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    This is a 50s inspired diner that's located across from the Tech Museum. I've been to Peggy Sue's quite often, and my favorite thing to order has always been the garlic fries, extra crispy. These fries are better than any I've tasted elsewhere, including the Gilroy Garlic Festival. They're great dipped in ranch dressing as well. The BLT is pretty good too, albeit a bit salty, and they make good milk shakes.

    My main complaints about this restaurant are the high prices and the run-down feel of the place. It's a little bit difficult to point out specific things about the restaurant that make it look run down, but you'll know what I mean if you ever go there. The various framed posters on the wall are the only things that make Peggy Sue's upbeat in any way. I'm also disappointed that they don't make good burgers anymore. I used to like ordering their burgers, but the last time I ordered one really was the last time. The patty was way too small for the extra dry bun, and it wasn't cooked the way I ordered it. I also wish they served breakfast all day since people really seem to like it and I'm never there early enough to try it. I mostly go for the garlic fries. If you love garlic, I suggest you do the same.

  • 4878 San Felipe Rd
    San Jose, CA 95135
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    I tried this place a while ago and haven't been back since then. I ordered The Spicolli. The turkey, although plentiful, was clearly cheap, pre-packaged lunch meat. There was some kind of translucent goo oozing from between the turkey slices, which I thought was absolutely disgusting. I have no complaints about the bacon and cheese. The bread was substandard and it had a strange aftertaste. I expected much more for such an expensive sandwich. Plus 1 star for having a TV for all of the booths (I watched part of a riveting A's game on my visit), and 1 more star for serving cherry Coke. I'm willing to go back to try one of their vegetarian sandwiches one day. If I like that one I may return. For my meat subs, I'll stick with Togo's.

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    This school really is as good as it gets. I was contacted by phone the day after I called to inquire about lessons, and I scheduled 6 sessions right away. I requested Randolph based on his raving reviews, and he really is an awesome instructor.

    This school is different from other driving schools because their sessions are very comprehensive. They cover freeway, downtown, parking, hills, and neighborhoods, as well as practice driving tests. The instructor will personalize your lessons after he/she sees where your weak spots are and will challenge you to improve those skills so that by the time you're done with your sessions you'll not only be ready to pass the driving test, but also drive safely every day. The price per lesson is worth it for the high quality, personalized, and comprehensive instruction that you'll receive. I passed my test the first time with only 5 errors! :) Thank you, OSVDS and Randolph!

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    This is my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant all-around.  I've been coming here ever since I was a kid, and the food has never changed, which I think is very refreshing.  I hate it when I go to a restaurant that I really like and the chefs change or the restaurant changes vendors and the food is just completely different.  That's definitely not the case here.  The chips, salsa and rice are all excellent, and the beans are some of the best I've ever had at a restaurant.  Beans are very important to me in Mexican dishes because they're such an integral staple and they're so simple.  In most cases, if I don't like the beans at a Mexican restaurant, I don't like any of the other food either.  I always order the enchiladas rojas with cheese and they've never disappointed me.  The enchilada sauce is actually better at Mexico Lindo on Silver Creek Valley Rd. but everything else is better at Baja Cactus, which is why I say it's my favorite Mexican restaurant all-around.  Sometimes I also order a bean and cheese burrito a la carte to take home and eat later because I love the beans so much.  

    Another really good thing to note about this place is that the only people that know about it are regulars or the friends/family of regulars since it's not a chain and it's kind of easy to miss if you're driving down Main St.  This means that you can bring someone here for a special dinner (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc) and you don't have to worry about crazy crowds.  When my sister and I brought our mom here for a Mother's Day lunch this year, there were only a few full tables, and the server even gave my mom a chocolate covered strawberry as a little Mother's Day gift.  So Nice. :)

  • $$ Pizza
    373 E Campbell Ave
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    I absolutely LOVE this place! My girlfriend and I came here for the first time several years ago after a visit to Recycle Bookstore. We'd passed it a few times and just wanted to try it out.  Both of us fell in love right away, and we now come here for our anniversary every year.  We always come for lunch and we usually split the caesar salad and a calabrese pizza, but sometimes we just split the calabrese.  The dressing on the salad is the perfect consistency and it's delicious.  The pizza is of course excellent as well, albeit a bit salty.  Yes, you have to cut the pizza yourself, but I don't mind because to me, that adds to the authentic experience.  If you come here with another person and you can't agree on a pizza to share, you can eat a whole one by yourself if you come hungry since the crust is so thin and the pizza isn't topping-heavy like American versions.  I did this with my sister when we came for dinner once since she won't eat salami (by the way, she thoroughly enjoyed the Occhio Di Bue pizza, which has mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, spinach, and a fried egg in the center).  If you feel like dessert and you're a chocolate fan, you must try the chocolate mousse.  It's divine! You'll have to split it with someone though because it's very rich.  

    I don't drink, but this place also has a wide variety of local and Italian wines to choose from if you're into that kind of thing.

  • 5635 Silver Creek Valley Rd
    San Jose, CA 95138
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    This place has really good chips and salsa, and the rice is decent.  The enchilada sauce is probably the best I've ever had at any other restaurant, so I always order the 2 item combo plate with cheese enchiladas, which is my go-to meal at any Mexican restaurant because I'm really picky and I consider that to be a fairly safe dish.  My only complaint is that the beans have little to no flavor, which I can't really understand since they're a major staple and everything else I've tried is so full of flavor.  The only other thing I've tried here is the chile relleno because it's one of their specialties, but I wasn't a fan.  I don't hold it against them though because it was the first time I had ever tried it so maybe I'm just not a fan of chile relleno in general.  I love coming here with my girlfriend or sister any time I want a nice meal that's close to home.

