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    My husband and I had been wanting to try this place for a while and finally had a chance last weekend. We showed up an hour early for our reservation to have pre-dinner cocktails. My Grey Goose martini with a twist was absolutely perfect and the bartender's recommendation on vodka (on the rocks) for my husband was spot-on and helpful.

    They bring bread to munch on, with tapenade, which I love. For our meals we ordered the asparagus appetizer, fish & chips, pesto pasta, and the sticky toffee pudding. The asparagus was wonderful. Hubby liked his fish & chips, and I loved my pasta dish - yum - not too oily and plenty of green vegetables in the sauce. The sticky toffee pudding really wasn't that fabulous - which I was surprised by considering the reviews. The servers kept our water glasses full which is important to me.

    We shared a bottle of white Burgundy (my new fave) and enjoyed the ambience, service, and decor - especially the aroma of fresh flowers. We will be back.

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    My husband and I eat here about every other month. We have brought family, friends, friends from out of town, and we held my 35th birthday here in the room towards the back. We have sat in the bar, sat in the dining room, sat by the window, used Groupons, arrived without a reservation. All visits have been outstanding. The service, food, menu, and especially the wine list (my husband is a sommelier) have never disappointed. I am subtracting only half a star because I think for the price, the selection of the food could be better (for example, add another vegetarian entree and take off one of the 3-4 pizzas) but alas I can't give 4.5 stars.

    We've never waited a long time for our food or to be seated. I could say we've been lucky but for how many times we've been here that seems unlikely. I'm sorry other yelpers haven't had the same experience.

    Keep up the good work Fraiche and we'll see you soon.

  • 517 Washington Blvd
    Venice, CA 90292
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    Hubby and I tried this place a couple of weeks ago and were absolutely BLOWN AWAY. True the location is kind of awkward - you're in a strip mall with a view of Washington Blvd. and a metal railing, but they have truly tried to make it a cozy place to have a great meal.

    Hubby and I ordered:

    Appetizers: Crostini with burrata, beet salad
    Entrees: Penne with sausage and fennel, pumpkin ravioli
    Desserts: Panna cotta
    Wine - 4 glasses:  San Valentino trebbiano di Romagna '08, Paolo Scavino rosso Piemonte (blend) '08, Serego Alighieri supertuscan '07, and Villa Artimino vinsanto for dessert.

    For me, eating out is all about service, ambiance, and quality and this place excelled in all three. I'm a vegetarian and I was quite satisfied with the selection, limited though it may be. But that is what I expect from a restaurant that has a changing menu and prides itself on fresh food. In terms of service, my water glass was always full, the food came in a timely manner and we had some time to speak with who I think was one of the owners although he did not introduce himself.

    And all told, it really was not that pricey considering the genre of a place like this (quiet, fresh, intimate italian food with a great wine list) - I think it ended up being $75/person including drinks which is about standard for the City of Angels.

    We will definitely be back.

  • 49500 Seminole Dr
    Cabazon, CA 92230
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    Maybe it's because we went during the week but I LOVED our stay at Morongo. Here's why:

    * Nice room, clean, gave us a requested late checkout. We stayed on the 20th floor in a Canyon View room - don't know what the lower level rooms are like

    * $5 blackjack which is now impossible to find on the Strip.

    * Spa was awesome - on par with La Costa for the sauna, steam room, technicians, cleanliness, workout amenities.

    * Friendly and helpful front desk staff both at check in and check out

    * I thought the blackjack dealers were kind and helpful. This isn't always the case (Paris, Venetian).

    * Easy valet parking that is included in your $16 resort fee (which also includes use of the gym/spa/pool, internet). We paid $13 just for parking at the last hotel we stayed at so this seemed reasonable.

    * Fatburger in the food court

    Minus one star for the slight smokiness - they could really get much better filters.

    We did a package deal where we got our room, $50 dining credit, $100 spa credit, and $30 match play. Everyone was very friendly to us. I wonder if things are different if you stay during the weekend when things are probably much more crowded.

    We had a blast and will definitely be back.

  • 6020 Seabluff Dr
    Playa Vista, CA 90094
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    I absolutely love this studio. I have been lucky enough to work out with 4 different instructors over the course of the 18 months I have been coming here and they are all fantastic and provide workouts that are as unique as they are. I took private instruction with Michelle for about a year while my lower back injury healed and she was absolutely amazing. She worked with me while my back got stronger and stronger, and now I can finally do the hundred unassisted! I have moved from private instruction to the group classes now that my back is nearly healed and I cannot say enough good things about the studio, the equipment, the instructors, the management, and the location.

    I also love how I can schedule classes online. This is very convenient for people like me who don't have time for the phone.

    5 stars all the way.

