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    Nicest waiter EVER. Had a late dinner avec mon amie. I had a steak with frites, salad and a wagon wheel of Camembert, paired with a house white Bourgogne. Fab.  She had ravioli and house Cote du Rhone. I love that even the table wines are, like mind blowing. Will miss this.

    Food wasn't 5-star but good. The way-cute waiter and the adorable bartender in the funny, monkey t-shirt made it 5-star.

    Awesome starry sky ceiling. Would recommend losing the doorbell sound. Dude-man's review before mine is just shameful.

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    Yes! Me likey. On a whim, ex-pat pal and I walked thru the rainy, narrow streets to this little oasis. We decided on Indian because it sounded warm and filling. She'd been and really recommended it as the best Indian in the city. Got there WAY too early at 6pm. Normal dinner time in Nice is 8pm. I'm a dumb, old yank so it's 6pm pour moi. But they obliged us. Thank you kind sirs. We immediately ordered a Mango Lassi. Ah yeah. Delicious and not overly sweet. I had chicken tikka masala, she had chicken korma. Delicious. The garlic naan was awesome as well. Was too filled up from the lassi and naan to finish din-din so we planned to takeaway. Note... Leftovers is sort of strange in France. My pal asked for hers to go and I thought that meant mine was lumped in to go as well. Les nope. But no worries, as we'd bought French pastry for later. Great food, service and charm. Great for price. So far,  Nice is simply breathtaking, even in the rain.

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    Oophf. Okay, so let's start with the positives. Gorgeous terrace and interior. Very nice staff. Decent wine list. My company was fab. Now the negatives. Hands down the worst meal I've paid over $30 for. Anywhere.

    This place has probably never seen a truly fresh ingredient. Not one item. Starting with the bread on the table. Wet, dense mini loaf meant to be dipped in pasta sauce. I am guessing jarred Family Dollar brand, if that exists. We split a salad for $8. The portion was huge. Is it possible to flash freeze lettuce. The same bread, soaked in a bottled, salty dressing, topped the salad. No crispy croutons here. Just mush. I ordered some Panko Shrimp Cake thing. Breaded hockey puck. It tasted fishy and was so f'n dense, I could barely cut it with a knife. The two cakes hid a small pile of overlooked (frozen) asparagus, also uncuttable and flavorless. I couldn't even finish 1 cake or 1 full asparagus spear. Sad. My cuz had the pasta pomodoro for $18-ish. It looked like a home ec class fail. Seriously. Came out in a .50 white bowl that I hope was okay for the oven heat. Overlooked from flash frozen. Terrifying. Zero nutritional value anywhere, and not just on our plates... I scanned other tables. Next to us, the bruschetta looked ridiculous. Such large breads that the little toppings strewn on top looked like an oversight. The bread looked over grilled and stupid. The poor girl who tried to eat it gave up. Their pizza looked two steps down from Red Baron. The next table had the lasagne. A LARGE plate full of flat, over-sauced mush. Again, no doubt it was all flash fried and nuked.  

    I would go again to sit in the terrace. I would get wine and water and ask what the freshest (not frozen) food items they had that day. If nothing, I'd pull out a Zone bar from my purse, drink my wine with my cuz and plan on eating at home.

  • 652-654 Argyle St
    Glasgow G3 8UF
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    Remembering the BBC series, Two Fat Ladies, I put this restaurant on our itinerary for our one night in Glasgow. Great reviews and I loved their show, especially when they toured the restaurants of Ireland on a motorcycle. Priceless. Highly recommend all foodies should seek out the series. Might be on Netflix.

    Anyway, to the restaurant. A cab ride across town from our glorious little boutique hotel, Grasshopper. I was never more tired than that day/night. Earlier - 4 AM earlier - we'd hiked to the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, then trained over to Glasgow. We were exhausted and looked it. I kept asking the Man if I had a lazy eye. I give you this background because when we entered the Buttery, we were welcomed into a ridiculously cozy sitting room, our coats taken by the overly-kind Captain and within minutes two fine wines in our hands. He told us to take as long as we wanted because our table in the next room was ours for the night. Now this is living. Not being chased out for the next diners and lounging in a terribly charming parlor with a doting staff and soft lighting?!? Aw yeah.

