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  • 3500 West 6th Street Suite 105
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
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    I am a regular at this store for more than 2 years. I thought they were nice until I found out they ripped me off. They tried to charge for just changing to another device, which led me to walk few blocks to another store where did not charge at all. I've been paying so much for the past 2 years every month, so I asked them if there was any cheaper plan, and they said what I am paying was the best plan I could get. Well, it turned out that I've been paying about $300.00 every month for 3 lines (family plan), but there are just so many cheaper plans out there especially for the family plan. They try to charge for everything. Do not go there.

  • 3435 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    went here with my coworkers for lunch. the decor was modern at cool atmosphere. we ordered bulgogi, just assuming it'd be their best dish from their korean restaurant name. the bulgogi sauce was juicy and sweet, and the bulgogi was tender and just perfectly marinated. their side dishes were a wide variety. the service was quick and approachable. it was a good lunch.

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    I've been to both Glendale and Rowland Heights Osaka Seafood Buffet. Rowland Height Osaka is way better than Glendale. The lobster was not high level quality, and the foods overall are not so satisfying compared to the price. The good foods were shrimp gratan, salmon sashimi, thrifty ice cream and chocolate fountain. But everything else were just ordinary. You don't have to go to Glendale one. But I recommend Rowland Height Osaka.

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    This place is always the right choice! I've been going here for about 15 years now ever since I moved to LA. This is definitely a hidden treasure in Koreatown. The servers are nice, and the taste did not change. The only change I notice is the price. It used to be like 5 dollars back in 90's. lol but I understand with all the inflation. They always give me more soup for free when I put too much salt. I don't know why I always do that. Anyhow, this place is where the locals go regularly.

  • $$ Möbel
    7177 Telegraph Rd
    Montebello, CA 90640
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I saw their grand opening advertisement on the newspaper and went there to see some sofas. I liked that I could walk around without any distractions. People who work their are chill; they let me to look through the whole store without the interruptions. This new store was clean and well decorated inside. It also looked pretty new and neat from the outside that I couldn't miss it when I was driving. Their furniture was more up-scaled and luxurious than I thought. Maybe it's because I'm too used to going only to Ikea. They have many European (Italian) furniture, which look strong, well-made, and long-lasting. It's a big & quiet place that you can spend your weekend planning your new room. I'd recommend here.

  • $$$ Hotel
    404 S Figueroa St
    Los Angeles, CA 90071
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    My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our anniversary at the westin bonaventure hotel. everything seemed okay except the bed wasn't so comfy. overall, the hotel seriously needs to remodel. we paid $300.00 for one night stay, and the hotel looked too old for that price. the columns had cracks, and the stores inside the hotel are like food-court.

  • 403 W 12th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
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    i'd only recommend their sides than the chicken. their french fries are good, the biscuit is very good, and the sauces are amazing! but chicken wasn't so good. it looked weird and silly that everyone was cutting the chicken strips with a knife. i'd come here only for the sides and beer.

  • 705 W 9th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    oh wow. my boyfriend and I went here for a weekend night out. there was no table available for saturday dinner without a reservation. we sat at the bar and had drink and dessert only since we had a dinner already at the choco chicken near by. we ordered milk cocktail and strawberry sorbet dessert. the milk cocktail seemed very popular that bartender kept making it all night long. i'd recommend both drink and dessert here. the presentation was so cute and unique. I'm coming here again for a nice dinner.

  • 1850 Industrial St
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
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    me and my bf decided to try a fancy restaurant and came to church & state. we ordered biscuit with lavender honey, duck, pork belly, escargot, and beer. the interior was nice especially the lights above. but the table was too small by the window for 2 people. foods were alright (not so superb). the only food i thought really delicious was the biscuit with lavender honey appetizer. the lavender honey is definitely the must try dish. the total bill came out about $150.00 for 2 people.

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    their pork belly was awesome.
    spicy, chewy, delicious.
    but i think their sour cream hen and ooey fries are overrated.
    only pork belly was delicious enough to come back.
    another accomplish of roy choi.
    i like his creativity
    although it'd be better if there's side soup with the pork belly.

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