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  • 8805 North Plz
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    We lived here for 2 years and were extremely unhappy with the management.

    First of all, we heard gun shots around Christmas time by the creek. Enough said!

    Secondly, the gates here never work! They are just for show and were left open all the time. When I brought this to Pascal, the general manager, not only did he not believe me, he asked me to show evidence that it was not working. Simply enough, I took a video on my phone and showed it to him about the gates not working and only then did he believe me. Even after proving to him that the gates were not working, it took them over 2 weeks to fix the gate! Every time I followed up with him, he would say that the parts for the gates were expensive and they working on trying to replace them. Once they did 'fix' it, they stopped working a week later. Basically, putting your money on towards a gate controller is pointless since the gates are wide open 99% of the time.

    Thirdly, when we asked management to fix things around the apartment, they would leave screws lying around on the carpet and just use our trash to throw things away. It was shocking to find tiny screws every time we walked on our carpet and when I told management about this, they didn't even apologize for it. Thank god we don't have kids but I can't even imagine the horrible situations that could arise if someone with kids was asking maintenance to be done on the apartment.

    Fourthly, nothing ever got done on time. For thanksgiving, I had family visiting and we did not have hot water for over a week! We were showering, washing dishes, hands, etc with ice cold water in November. Every time we would call about this, they would say "we are working on this and it should start working by tomorrow". Well tomorrow didn't happen for another week so don't ever expect things to happen in a timely manner if you choose to live here. Although, I suspect we weren't the only one outraged by this so management compensated us for the inconvenience by comping one month's rent. Although the gesture was nice, it still was an indicator of the management's tardiness in fixing major problems such as hot water.

    Lastly, they increased our rent by $100 with only a month left to renew our leases. I emailed them asking about the rent prices 2 months in advance so we could look into other options if the rent prices increased. I wasn't surprised that they only gave us 32 days notice about this. When we tried to negotiate with Pascal about this with legitimate reasoning about being loyal residents and always paying our rent, utilities, etc on time, he just sat there and told us there was nothing he could do so and it would be fine that we moved out. This is NOT someway to treat loyal business customers. Getting an appointment with him was also impossible! His assistant - Andrea told us she would get back to us about an appointment which never happened. We had to constantly follow up to speak with him and I even had to take time off from work as he had a "busy" schedule to fit us in. We asked him to do our apartment inspection before we moved out and even confirmed this over email. Well my husband waited for him at our apartment for 15 mins during the appointment time and he didn't show up. So, he went to the management office and Pascal had conveniently called in sick without asking anyone to cover his appointments. This was unbelievably unprofessional!

    Bottom line, we had a pretty bad experience with management! Neighbors were decent but could be noisy at night and I always felt scared stepping outside past 9p.

  • $ Donuts
    1503 S 1st St
    Austin, TX 78704
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    Amazing doughnuts!

  • 1914 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705
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    The food was ok - nothing special and the service was also not that great. The price, however, was very reasonable and I might go there if I start to crave vegetarian Asian food again. There was a ton of variety to choose from and it took me a little longer than usual to decide what I wanted because of the long list of vegetarian choices (which in my opinion is a good thing)!

  • 122 N Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60606
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    pretty good wraps although their prices have increased quite a bit in the last few months. its a nice treat every now and then but definitely not a regular place to eat. however, the bombay salad bowl is fantastic and the paneer wrap is also really good.

  • 117 N Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60606
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    I wish I could give this restaurant 0 stars. I am a strict vegetarian and found bits of chicken in my tofu pad see eiw. Never getting food from here ever again!

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    We had the malai kofta and paneer tikka masala. The malai kofta was great but the paneer tikka masala was a little off. However for the price and the amount of food they served, it was a good deal.

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