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  • 734 14th St
    San Francisco, CA 94114
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    I've been going here for awhile so I've had plenty of experience with this nail salon. I've had manicures (regular, gelcolor, etc) and  pedicures (both spa and deluxe).
    They're okay in that they provide a fairly fast (lots of spa chairs available and technicians), clean (tools and foot sinks are noticeably sanitized), and decent experience (magazines galore and television available) but the results are inconsistent.  

    The pedicures I have received as of late are not lasting. The paint is chipping in a matter of days. This is very important to me and for the time and $30 I spend- the polish should last for at least a week on the toes.

    As for the manicures, I received an OPI Gelcolor manicure recently, and it was probably the worst I have ever received in terms of color application. The young woman who did the prep work of my manicure was super sweet and really did an awesome job of making my nails look great, but the other lady who applied the color was obviously apathetic of my manicure and left the color thin and sloppy since it was a lighter shade I suppose. She also wasn't very nice...The Gelcolor actually chipped within a couple days. This is unacceptable for what it is. This was my fifth gel manicure and they have all lasted without chipping for near 2 weeks and look beautiful upon leaving the salon. So, I won't be getting Gelcolor here again.

    As for all other manicures, I can't really say much about those because it has been ages since I've received one here.

  • 440 7th St
    Oakland, CA 94607
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    RUDE! I didn't get a service here at CeCe or Harmony, whatever their name is but all I can say is their customer service is lacking.

    I purchased the 'Groupon Now!' deal for (faux mink) eyelash extensions so I called beforehand to make sure I could get the service today (as in the rules of a 'Groupon Now!' voucher). The man that answered was simply not nice. He practically laughed a little when I asked if I could make an appointment for today. Well, then, I won't come here today or anytime in the future. This establishment is too far from me anyways.

    What's the point of having groupon deals that expire that day if they can't accommodate the alloted groupons for sale!? Why even have groupons if they become aggravated and irate over simple inquires from potential future customers.

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    I've been going to Christina Padilla- Matthews for about 2 years or so. I found her on yelp from when she was at Plum Studios but now she's in this hidden salon, Epic Artistry.

    She does excellent color especially if you're a dark brunette like myself who wants to go blonde. She can accomplish this effortlessly with vibrant and shinny results.

    Aside from color, I've gotten haircuts, brazilian blowouts, and extensions. She has demonstrated patience and expertise when doing all of these services. I highly recommend her.

    You can book online at which is super easy & has her contact info plus her services with price listing which is a hugh plus in my book.

  • 65 Jefferson St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    I love candy especially good candy. I really like their caramel apples. My only gripe is they're expensive but it's understandable based on their tourist location and for the quality you get.

  • $$ Friseur
    510 Church St
    San Francisco, CA 94114
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    Well, in all honestly, I never received service here.
    I walked in one day hoping to make an appointment within the upcoming weeks but the two preoccupied stylists seemed not to interested in accommodating me with this. They tried to push me onto another stylist who wasn't even there. They handed me a card which I tossed into the trash receptacle outside as soon as I left.
    I guess new clients aren't too important to them. Oh well, after that I found a wonderful colorist/stylist.

  • 451B Cortland Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    I don't know how this place gets such high ratings. I feel I say this about a lot of nail salons on yelp which is why I've been trying so many lately...
    It was quick (not necessarily a good thing). The guy, yes guy, giving the manicure did an okay job but his hairy hands/arm made the lotiioning part of the manicure a little gross...

  • 1699 Dolores St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Too quick. My paint job on my manicure was blah. I could have done a better job.

  • 1205 Burlingame Ave
    Burlingame, CA 94010
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    What girly girl doesn't like Sephora?! I love Sephora a little too much though. I always spend way too much money there. But, I do love their offerings regardless of their prices.  

    This one in particular is like any other Sephora I've been to except unlike the 1st Sephora I ever went to, the San Francisco downtown one. They followed me because I was a teen and dressed like slob? I dunno. That was years ago and is irrelevant to this review except, at this Sephora, they are helpful here without being hawk -like.

  • 1850 Ocean Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94112
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    It's okay. It's not that bad.
    Yes, it gets busy, which is why I go when it isn't as busy (like mornings or weekends) or go to the one on Bryant.
    Yes, parking can be difficult, which is why I may park on the street where there is a lot parking anywhere from just out the door to a few blocks away. Fine by me.
    And, yes there might be some pervs and rude people there, which is why I bring my i-pod and my mean face.

    It's inexpensive and convenient. I just go to workout so I make it work regardless of any flaws this place may have. :)

  • 309 West Portal Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94127
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    I went here after a bad experience at the She-She Salon down the street.
    This place was nice: very open atmosphere, clean, serves tea, great OPI color selection, weird warm neck cushion, etc...
    The chairs are cool looking but not as comfy as other nail salons. They're very straight and although padded, they don't massage (as obvious when you look at them).
    The pedicure spa bowls don't have any bubble action which maybe silly to mention but I really like to feel the bubbles between my toes.
    The pedicure was decent but not great for the price I paid. This place is too expensive for me ($40 for a mani/pedi combo). I did like it but I'm probably not coming back.

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