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  • $$ Hotel
    943 S Van Ness Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    We stayed in room 44 for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. The Inn is adorable, and everyone who works here is really nice and helpful. It's obviously an older place, so if you're not into that aesthetic, you might want to check out a more modern hotel. But if you've looked up photos of this place and thought that it might be your cup of tea... then it's pretty magical. It feels tucked away from everything. The garden is kept so nice, and it was really relaxing coming back to our room after exploring the city all day and night. There's a lot of good food, shopping, and bars within walking distance, and it's close to two BART stations, and it's super affordable compared to a lot of other hotels in San Francisco.

    Also I recommend getting a sandwich from Mr. Pickles next door and eating it up on the rooftop as the sun sets. The view is amazing. The whole place is just really adorable and relaxing, which is just what we wanted.

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    Legion Road marks up their prices like crazy. One of our dogs had to have emergency surgery while we were in the Outer Banks, and we decided to hold off on getting an additional $75 test because we didn't know if they were overcharging us, and we'd rather go back home to our usual vet (who we assumed would not overcharge us).

    We get back home, and Legion Road wanted to charge us $150 for the same exact test. When we let them know that we held off on paying $75 at the other vet, they said that a manager would call us back to see if they could do the test for cheaper. No one ever called us back. We called them back about a week or two later, and they told us again that a manager would call us back. When we finally got a call back, we were told that they could not change the price, and that's how much it would cost us.

    We decided to go to New Hope, which is about 10 minutes away - what a world of difference. Everyone there is really friendly, the place is spotless, and they are super affordable and even sometimes comp us on getting our dogs' nails clipped. We told all of our friends how awesome our new vet was compared to our old vet, and so many of our friends said that they had also stopped going to Legion Road because of their price mark-ups.

    Seriously, save your money and go somewhere else. We had been going to this place for years and had no idea that they were overcharging us the entire time.

  • 1058 Valencia St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Pricey, but worth it. Left feeling satisfied and kind of fancy. I'd been dragging my husband around to every vegan restaurant in San Francisco, and wanted to make sure he got to have an amazing burger. He got the Inside Out Burger and was really, really pleased. I got the Rustic Farro Risotto -- I don't know if it's usually vegan or if they omitted something to make it vegan, but it was really good, and I was so grateful that they could effortlessly offer something filling when I was prepared to take one for the team and just grab some lettuce. Would definitely recommend this place.

  • 825 W Cary St
    Richmond, VA 23220
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    Came here with family on Saturday night and had a really, really great time. The beer selection is amazing, staff is super nice, and they have a lot of clearly marked vegan options. Definitely coming back next time we're in Richmond.

  • $ Pub
    3349 20th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    I wish I could pick this bar up and move it to North Carolina. My husband and I came here twice while we were in SF, and both times we had bartenders who were really friendly, helpful, and funny. Beer selection is great. The bar was around the corner from the Inn San Francisco, where we were staying, and it was just really nice to be able to hang out in an unpretentious, laid back bar to unwind after running around and being touristy during the day.

  • 218 E Main St
    Richmond, VA 23219
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    Uh, so my mother-in-law just got food poisoning from this place. The food and service was awful. Our waitress messed up our orders several times. The food that did come out was pretty gross -- the omelets were either too runny or buttery (I'm going to guess runny, since my husband's mom got sick), and the veggie burger that we asked come sans cheese was just a sad, frozen veggie burger on a bun... no lettuce or onion or tomato like it said on the menu. Father-in-law and brother-in-law asked for rye bread toast without butter. Waitress brought out white bread covered in butter and said that they were out of rye and quickly walked away when they tried to let her know that there was butter all over it. When she came back and they told her about the butter, she apologized and went to get more toast... which was also covered in butter. We let her know that the replacement bread also had butter on it, and so she brought out the third round of toast... which also had butter all over it. Laughably terrible.

  • Denver Airport, Terminal C
    Denver, CO 80249
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    I know you're stuck at DIA and you just want to sit down and order a burger and fries or a salad, but seriously save your money and just grab a bagel next door at Einstein Bros. instead.

    I try really hard not to be a cranky vegan, and I know it's a steak place, so obviously I wasn't expecting much, but I thought I could just grab a salad and omit the cheese and meat. I was told that they chop all of the lettuce on the same cutting board as the meat, and they can't separate the meat from the lettuce. Which sounds sanitary. So I got a tiny cup of maple roasted sweet potatoes ($4, probably had butter in it anyway) and overcooked steamed veggies ($4 for a teacup sized cup of veggies, half of which was just warm water. Gross.) Husband's burger was super dry.

    This place wouldn't exist as a restaurant if it weren't in the airport.

    Expensive, shitty, and sad.

  • 1249-A Wicker Dr
    Raleigh, NC 27604
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    Yelp, I hope you are ready for my first world problem.

    We're buying kegs of our favorite beer for our wedding in October. So we call Big Boss up and say, "Hi, we checked out your website and it mentioned which beers are available for the public to buy, but it didn't mention any seasonal beer -- we aren't able to buy a keg of Harvest Time, are we?" We get told that we can, but there is a form to fill out online, and that someone will get our info from there & call us back. That's fine. We go online, fill out the form, & get this back:

    "Please  resubmit this order a week or two before its needed. This is 2 months  away and there is no way for us to tell if we will still have any  harvest time. Thank You."

    It would have been nice if this was mentioned on the website, but sure. My partner emailed them back:

    "Thanks for the reply. Historically, when do you run out of Harvest Time in kegs?  It's my fiancees favorite beer and i'd really like to have it for our wedding."

    We get back:

    "We are  actually Not currently selling harvest time kegs to the public.  Historically we do Not sell much if any to the public due to such high  demand from our distributors and making sure we have enough for our bar.  Like I said you can try to order again closer to the time needed, but  no guarantee you will be able to get a keg anytime. Sorry."

    Which makes sense, but... why not tell us that when we called? I feel like this should have been simple. I love your beer. I want to give you my money. If you can't take my money, let me know. We're grown-ups. We would be fine with someone telling us on the phone, the first time we contacted them, "It's limited edition, we don't make enough for the public. You could try back when it gets closer to October to see if anything pops up, but... no promises. Sorry!" But instead we're made to feel like we're bothering them, by asking to buy something that we were told we could buy.

    5 stars for the beer. Customer service knocked off a few stars.

    * EDIT * We wound up being able to get this beer for our wedding after all! We ordered it through Sam's Quikstop in Durham instead of through Big Boss directly.

  • 431 W Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Vimala's food is nothing short of amazing, and I'm really pleased with their vegan options and their commitment to using local ingredients. The only thing I'm unhappy with is the fact that I sat down with them a few months ago to come up with a possible menu for a wedding I asked them to cater, and while they seemed excited at the time, they never got back to us with the menu as promised... I'm sure if we chased after them, we would have been able to work something out, but we were looking at several caterers at the time and wound up using someone who was more excited about having our business. Definitely would rate Vimala's 5 stars for everything that's not related to catering, though.

  • 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Amazing service, food, and atmosphere. My boyfriend took me here for our first anniversary, knowing that this place had a lot of vegan options. The lighting and mood was perfect. Our waiter was super helpful. The food was flavorful and seasoned perfectly. Looking forward to going back!

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