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  • 59 E 125th St
    New York, NY 10035
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    The food here is ok - nothing extremely terrible but nothing spectacular.  The mac and cheese was pretty good tho.. cheesy and seasoned pretty well.  The chicken was alright ...nothing magnificent.. The fried whiting sucks -- it was too soft and kinda mushy and tasted too fishy... like it could've been cleaned better.   Also instead of seasoning the fish. it tasted like they just threw the seasoning in the batter mix... I can't stand that. The fried whiting at "Food For Life Supreme" is so much better!

    I don't think the food is worth the price here.  The place is a slight step up from a fast food spot.  I mean seriously they could've served better sauce or something to eat  with the fish besides a few packages of ketchup, cayenne hot sauce and some nasty cheap tartar sauce.  If my sushi spot a few steps away from here wasn't closed so early -- I would've been happy paying for that instead.

  • 1960 Madison Ave
    New York, NY 10035
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    This place is amazing!  I love it!  The service is wonderful and I absolutely love their food.  It's my new "it" place to get food in my neighborhood right now.  Who would have thought a sushi spot would appeal to me more than "soul food" spots in Harlem!

    The people are extremely respectful.. very nice.. and just oh so sweet!  I've ordered from here few times last week and a couple of times this week -- and I just started hitting up this spot last week.  If I wasn't concerned about possibly getting high levels of mercury in my system I would prob come a lot more often!  =0)

    With regards to the credit card situation -- you can now use Mastercard or VISA but they don't take AMEX.  

    I've tried quite a few sushi spots in mid-town ...this area tastes better than a lot of them.. including HARU..yes I said it!   Their spider roll is half the price of Haru and ten times better!!!!  My favorite roll has got to be the spider roll... heaven!  I've also had the spicy tuna roll (very good)... spicy salmon roll (pretty ok.. tuna is better) ....USA roll (very good) ...spicy grilled salmon roll (pretty good.. salmon is a little on the dry side tho) dream roll (yummy!).  I've also had the mini seafood pancake which is good too.  Everytime I come in I want to try the chicken teriyaki or one of those dishes with noodles ... but the sushi has so much goodness I can't turn them down!  

    Also if you're not into raw fish ...there is a pretty extensive list of cooked rolls on their menu.. it almost feels like they may have more cooked rolls than raw rolls!   I would definitely give this place a try if you're in the neighborhood.. you'll love it!!!

    The only negative for me is they close too early!!! I have to rush to try ti catch them before they close.  They close at 8:30pm on the dot!

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    21.1.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Ok - I tried giving this place another shot and I just can't get into the food at all -- to me it doesn't have any of the rich flavors I expect to get from mexican food.  I don't eat burritos so prob that's ok-- who knows... but a couple of nights ago I ordered rice, beans, plantanos and chicken the food was just not good at all!  I threw out practically the whole meal and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner instead ...I'm serious!

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    I've been to Lolita's twice.  The first time it was great -- they didn't serve alcohol at the time… Weiterlesen
  • $$$ Hotel
    1515 West 3rd St
    Cleveland, OH 44113
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this hotel!  I was travelling on business for an extended amount of time when I stayed at this hotel -- for about 2-3 months.  The service here is exceptional!  Every time I came in I felt just like how it must have felt to walk into the Cheer's bar.. like.. like .. everyone knows my name!  Swweeet!  I was practically always greeted by name when I walked into the hotel from my taxi.. which was a nice touch!

    The room was very clean and oh so comfortable.. dry cleaning service did a great job and was very timely in getting my laundry done each week.  

    Location was perfect because they were in the same area where I was doing business!  I seriously would leave my room at 8:25am each morning and be in my seat at the office by 8:30am.. you can't get any better than that!  Further.. the location is in a mall.. talk about ideal!

    The room service was pretty good -- although I didn't do much room service here.  I did frequent the restaurant which was exceptional.  Food was well presented and tasted pretty good.

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    I'm actually surprise t o see people reviewing this as a breakfast/brunch spot.  I only come here when I have a taste for Senegalese African food -- namely grilled lamb!  I remember when I went here for the first time (about two years ago) ... there was so much lamb on that plate I had enough lamb for dinner the next night for me and my brother!  Since the issues with the economy I have notice they have scaled that back - but it's still enough to keep my belly full and happy!  