    We took about 15 minutes before ordering and heading to the table. The dining area was just past a super ornate wooden bar (see pix). Our table location was ideal. Not in the center of the room and with banquette seating on one side. Very relaxing. I think we had 5 or 6 staff attending to our table. Gorgeous place settings. Very old world and authentically Scottish. Am pretty sure the rest of the patrons were locals.

    I had the flash fried west coast scallops, cauliflower puree, roast beetroot dressing for£10.95. Man had the shellfish and saffron risotto, scampi butter with lime cream cheese for £9.95. Um, yum. Delicate flavors and perfectly prepared shellfish. The kind of dishes you see on Anthony Bourdain when he commends chefs for letting the star ingredients speak for themselves. Very basic flavors but again, expertly prepared and appropriately portioned. By the way, the bread and butter was delish as well.

    Upon recommendation, I had the medallion of pork glazed with welsh rarebit, sweet potato puree and merlot jus for £19.50. Man had the special Dover Sole (can't remember the price). Good golly. Isn't it funny how having tremendously good food makes you savor it so slowly that sometimes you can't finish it because you got full halfway in between? Or is that just me? The pork was fabulous. So tender and the welsh rarebit really set it off. Floating in a puddle of tasty au jus, the potato puree was a nice compliment to the pork. Man's sole was very good. I've had better, but it was well above average. My side of chips - also delicious. What? Our wines ran about £8-10 per glass.

    Too full for desert, but not to worry. We were given a small plate of complimentary petit-fours which the Man gobbled up per my blessing. I can't believe those little nuggets came with the meal. Treated wonderfully right down to the last wave goodbye. We walked back to the hotel and slept like the Gods. Amazing meal, service, and environment. If we ever go back to Glasgow, I'd like to try one of the Ladies' other restaurants. Wonderful experience!

  • 146 Gloucester Road
    London SW7 4SZ
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    Quickie Yelp. Great for full English Breakfast replete with egg, sausage, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast. All that for £9. Woot. Man had a ham and cheese croissant in order to help me finish off my big ol plate. His was also very good and inexpensive 0 under £4. Cappuccinos were delish and served in huge cups. Best to order the full breakfast if filling up prior to lots of tube travel and touristy stuff. I definitely did not want lunch and was sated until dinner time. If we'd had an opportunity, I would have liked to have gone back to try out the pizzas everyone raved about.

    Awesome value, actually crazy awesome value and right next to the Gloucester tube stop. Order inside at the counter and they deliver the food. We sat outside at one of the cafe tables which afforded me the opportunity to fashion watch. It's all about black tights and bold prints. Word.

  • ££ Restaurant, Bar
    43 Buckingham Palace Road
    London SW1W 0PP
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    Good, quick option pre or post Buckingham Palace visit. Definitely a tourist spot but they absolutely put out a grand effort! I think I read somewhere... Safari chic. Yes, totally. We kept lucking out, getting the window seat at practically every restaurant we dined at. This was a busy corner just across the way from the Palace, so a fab spot to people watch.

    It was too early in the day for a drink and we were about to head into the Palace abyss, so we just knocked back a couple a Coca-Colas. Need to say however, the cocktails menu looked amazing. I went way outside my comfort zone and tried the wild boar burger, topped with a quail's egg and spinach  for £13.00 and had a side of thick-cut chips for £13.60. Man had the Cape Malay chicken curry with poppadoms and fragrant rice for £14.50. As you'll see from the pics I added - breathtaking presentation, however, the food quality was just okay. Not horrible, not great. Just okay. I thought the burger was puffed up to hide what should have provided some really interesting palate checkpoints, but it was pretty bland. Man's curry was pretty standard as well. Most UK restaurants have some sort of curry on the menu, regardless of the cuisine, so definitely had better curry elsewhere. Our meals were very pedestrian with all the bells and whistles to attract hungry eyes. Chips were above good though.

