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  • 260 Durie Street
    Toronto, ON M6S 3G3
    4.0 Sterne

    Called around,and some quotes were outrageous to repair a distressed leather messenger bag at an average cost of $400 to replace.I love the bag,and wanted to fix it's annoying feature.Had a bumpy start to the first visit to this shop,but we ironed things out. I will return because they did a good job for a more than reasonable cost for the labor involved.In a city this large,it's amazing how artisans like the ones at the Village Cobbler are so tough to find.One star less because of the cash/debit policy that wasn't clear; credit should be accepted if it's over $20.

  • 5689 Main Street
    Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2E5
    5.0 Sterne

    Linda and team are a rarity in a time where customer service isn't a priority for most restaurants.DO NOT let the exterior speak for this hidden gem,and if you want the high tea, RESERVE.Why,the Queen Charlotte tea Room makes it fresh for you the day you show up!Having had high tea in some of the most Anglophile places,this one gives you the high tea experience where you can feel at home without a lot of pomp and ceremony. The menu is perfect,mostly home made,and the specials will give you  quality grub ,yet leave your bottom line intact.When I can,I will be returning for the rest of their menu:)

  • 9401 Markham Road
    Markham, ON L3P 3J3
    4.0 Sterne

    Sometimes with a new car brand, you do NOT know where to get serviced.So,after 4 dealerships,I wanted to try a place someone who knows Subarus recommended. Skeptical given the mixed reviews online,BUT the positive ones read "genuine"given the outcome of Archimedes for example,where he didn't even buy anything.It's a very small dealership,so not a lot of service advisers helping you,and the one they have appears "new,"with "okay" people skills.Need to improve,or it'll be really frustrating to deal with.While I waited for my car,I over heard one of the sales guys say "he's a really good customer." In ALL my years of dealing with car dealerships,I have NEVER heard a compliment given about a customer where they actually want to keep the relationship by doing all they can.

    From experience,3 new cars later from ONE dealer within 9 years,and they still found a way to make me feel "guarded"post sale on the third car before they were bought out by a dealer who didn't have the best customer relations.Hope if Markham reads reviews,they'll improve in the areas where there were negative experiences.Back to my visit...mechanic who did work on my car.He had excellent people skills because he actually SPOKE with me in a professional manner where he explained WHAT he did,and couldn't do[manufacturer will NOT reimburse dealers for "preventative measures" type work ].Explains why GM is now paying for upholding this car manufacturer standard...

    Aside: for those dealerships automating their phone systems,have a LIVE person option

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    Solid car audio installer! Hands on trouble shooting, great vendor relationships to help ease any glitches.This shop can install car audio in a sub compact, to a freight truck's cab due to its interior bay,and exterior back lot to fit the latter.Alpine was introduced to me at Advanced, and what a head unit,cannot be more pleased.The GPS is accurate,even out in the country side where other head unit's GPS failed miserably.Dealing with an authorized car audio dealer is essential to your post sale experience because it's after you drop the cash where you want to avoid buyers' remorse.Answering their phone with courtesy told me I needed to give these guys a shot,especially when my questions were  actually answered.When the guy on the phone didn't have an answer, he TOLD me he would look into it versus issuing a useless standard B.S.response.

  • 601 Avenue Eastern
    Toronto, ON M4M 1E3
    1.0 Sterne

    All appeared good until I reviewed my final invoice on the day I picked up my car.It had excessive installation charges for items that took much less than the time I was being charged.Too late to dump the deal when I saw the questionable charges because I would need to order something else. Example,snow tires were priced $2000 pre tax,included steel wheels and install ;Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 ,T rated tires@ average $200 each,steel wheels @ $231.96,$1031.96 , install approximately $968.04!No matter how you adjust the products, the installation price is overkill. Things further soured when I dealt with the service manager,couple service staff; service, a dealer's bread and butter? Never know it by the sale and post sale experience. Manufacturers need to require standard service levels for their franchisees,google various dealerships,and it's clear the customer isn't being served pre , or post sale.In my case,it was pre and post shadiness ...if  people have an issue that qualifies for CAMVAP,drag the manufacturer to this arbitration service if their dealer is inept,or appears to be running out your warranty where magically you get that repair! Just brutal, Canada needs a lemon law.GM's recalls are a great example of how the manufacturer can risk your safety by refusing to make repairs because an "error code" can't be found.

  • 90 Eglinton Avenue E
    Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3
    3.0 Sterne

    If it wasn't for the quality of their food, this location should be a 0 star when their entrance is cramped for those who use a wheelchair,or walker,maybe even arm crutches.When this location's busy,you're competing with those awaiting their carry out smack in the entrance if you want to get a table.It's no surprise Fresh wants to maximize table turnover and sales volume,but to build a carry out counter right into the already narrow "entry" area makes the place inaccessible for the disabled with larger assisted devices. AODA requires businesses to be accessible in the near future.

  • $$ Hotel, Pub
    224 Regent St
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0
    4.0 Sterne

    Brought a friend from Chicago here in between the winery touring.Was excited to try some English fare,and for the most part wasn't disappointed because the fish itself wasn't over cooked,nor overly battered at all.Cannot say the same for the fish batter and our fries which were  over cooked.Yet we felt it was still good for a return trip where we will send it back if it happens again.IF at all possible,can the roast beef in the beef dip sandwich not be so WELL done where it bordered card boardish?Service was courteous and timely on a busy weekend which is why these guys deserve a four star despite the negatives.

  • $$ Schmuck
    352 Spadina Avenue
    Toronto, ON M5T 2G4
    4.0 Sterne

    Bought  a 18k gold chain from Minh Chau after getting a quote from two neighboring jewellery stores  that exceeded what they quoted.Also, I felt more comfortable dealing with Minh where they let you ask questions with reasonable answers.I like pure gold,or 18k jewellery,and would short list Minh every time.Recent return was to resize a hard to find 14k ring with my birthstone,and VS2, I clarity diamonds.I waited and watched the precision and care the jeweller took. I wanted to get it done,and continue with errands,and was doing so in about 20 minutes.The ring looks like nothing was done to it. Price like other places depends on how much sizing up ,so $20 and up seems to the their rate. Pricing is two dollar signs because they carry luxury brands,platinum, and 24k gold at competitive prices based on the item you buy.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    After a decade,I decided to drag a friend out west for authentic Chinese versus downtown .Haven't been since their renovation,whenever that happened.Didn't set friend's expectations high,it's the food,not the great service at 9pm.We ended up having a great supper,with accompanying service despite a long day for the staff.Hope to return before another decade's up...

  • $$$ Kaufhaus
    2299 Kenmore Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14207
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Product may work as described,but their customer service consists of an "Aaron" who  sounds like it's an imposition to answer your call.He claims no one else will speak with you,yet if you look up Heaven Fresh Canada Inc.on a BBB site,you have: Principal: Mr Kamal Anwar (V.P.Sales/Partner)Mr Imran Bashir (President)Mr Abrar Shaikh (Customer Service). Worse with  the BBB for U.S.where any communication was returned as posted,thinking these were complaints. The address for either U.S.,or Canada doesn't exist if you use,or Just warning others who may buy the product,buy from a good retailer because they're the ones who will support you until Heaven Fresh bothers to help those who purchased their product.Or the company goes under when consumers give too much grief to the resellers who want to make money,not lose it.

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