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  • 19620 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    Another pretty good restaurant found, albeit a little bit on the pricy side especially if you are so used to Korean BBQ buffet.

    Whilst they use imported no-smoke grills that suck the smoke out through the holes on the edge of the grill ring (same grill used at Beque Korean Grill) and don't leave smoke and smell inside, apparently, the drool-inducing BBQ smell can travel far enough to lure X'mas shoppers with hungry stomachs. It was around 9:30pm on Sunday. After pretty much running out of most other restaurant choices after mall walking at Valley Fair, we decided to land here for our late dinner. We were still added to the queue on the wait list for about 20 minutes before finally getting our table. I expect that kind of turn-out here for the foreseeable future whilst the expectations and the curiosity are still high.

    We had Harami Miso Skirt Steak (2 orders), American Kobe Style Beef, Gyu-tan, and Ribeye Steak with a few side orders that included Mushroom Medley, Asparagus, and two bowls of simple steamed rice. Each meat plate had just 3.5 oz of meat. Between two of us, that is grand total of 17.5 oz, but all of them were quite tasty. If you come here with all-u-can-eat buffet or a huge slice of steak in your head, you may actually get a little disappointed. Instead, enjoy your food here as if you are at an izakaya restaurant. Still though.... almost 20 rocks for a plate (or 3.5 oz) of Kobe Style Beef was a bit pricy. All in all, our bill came out to be around $65. They also have some set dinner on the menu, starting at around $55/2-person that comes with some choices of meat and sides.

    It's been open for business for only a couple of weeks, so staffers were a little bit un-orchestrated. I guess it takes a bit more time for them to get gelled. Our staffer was very knowledgable about the menu and gave us some good suggestions with a good friendly manner. He was very attentive and came to our table to replace our grill 3 or 4 times. Good restaurant vibe and good food. We will definitely be back for more!

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    This place is good!

    Now that I have tried both Shabuway and One Pot Shabu Shabu, two of the popular shabu shabu restaurants in Bay Area, I have a couple of good references to compare any other shabu shabu restaurants against. If you ask me, between the two places, which one I would like better today, I must say that One Pot Shabu Shabu gets my vote. But, that doesn't come without a caveat. In any case, some pluses over Shabuway are:

    - More broth choices. 5 (or maybe 6?) to choose from. I tried their house special for my first visit here, and I liked it. It was a soy milk based broth.
    - More vegetables and mushrooms to go with your choice of meat incl. seafood (shrimp and scallop), beef, and pork.
    - Overall, they seem to offer more choices on the menu.

    And, a couple of things that I didn't like or wanted differently are:

    - Could serve with more meat. For this part, I think, for the same "regular" plate, Shabuway gets my vote. To me, One Pot could use a little less vegetables/mushroom in exchange for more meat.
    - Although I could ask for more sesame and ponzu dipping sauce later, it would've been better if they could just give me more to begin with.

    I came here for lunch during weekday, and there was no wait at all. 6 of us got seated right away, and all of our orders came to the tables in less than 10 minutes or so. One of us had the last second change of heart for his broth choice right before our order was brought to the tables, but our waitress didn't have the slightest wince for his request.

    It looks like I am booked for another dinner here on this weekend as my wife insists that we come here after hearing about my lunch here. Life is good.... :)

  • $$ Ramen
    202 2nd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
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    I actually really wanted to like this place. I guess we had to try their ramen to like this place better.

    We weren't in the mood for ramen, so we opted for Japanese style Chinese dishes. Honestly, nothing really stood out as above-average and all the dishes we had tasted really bland. Now, this comes from someone like me who prefers lighter taste to saucy, fatty, spicy, and stronger flavored dishes.

    Kani Tama was just mediocre, and I seriously thought that the one that I cook at home would be so much better. Fried rice was just too greasy. Buta Kakuni was good, but I had better ones before at various other places. Gyoza tasted very bland as well.

    I guess I should try their ramen next time when I get a chance to stop by here.

  • 100 John F Kennedy Dr
    San Francisco, CA 94118
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    Meh.... I guess my wife and I expected too much from our visit at Conservatory of Flowers.

    When it comes to botanical garden to appreciate the natural beauty of flowers and such, my gold standard is Butchart Garden in Victoria Island. I guess if you are bringing your kids for a little educational visit, it is a pretty decent place. It is a small place where you can complete your tour of the exotic plants and flowers in about an hour. I guess if you are really into or even specialize in botany, you can probably spend hours observing the flowers and plants in every details. But, if you are a casual visitor who expect to get blown away by them, you might want to lower your expectations a little bit.  BTW, If you live in SF and show your ID, you get a little discount for your admission fee.

  • 185 Branham Lane
    San Jose, CA 95136
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    I've only visited this new store once, and this review is basically based on my only visit, which I was a bit disappointed by.

    I believe in the importance of the first impression that can eventually turn the first time visitors into patrons. On that front, I wasn't that impressed at all. It isn't a bad store or anything. I just didn't see anything that sets this store apart from the competitions in the area that would make me want to come back here for more. They have a variety of stuffs mainly for dogs and cats. But, those are the same stuffs that I can easily find at the stores where I always shop regularly. I also didn't see any pricing advantages to shop here, either.