    I would recommend trying b bar for a drink and starter to share after the Palace tour. Trust me, you'll want to chill out a bit after this tour, particularly after the Crown Jewels queue (yipes). Do screaming babies really have an interest in large, oval-cut diamonds and scepters? Methinks not.

    Very nice service. Shiny, clean environment. I understand they own the attached hotel which I've read is wonderful.

  • 25 Earls Court Road
    London W8 6EB
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    Stumbled onto the Princess Victoria while we were headed for the Waitrose to pick up some groceries. This was our first night in London and we were hungry and not particularly interested in traveling too far from our flat. This place had a gorgeous exterior and the peek inside looked even more gorgeous. We decided to give it a whirl.

    Dear friends, this is why I Yelp. Bam! Checked-in and up popped the message, "Enjoy a complimentary bottle of house wine on us." Hells-yeah! The server was perplexed and reread my phone screen several times. I was giddy, clapping my hands like a little child. The bartender came over to inspect the screen as well - "What's a Yelp?"  Love that. He called his manager who was also perplexed but gave him the go-ahead, so we received a lovely, dry red table wine, compliments of the house.

    The room was beautiful. Dimly-lit with extremely comfortable (yet fashionable) seating. Very chill trance music (sans vocals) pumped lightly throughout the space. Really fun and easy-on-the eyes staff (sorry dearest, but just sayin).

    We split the Goat's Cheese, Pear & Candied Walnut Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette for  £11.00. Awww-some little deep-fried pillow of goat cheese, perfect with the pears, greens and dressing. Yum. I had the special, spaghetti with meatballs, for £13.00 (I think). Man had the pork belly and mash special for  £18.00 (I think). Really good mains, not winning any awards, but above average and definitely good for the price. I was very appreciative of the fact that the pork belly came with skin-on, adding that little extra crunch that I so adore. Note: at Thanksgiving, I am the one running around stealing skin off others' plates.

    Great experience, obviously, but regardless of the freebie, really wonderful posh spot with brill service and good food. It is located in a residential part of Kensington, so definitely a quieter option to the pubs further down Earl's Court Rd toward the tube. Thanks again for the wine. :)

  • 73 Marylebone Lane
    London W1U 2PN
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    Will make this one short and sweet. Very good fish and chips by any standards. Americans love salt, fat and grease, so when you read callous reviews that London food sucks - they mean add salt, fat and grease.

    Excellent fish. I had the haddock fried with chips, man had the cod fried with chips and we shared a side of mushy peas. The breading wasn't greasy at all. In fact, it was dry, light with just the right crunch. The fish was moist and flaked off easily with the slightest touch of the fork. I recommend a heavy hand with the malt vinegar. Yum. Huge portions for roughly £11 each. The side of mushy peas for under £3 was divine. I could have had another full order on my own.

    Very sweet staff and mixed clientele of devoted locals and tourists (with European accents). We had a table overlooking a trendy French restaurant across the street and  laughed at the line that was wrapped around the building and down the street. We checked it out and learned it was voted Trip Advisor's top pick for 2012, however, it's numbered rating was further down the line than The Golden Hind. So, ha!

    Highly recommend! Great value per London standards. BYOB, which we didn't know beforehand. Again, if you are looking for salt, fat and grease, McDonald's offers a hockey puck (I mean filet o fish) to nosh on.

  • ££ Pub
    34 Park Street
    Windsor SL4 1LB
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    Thank God I am a chatty Cathy. We were on our last night in the UK and stopped in for a cappuccino just outside Windsor Castle. Sadly, I don't remember the name of the coffee house, but there was an illy sign out front and it was on High Street. I mention them because I asked the barista and the patron he was chatting with for a dinner recommendation. They got us psyched for The Two Brewers, a local pub with lots of history and great food. Sold. Cheers.

    As we approached Two Brewers, I was delighted to see all the flowers and hanging baskets crowding the entrance. This was the real deal. An old pub with all the charm one would expect from a historical village. We skulked around a bit because they didn't serve dinner until 6:30 PM. As luck would have it, when we bounced back in at 6:00 to start with a glass of wine, one table didn't have a 'Reserved for...." card. Mine, mine all mine.