    Senegalese people grill lamb very well -- they call it Dibi.  My mom is sooo dang picky and cooks very well (which is why she eats out minimally).  I took her here once and she loves their grilled lamb.  A friend of mine had the lamb shank and enjoyed it.  

    The sweet plaintains are good - I make this at home so it's nothing exceptional here.  The mashed potatoes.. I can't tell if they are real potatoes or if they are flakes.  Either way it's just ok.  

    When they serve you bread here they provide you with a little "sauce" my friends are always confused about what this is... that junk is straight up mayonnaisse with some seasoning in it to spice it up.  I love mayo so it's cool for

    Although the people that work here are very nice and really respectful, the service here could certainly improve.  If you are the type of person that likes when your server comes over to check up on you... don't expect that here.  They basically greet you, take your order...give you your food and leave you alone after that.   You have to literally get up and go up to them if you want your check or you'll be waiting all day.   Since they make the food fresh when you order it.. it also takes a while to get served so you'll have to have patience.

    Although the service sucks, I gave this restaurant 4 stars because it's a relatively clean Senegalese spot where you could tear down some good Dibi.  Also the service is relatively informal in nature for this small spot that's not so crowded so you don't feel uncomfortable approaching them when needed.  You could also do take out which I've done here as well.

  • 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
    New York, NY 10027
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    I've been to Harlem Lanes a couple of times.  It's a pretty ok bowling alley.  It has a couple of different areas to bowl (upstairs and downstairs) as well as a bar area and a lounge area.  

    Before coming to Harlem Lanes for the first time, I had heard mixed reviews from friends about it so I figured I'll check it out for myself.  The first time I went was on a Saturday night with one of my friends.  It was a pretty chilled experience.  I hate to say it but I was expecting it to be a lil' on the hood side. =o)~  But I'm glad to say that at least for the few times I've been there I haven't really experienced too much of that... thankfully!

    The night that we came they were having this drink special for Nuvo -- two small bottles for like 10 bucks (for both!).. SAY WORD!  Yes.. we did partake in that.  My friend ordered some chips with the nacho and all of that greasy non-sense.. not my thing!  We also had wings (pretty ok) and small beef patty's ( they were sooooooo good!).  

    Oops this is a bowling alley review not a restaurant review let me get off the food and drinks bit...hehe!  

    Well, bowling was decently priced for Manhattan prices.  We had no compliants setting up the game with the names and such.. which was rather easy for two amateurs.  The bowling balls came in all sizes and weights (typical bowling alley -- no complaints). We played two games and had our ball stucked once and the person came pretty readily to fix the problem.   I always get apprehensive about using shoes at a bowling alley.. but the shoes there were properly kept so it was cool.

    The music that was played in the background that night was pumping!  I love when a bowling alley is dark and has that little loungy feel to it.  (P.S. I am not a fan of Chelsea Pier's Bowling Alley... it feels like a cafeteria with bowling on the side than anything else)

    I would say about this Bowling Alley 's customer service seem somewhat lacking.  They need to get that together.  People that work there seem scattered with no purpose.  They seem short staffed as well.  It takes a while to get served and you def have to go all the way out to the bar area to order food or drinks because these folks are not readily approaching you to serve you or check up on you in case you would like something else.

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    This is a pretty good African American Museum nestled on the corner of Pratt St near the Baltimore Pier.  It's laid out rather well.  The museum appears to emphasize a number of different things most specifically:  
    -the brutality of lynching (a small but powerful exhibit on this);
    -the connection of Jewish immigrants in American (specifically Jewish educators) and African Americans (specifically African American college students) during and after WWII; and
    -lastly powerful African Americans during the Civil Right era, particularly those that have roots in Baltimore.  

    One of the first exhibits was the most powerful exhibit for me.. it was a exhibit that displayed images of various lynchings with Billie Holiday's pownerful song Strange Fruit playing in the background.  I thought that exhibit was nicely enclosed and wonderfully laid out.

    While I enjoyed looking at the pictures, artifacts and videos presented within the exhibit on the relationship between Jewish immigrants and African Americans, I was a little disappointed that it was limited to the college classroom.  I thought it could have been expanded to talk about the impact of this relationship beyond the college classroom and to the streets, workforce, etc.

    The exhibits on powerful African Americans during the Civil Right era was pretty good.  I learned a lot about the Baltimore Jazz scene at the time which I enjoyed.  

