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    Visited from west coast lookibg forward to lobster mac and cheese. So I ordered it and asked for extra lobster.  Came with 3 small pieces.  See pic.... pretty sad. Not impressed.

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    These guys are doing a great job running this gun store. I think many gun dealers feel since they sell high demand merchandise, they are exempt from the rules of customer service in retail. That may be slightly true if you happen to live somewhere that has a lack of gun stores, and pre-internet era. Not so with Wild Bills. Sure, they get busy, and by nature, the gun store customer can be very demanding. As if they are the only customer that exists. They still manage to avoid the attitude that they dont have time for tire kickers. After-all, you never know if a tire-kicker is really that, or someone who is just testing to see what kind of service they get when its obvious they are going to buy today. They seem to get this. I absolutely know when I deal with someone and know I will never buy from them again. I also know the reverse, and I would definitely purchase guns, ammo, and supplies from Wild Bills again.

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    The food here is excellent.  They appear to be trying hard to improve the service as a 3 star average tells me they must have had issues at one point. It certainly isn't the food... that i can tell. I had put some specific requests in my online reservation.  These were overlooked completely until i questioned them about it. After that the manager made a point to talk to us which i had not requested. He offered us table 40 for just the 2 of us. Normal is 6. The point being it's enclosed with high walls reminiscent of the old days which I was missing. That impressed me. Additionally. . He added the bacon blue cheese butter to both steaks at no charge. The waiter had personality and checked on us at the perfect interval and some funny jokes. Ask for Samuel for your server. Shawna filet mignon was just a tad shy of medium. Mine was  perfect.

  • 1635 SW Baker St
    McMinnville, OR 97128
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    I love Bi-Mart. What will make the difference whether I continue to view them a step above other stores who have pandered to those attacking our civil rights, is if they continue to be the #1 source for good prices on a wide assortment and large inventory of ammunition, reloading supplies, sporting and hunting rifles. I would also like to them to start carrying pistols. It really is that simple for me. It would be nice if they developed a little automation or at least some phone apps, then again, places like Walmart who have shelled out millions to do this, theirs don't even accurately reflect inventory. They say they are keeping costs down by not doing all the frills. I believe that, it makes sense, and it is evident in the stores and pricing. My kind of store. Not too big, good assortment of the things I typically spend a LOT of money on. Drugs, guns, ammo, hunting and fishing stuff (and license and tags), canned goods, wine. Once Bi-Mart distribution in Eugene decides to start sending 22LR, 45ACP and 9MM in the mega packs to stores in the valley, rather than sending them wherever they are sending them, not here obviously, I will be even happier.

  • 1947 NE Hwy 99W
    McMinnville, OR 97128
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    If it is open, this IS where we go for breakfast. Period. Go there once, and you will understand why. I love the decor, I love the portions, I love the food. Good old school American type breakfast place. VERY reasonable. The only thing is that I wish they were open for breakfast just a couple hours longer. I realize they cater to the crack of dawn types, but, the reality is that does not have to be their only breakfast customer. There are plenty of people who roll out of bed at 10AM and might not get there until 11 or even noon, but still want breakfast. That being said, you go there on a Saturday morning at 9 or 10AM it might take a few minutes to get a table as they are ALL full. I don't think they are wanting for customers and if the owner (the cook) wants to be out of there earlier, more power to him. I will just have to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

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    This is the Pizza of my childhood. I remember when the "Take and bakes" took the world by storm. They were good, they were cheap, but they did not have that restaurant taste. I think it is mostly in the crust and the sauce. I have been going to YOPS since I started working at Current Electronics as an after school job when I was 17. I fell in love with Newberg, and Ye Olde's at the same time. 25 years later it is still the best Pizza in the state I have ever had. I love the crust and sauce. As of 2013, if the perfection it had in the 80s ever left, it has be re-found. The old saying, if it aint broke, don't fix it would apply here. They aren't over priced either, not cheap, not over priced. I tend to like regular and thin crusts over thick crust, they have mastered the regular traditional crust. I just cant say enough good things about this place. A lot of personal history here for me.

  • 3775 SW Hall Blvd
    Beaverton, OR 97005
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    Great food! Our waiter was excellent. I did like the ambiance as well. Not too expensive but definitely not cheap either. Ask for Chef Ted when you go, and see what he recommends.

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    In all fairness, I cant think of a phone company (except T-Mobile) where I actually dint at one point feel completely jerked around. I am currently grandfathered in to the unlimited bandwidth. I have no intention of breaking that contract or letting expire. All I wanted to do is upgrade my phone. Well come to find out that if you upgrade your phone rather than paying the full retail price of $800 for Note II vs. $299 upgrade price, you fore-go your contract. After all of that explained and I showed my frustration at the ridiculous nature of this insidious attempt to get rid of the "unlimited" black sheep Verizon customers, the CSR then goes on to explain how they can do a work around to accomplish what I want involving adding a dummy line, paying the line fee of $10, then canceling it. MY GOD MAN. I was happy there was a way around it, but why this company is attempting to sneakily get people to forfeit their unlimited plan is an obvious one and its not cool. I do not blame the CSR for this, if anything, that small gesture made the different of me shopping for new cell phone provider. UPDATE: I realized I did not specify, go wireless is a re-seller. They are not Verizon. Verizon is the one trying to un grandfather their customer. The re-seller is the one trying desperately to make up for Verizon's blundered decision with a work around.

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    They are a novelty, lets face it. The Ice cream is great, the monkey is cool. I like the old style drive-in feel. However, they started over cooking their burgers. The fries are really not very good. In the last couple years they hired some girls that really make it obvious they were not cut out for the type of customer service, and communication expected in a place like this.  I do not get the feeling that the place is being run at the level the "owner" them-self would be running it if they were working there. Maybe it changed hands? For the price you are paying for the food, you will get better quality at Dickie Jo's. No monkey far as the people bitching about the Monkey. Go somewhere else, the point of the Monkey is to have a Monkey, if you cant deal with that, go back to your vegan restaurant in your Volvo.

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    Went here for my Oma's 89th Birthday party. The food was very good. The only reason I did not give 4 star was the service. They forgot my drink more than once. They seemed a bit "frazzled" in their Dim-sum execution. The ambiance was excellent, I don't typically like bright restaurants, but this seemed to work. Maybe it was my mood. Who knows. I would definitely go back. I have to say, I really liked their Peking duck. The skin was really crispy and the flat wrap things were nice and thin. I recently went to a Dim-sum place in Portland Oregon and they gave us really super thick bun things and the "skin" was actually huge chunks with lots of meat still on it. I did not mind so much, but I am not sure that is suppose to be the idea as it was near impossible to eat with chopsticks. Since evidently knives are not customer for use at the table in China, food shouldn't need to be cut, right?

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