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    This place is amazing! My friend and I went here twice; once for the garlic fries and another time to split the chickenwich.  The garlic fries are the best I've ever had; even better than at the Gilroy Garlic Festival! I don't like seafood so I like that they offer a chickenwich.  The sandwich was huge and the flavors were fantastic! I love that they use all natural chicken, and the breast is just big enough to be a perfect lunch portion if your'e splitting it with another person.  I'm not a coleslaw fan, but theirs was delicious! They don't use a heavy dressing base and they add cilantro, which gives it a fresh, clean flavor.  Excellent.  I will definitely be returning on my next visit.

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    I found this place through Yelp, which was awesome because it seems like there are so few really good restaurants/eateries near the wharf and Pier 39.  This place lived up to its rave reviews.  The potatoes were huge and easily splittable between 2 people. They fluff up the potato to give it a wonderful consistency and the toppings are amazing.  I went here twice with my girlfriend during a very recent visit to SF, and we shared the chicken spud  both times because it was so good.  However, I must say that unlike most Yelpers who reviewed this place, I was not a fan of their sweet potato cheesecake.  The slice was very small for being almost $4 and I didn't really like the flavor.  Personally, I think The Cheesecake Factory's pumpkin cheesecake is much better, so minus one star for that.  

    I do hope to see this place still in business on my next visit to SF.  It didn't really ever seem crowded.

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    Red Robin is one of my favorite burger restaurants.  The menu has a great variety of items so you can always find something that will satisfy your mood.  My personal favs are the Whiskey River BBQ burger (the flavors go great together), BLTA croissant, and original Clucks and Fries.  Every once in a while I'll get the mac and cheese entree or split the chili nacho appetizer with a friend (only $5 for happy hour and very large).  My favorite drink is the Very Berry Raspberry Limeade (bottomless).  The bottomless fries are great with ranch.  

    They now have happy hour, which is great, and if you sign up for their FREE Red Royalty program you get lots of perks, including the famous free birthday burger.  I don't know if they still do it, but they used to also give you a free birthday sundae.

    I gave it 4 stars because the service here is hit-or-miss.  They have a few wonderful servers and although the overall service used to be more consistent, I will never stop coming here because the food is great.

  • 160 Jefferson St.
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    Let me first say that I am not a big fan of sourdough bread, even though I was born and raised in the Bay Area.  However, this place was one of the highest rated places on yelp near the Wharf, so I wanted to try it while visiting for a few days last summer.  Let me tell you, I can definitely see why Boudin received such high ratings.  I can't say enough good things about this place! Where to begin? First, the location is great. It's right on the Wharf and is very easy to find. An added bonus is that you can see the bakers making bread through the large glass windows that face the street.  There's even a bakery tour that you can take for only $3 per person (at least I think it was $3 but it may have been $5).  The selection here is fantastic.  They have tons of soups, salads and sandwiches, and of course most (or possibly all) of the items on the menu have their famous sourdough somewhere in the dish.  You can either eat downstairs in their casual cafe for cheaper (but still delicious) noshes, or you can go upstairs to Bistro Boudin for a completely different menu and experience.  It's pricier, but definitely worth it.  Plus, if you eat upstairs and sit by the window, you can get a view of part of the bay.  It's not a great view because there's a building in the way, but you can still see parts of the bay and it's nice to have something to look at while you're eating.

    I went to SF for 4 days with my girlfriend just to get away for a bit.  We ate here 3 times because it kept on impressing us.  The first time I actually didn't eat anything because I was being stubborn about the whole not liking sourdough thing.  Plus, it seemed the second thing Boudin was famous for was their clam chowder, and I'm also not a seafood fan.  My gf is a shrimp fanatic so she ordered the shrimp cocktail in a bread bowl for a snack.  She said it was the freshest shrimp she'd ever tasted, just as if it had been picked straight out of the ocean.  Who knows, maybe it was! I didn't taste it but I never saw her look so happy with shrimp before, and that's really saying something.  

    I was intrigued so she talked me into going on another day.  I had the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup combo.  The sandwich had 3 kinds of cheese (I can't remember which types) between 2 slices of sourdough bread.  I was skeptical at first, but it was amazing! Because the soup was included as part of the combo, I thought it would be small but I was very wrong! It was served in a sourdough bread bowl as large as the single soups and it complimented the sandwich very well.  My gf got a crab cake sandwich because he had never had crab cakes before and thought that if he was ever going to try it, this would be the place to do it.  She was very pleased with it, both because of the flavor and the large size.

    On our last night in SF we decided to go to Bistro Boudin.  We were surprisingly seated right by the window, which was nice since neither one of us had ever been upstairs before.  As I said, the view wasn't fantastic or anything, but it was nice and the sun was setting at the time so everything was beautiful.  We shared the pepperoni sourdough pizza: pepperoni, peppers, caramelized onions, tomatoes and green scallions.  It was something safe to try that had an upscale sort of feel to it.  I can only describe this dish in one word: DELICIOUS!!! This is a must-try dish and is very splittable between 2 people.

    If you find yourself at the Wharf in SF, you really must go here.  It screams SF and has cute little touches like sourdough bread animals scattered throughout the restaurant.  Although this place is touristy, I find it hard to believe that locals wouldn't frequent it because the food is divine.  Go.  Trust me.

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