    Close your eyes and imagine a time capsule that is wee-small but big enough to hold a bar, 9 tables and a few stone fireplaces. Now fill it with artifacts that cover centuries of English history. Photos, signs, bric-a-brac, paintings, news clippings, steins, illustrations, etc., etc. Chalkboards posted the various ales and ciders and my personal favorite was the "This Day in History" chalkboard, that detailed important events throughout English history on 02 October. I started snapping photos but was alerted by my guy that this wasn't Disney World. Nope.This was a local joint that deserved quiet respect.

    Okay, so the food... I rarely order pâté, but this place dared me to go there. The 'Chicken liver, chorizo and brandy pâté, with sticky red onion marmalade' for £6.50, came served on a flat wood block with toasted, crusty, old-world bread. I paired it with a dry white Sauvignon Blanc. Oh my God. Rich, earthy, creamy and proportionately sweetened with the marmalade. My mate had the shrimp avocado cocktail and wasn't impressed, but to be fair, it was a sopping-cold, rainy night. This climate typically doesn't pair well with freezer-ish type apps. I will say -- the shrimp was plump and snappy. So pluses for that.

    For the mains, I chose the mixed fish skewer with scallops, tiger prawns and salmon with a creamy herb sauce, sautéd potatoes and salad for £15.50. He had the 8 oz (but it looked bigger) fillet steak that came with hand-cut chips and a side of bernaise for £24.50. Both were very good, but the steak won. Thick cut and seared medium-rare to perfection.

    We hung around for a second glass of wine and enjoyed the ambiance. It was bittersweet because it was so cozy and chill but we had loads of packing and prepping to do for the flight out the next day. The staff were awesome. Really attentive and and not at all discerning. Remember, I was walking around in a letterman sweater, pleated shorts and stockinged crocs snapping photos like a dork. (Sorta).

    Go here - whether it's for a pint or dinner. Even if the food sucked, (which it most certainly did not) I'd still award Two Brewers 5 stars because it was simply lovely and altogether memorable.

  • 121 Earl's Court Road
    London SW5 9RL
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    Spectacular Thai food and added bonus - it cleared my sinuses! Great location just steps away from Earl's Court tube stop. We picked this restaurant because it was just around the corner from our flat and the reviews were stellar.

    Deceivingly large dining area because you walk into a shotgun style room lined with table-tops on one side. But wait there is a whole other dining area downstairs. Very hip, chic decor but not over the top. Awesome stenciled wall art of Bangkok street scenes. The room was predominantly filled with Asian clientele which signaled that we were in for a treat. Very friendly staff and loads of regulars flowing in/out with big hugs-n-kisses reception. Another clear message that this place will kick ass!

    We had Royal Addie's Platter to start. This is my new 'last meal' before they shoot me up with electricity. Mix of fish cakes, prawns, chicken satay, spring rolls and moneybags... deep-fried chicken/prawns in pastries. Lordy. Served with a trio of dipping sauces, this was so delicious I was worried the mains might pale in comparison. Perfect crunch on the fried items. Not refried, but prepared fresh to order despite the busy turnover. The fish cakes were sublime. They were flavorful and the perfect texture and left me wanting to place another order. For £11.50, you can't go wrong. Honestly, get this and a main to split for 2 and you'll not leave hungry.

    I had the Salt with Chili Soft Shell Crab for £12.95 and Man had the Chicken Masaman Curry for £12.95 - not sure of that price. Damn Vince (Van Gogh). Masterpiece. If soft shell crab is cooked improperly, it tends to get chewy and dull-flavored. This crab dish ranked as good as those I've ordered in New England. Yummy. I am normally not a curry lover because coconut milk gets richer with each bite to the equivalent of overindulging on creme brulee. This was not too overpowering and the chicken was incredibly tender.

    I loved this dinner so much that upon our return home, we researched the most authentic Thai restaurant local to Columbus and found one. Yelp coming soon. Addie's is great all around! Great value. Great location. Great staff. I''ll be craving this place something awful.

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