    Overall I think this museum was pretty good.  Aside from the first exhibit on lynching nothing really captured me but I did find the museum to be informative.

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    This is a great museum.  It's laid out in chronological order very nicely.  It's definitely the best African American Museum I've been to.  The museum captures an abundance of various aspects of African and African American history.  Going to these types of museums that are as good as this.. I always lose my friends (if I'm with company) because I read everything and want to absorb everything.

    There are various exhibits that try to bring history to life which is what makes or brakes a museum for me. There are the voice recordings of slave negotiations between the African Chiefs and the Europeans among various other exhibits.  Oh yes... the slave ship... that was the most powerful exhibit for me -- specifically the bottom of the ship!  Funny thing.. going down the slave ship ... I nearly had a heart attack because I was totally caught off guard with the darkness and the audio & visual aspects of this exhibit..  I thought it was real for a sec.  Anywho.. a little old lady saw me and was like ... "baby, it's ok.. I'm here with you"... adorable!!  

    Anyway... regardless of your ethnic background... if you are in Detroit, I definitely recommend this museum to you... it will capture you.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    First off.. as an extreme lover of history... I truly respect the history of where the Lenox Lounge  came from and what it represented back in the day.  With that said.. seriously it doesn't hurt to renovate in a way that will better appeal to the current appeal with emphasizing and appreciating the times in which the lounge came from.  

    I haven't yet visited the back lounge where they play live music but I've been to the front room several times and I'm not impressed. (Sorry! But it's true)  I always pride myself with having an ol' soul but this is too much.   When I come here I feel like I should be sitting next to and reminiscing the good ol' times with a ol' chain smoking uncle of something.  

    The drinks here are not that bad in price compared to other spots in Harlem.  The bar service sucks.  Young folks in an old establishment with no energy or personality, adding to the un-appeal of the Lenox Lounge of today.  They also seem to have attitude problems. However, I will say... there was a waitress that served the back area  who was EXTREMELY nice.  I asked her a couple of questions and she was such an eager beaver to offer her assistance.. I love that!  She was also very pleasant and down to earth.

    Lenox Lounge seems to be open later than some other places which is the only reason why I have end up there more than once.  I would give the back area a try to but other than that.. I'm not feeling the dark, dreary front space so I doubt I'll be back there on my account.  I would love to support this establishment but they seriously need to do some changes to the feel of the place in my opinion.

  • 100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW
    Washington, DC 20024
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The first time I went to this museum was over 15 years ago when I was in middle school..  and through the years I have come back as recent as this past summer (twice!!).  

    I've been to quite a number of museums and I must say that this Museum holds one of the most amazing experiences you will ever experience, it's my absolute favorite museum to go to.  This is the type of museum that you could frequent every year and still yearn to come back to learn things you might have missed or just experience the museum again.  It doesn't hurt that the museum is free.

    Even before walking into the museum's exhibitions you are confronted first hand with the experience of the Holocaust as you take a passport describing the life story of someone who lived through or died as a result of the Holocaust.  You will then enter an elevator that will take you up to the exhibitions.  Everything about this museum is clearly done with a purpose and the lay-out is great.  You will find an overflow of powerful artifacts that existed at the time.  

    In addition to the wonderful exhibits and artifacts there are a number of videos that will further enhance your experience.  The video that shows the events that led up to the Holocaust... amazing...  the video that described the religious tides of what made ordinary people commit such horror.. amazing.. the video of the Holocaust survivors describing their story... NOTHING SHORT OF COMPELLING.  I've admittedly teared up every time I watched this video and listen to their stories, and I guarantee you will too or will certainly come close to it.

    Even further, in addition to the main exhibitions there is an exhibition that is made specifically for kids.  It takes you on a tour of one of children and his family based on his Diary.  At the very end you will see artwork that was made by children who visited the museum.  Funny thing... the last time I visited the museum I noticed that one of the little artworks was something I did when I was in middle school that has been plastered on there... how fitting! (it's a little saying written in purple)  

    I remember coming into this museum for the first time that day in '94 and being the last one from my class trip to leave the museum.. and even now after going there countless times through the years I still spend hours in this museum.  I'm so grateful for learning of this museum.

    If you're in or around or visiting the DC area, attending this museum will be more rewarding for you than your typical D.C. attractions.

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