place just keeps on getting better and better.   We usually come here just for the margaritas but a newish drink menu has introduced many non-margarita drinks that are amazing.  They also usually have a creative drink special for the day. Be daring and ask the waiter what he/she drinks here.

    Always try to get here before 7:30 to get that $3 off! and don't forget they also have local craft beer on tap.

    PRO TIP: Ask for a Lucas Powder rim on your margarita.

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    This was my favorite thing we did in Las Vegas.

    The place is HUGE with 3 pools that are elaborately designed.  In the pool itself there are built in benches, tables, and decks that show this pool was designed to be a dayclub. It was always easy to get in the pool and find some space to sit and set your drink down at.  Another big benefit to this pool is many of their daybeds are actually in the water or even have their own personal small pools.

    There are several bars scattered through the place.  They all made great mohitos. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes even though it was packed.  They have a very nice bag check for $10 that you can go to as much as you want (at Daylight they wanted $40 for a small locker).

    Our groups favorite thing to do here was just watch the people. Who knew you were supposed to wear high heels to the pool? If you got something to show off this is the perfect place to do it, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the show ;)

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