    I think it is a good concept and attempt by a large store chain to bring some cozier atmosphere and a quicker shopping experience. But, I also know that a similar attempt by HomeDepot hasn't really worked out for them, either. I will probably give this store another try in the future, but for the time being, there isn't any particular reason to shop here instead of my regular stores where I am already quite happy with.

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    When I was visiting Sacramento over Thanksgiving Holiday, I stumbled onto this hat shop. I actually had bought several hats in the past on-line and always thought that they only had physical store locations down in San Diego. So, I was quite delighted to find it and immediately walked into the store.

    Just like its virtual store, they have quite a few cool selections of hats here for both styles and price range. I like how store staffers just left us alone whilst trying out different hats, and only be helpful when needed. We ended up getting two beanies that would come quite handy for upcoming cold(er) season.

    My only gripe is basically for the fact that The Village Hat Shop doesn't have any store location in south bay area.

  • 365 2nd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Both my wife and I are fairly straight forward people without any extra frills, hence naturally, our fav flavor at Beard Papa's is vanilla. :) Occasionally when available, we will throw in green tea puffs into our 6-pack if we are really bad although normally, we would just settle with a pair of puffs on our way back from dinner to the car parked at the city public parking that is so conveniently located next to this BP or the other way around.

    Convenient location.... yeah, that could be the mantra for this particular BP. It pretty much gets us in every "on-our-way-back-from" situations. With so many restaurant choices in downtown area, that is pretty much inevitable unless we somehow manage to resist the creamy vanilla cream in crunchy shell. Oh, imagine that! I guess we will inevitably pick up some puffs on our way back from... somewhere... next time, too. :)

  • 5625 Snell Ave
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    We've been to this pet store exactly once so far and for that once, we pretty much got there by accident whilst looking for a different pet store.

    My first impression about this store was such that it just didn't feel like I was at a pet store like the ones that we regularly shop at. The place looked more like a huge warehouse. I guess if there was such a place like a pet store version of HomeDepot or Lowe's, this place would be it. I was also sarcastically amazed by the fact that no customer was exploring and shopping with a pooch and was even more surprised to see most of them would leave him behind in his/her car.

    As for the price of goods we normally get, it was from amazingly good to meh. Dog chicken nugget treat was on sale and about 50% off of what we normally would pay at other stores. For other treats, we couldn't even find the same bulk size package here, hence, not so good of the deal.

    From the shopping experience point of view, it is just a okay store where you just don't expect some friendly interactions with store staffers. But, if you are solely looking for some good deals, you at least may want to take a quick look at this store. But, remember they don't seem to accept credit card. Only debit card and personal check... and of course cash.

  • 844 W El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Pho Nam is my convenient go-to lunch place whenever I take my car for a maintenance service at Sunnyvale Toyota on weekend. After dropping it off at the dealership, I walk over to Pho Nam for a quick lunch bite before heading to Sunnyvale Public Library to kill some time whilst waiting for a phone call from the dealership.

    I've never had a bowl of pho here and my review is basically for the rice plate that I always order, grilled chicken, and Vietnamese coffee. I know... I know.... I should try other dishes, too. But, for some reason, I crave for grilled chicken dish and Vietnamese coffee whenever I come here. In many visits there so far, I've not been disappointed with the two combos.

    It is basically a no-frill/fairly basic Vietnamese restaurant where you get a quick service that I kinda come to expect at any Vietnamese restaurant. Okay... Okay... I am probably going to give their bowl of pho a try next time. :)

  • $$ Ramen
    3541 Homestead Rd
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Aufgelistet in My Ramen List

    Awww... Misoya.... You guys serve the kotteri-est ramen around here! The problem is that I am not really a big fan of rich broth ramen, but, am a huge fan of awesome juicy and tender pork belly and cha-shu. After seeing their ad's in one of those free magazines where they touted their sumibi grilled cha-shu, I had to come try it.

    In my first visit (probably less than 2 weeks after the grand opening), I was completely  underwhelmed by the cha-shu. It was very stiff and basically so far from the meltingly tender cha-shu that I expected. On top of it overly rich miso based broth was just so overwhelming that by the end of the meal, I couldn't even remember what I just had eaten was a bowl of ramen or something else that I couldn't make out for. But, my wife seemed to love their ramen. So, comes the second visit after a few weeks later.

    For my second visit, I chose the ramen with the lightest broth that they had on the menu, but I did ask for 3 big slices of cha-shu. The cha-shu was so much better this time and was very tender and flavorful that I come to expect. I was also much happier with this choice of ramen. But, it still wasn't my kind of ramen after all.

    Between the two visits, the services at my second visit was much improved although they could do much better being more attentive. I almost had to flag them down whenever we needed something, like refilling our water and bringing us the check.

    All in all, if you are a huge fan of rich broth ramen, Misoya may be your kind of ramen joint. If you prefer something on the lighter side both in the broth and the amount, you may want to walk (or drive) across Homestead Rd and enjoy your bowl of ramen at Orenchi (albeit the wait time may be ridiculously long for a ramen joint).

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