  • $$ Sushi
    13020 Pacific Promenade
    Playa Vista, CA 90094
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    My husband and I live in Playa Vista and we finally got a chance to try our neighborhood sushi joint last Friday evening. I must admit we were a little fearful of our experience based on the reports of food poisoning but we really had a great experience.

    As others have mentioned, the restaurant is very small and takes up one half of the space of the old Playa Vista Guest House. We were seated right away at the sushi bar and were presented with menus shortly afterward. We ordered the Moneymaker roll, ono sushi, edamame, miso soup, and 2 custom rolls of cucumber/avocado mix, which took some explaining with the sushi chef but he obliged and was very friendly. Everything was delicious. The chefs were courteous, the servers kept our water glasses full, and we will definitely be back.

    I would like to mention a couple of things that did not really bother us, but might bother other people. For one, the edamame and miso soups did not come out until way after the sushi, so they took about 25 minutes. which was a little strange. For another, the manager is kind of gruff and short which might be slightly unnerving to some. Also my husband ordered a pint of Sapporo and received a 10-oz, with the server disappearing before we could correct the mistake. Our experience reminded us of dining on our trips to Europe - things went fine, but just a little bit off if you know what I mean.

    True there are better sushi places within a few miles of our place, but this one is right down the street and the food is decent.

    One star for good food, one star for keeping water glasses full, one star for the courtesy of our chef, and one star for proximity mean we'll be coming back.

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    It can be very daunting to decide upon activities for your family while on vacation. Is this company good? Do they charge too much? Are they experienced? Is it safe?

    Rest absolutely assured with Ocean Safaris Kayak. The price was right on, the guides were very helpful, informative, fun, and courteous, and the adventure is all worth it. My husband and I booked their kayak/snorkel adventure in July 2010 and had a wonderful time. The entire tour was about 4-4.5 hours and we: 1) visited a sea cave, 2) had the opportunity to jump off 2 cliffs into the ocean (I chickened out - twice - but my husband went for it!), 3) had yummy snacks and sodas on top of a lava field, 4) swam with dolphins, and 5) visited 2 great places for snorkeling.

    Note that paddling for that amount of time is definitely a workout. Lucky for us the sea was calm that day, so our group had no problems save one adolescent who got a little sea sick, but was well by the time we returned to the harbor.

    I highly recommend this company and our guides, Cassie and Danielle, were great. They even retrieved a guy's sunglasses for him. Thanks for the great time!

  • 146 W 134th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90061
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    I am happy to write a 5* review for A Better Way to Move. My husband and I hired them to move from our 1 bedroom apartment to our new 2 BR condo. These guys were fantastic. We paid them to both pack and move us. They came over to pack us the day before the move, then moved us the next day. We hired 2 packers and 3 movers for a 960 sf apartment. A few of the highlights:

    * They were 5 minutes early (HUGE plus for me - I like when people are ON TIME)

    * They worked quickly but carefully and even had some tips for saving money on the boxes

    * They very carefully packed and moved my husband's priceless wine collection

    * They took just one break (lunch) and did not charge us for the break

    * The one minor thing they got wrong was remedied immediately to our satisfaction

    * The staff was just plain NICE and enjoyable to do business with

    I'd like to note that these guys are not cheap. But, we were happy to pay their very reasonable rates to not have to do the stressful and back-breaking work ourselves. In the end I firmly believe you get what you pay for, and if you'd like to pay for sincere, competent, reasonable, trustworthy movers then A Better Way to Move is your choice.

  • 235 N Canon Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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    I really wanted to like this place (Stanley Tucci was there) but I was very disappointed. I went with a friend for dinner and sat at the bar. The wine list was superb and both the house red and house white were good choices.

    Between the two of us we sampled the beet salad, roasted chicken, a side of mac and cheese, a side of spinach, lemon tart, and a chocolate mousse. The beet salad was very bland. The mac and cheese was way too buttery. The spinach was good. The lemon tart tasted (not kidding) like fish - perhaps too much egg?? The chocolate dessert was good. Overall I was not impressed. How do you mess up a lemon tart in a French restaurant??

    One star for the wine and one-half star each for the dessert and the service. There are plenty more restaurants in L.A. to spend $150 per check that have superior food to this.

  • 4451 Admiralty Way
    Marina del Rey, CA 90292
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    I used to be such a fan of Cafe del Rey but as a vegetarian, there is now next to nothing I can order on their menu - they have started to include chicken broth in nearly every entree, even their pastas. So I am stuck with just salad, and maybe a truffle pizza if I'm so inclined, but personally I find the truffle pizza very salty.

    One star for service (they keep the water glasses full which I love), and one star for the wine list and the bar which has fantastic ambience.

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