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  • 98 Forsyth St
    New York, NY 10002
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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    Great place, nice people. Sarah's class is good and challenging. Prices are pretty good too! Location is near some great roast pork and dumplings spots. Prosperity Dumplings and Wah Fung #1 Fast Food.

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    23.10.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Being generous here, still great food...but the delivery guy did not bring change and the person packing the order did not pack white rice for an entree order. We ended up giving an 8$ tip as a result on a 40$ order...

    Please be more careful next time, both things are pretty important.

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    12.3.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Really great boiled chicken dumplings (seriously, really great).

    Good cucumber salad, good beef…
  • 4608 Queens Blvd
    Queens, NY 11375
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    I booked on their website (which didn't have availability until 2 weeks later).

    After waiting two weeks, the day before my appointment, a lady calls during the workday asks if she can reschedule. She also asks if my voucher has expired (we bought it two weeks ago). She then asks me how long the cleaning is.

    We've been waiting for this cleaner for two weeks now as that was their earliest availability.

    They made me agree to shift the cleaning 2 hours earlier, then without telling me they shifted it back to the original time.

    The guy who arrived was a nice guy, but he said it was his first job.
    He arrived with only a tin of ajax and 'spot remover'. He did not have a sponge or a rag or anything else. At the end, I generously tipped him because I felt badly for him since he wanted to keep the job, but he thought I owed him more money to pay for the cleaning...

    The lady on the phone did not communicate to her worker that I had already paid via Livingsocial. I booked on their website and input the code.

    This business won't last long. It's unfortunate, I would love to pay someone who needs the job. However, I would rather pay someone who needs the job and can do it properly.

    Also, the lady on the phone who books the workers is extremely rude. Instead of being apologetic about messing up my appointment, she got mad at me for bringing it up to her in the first place.

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    Family and girlfriend came here on a Saturday evening on a Travelzoo voucher. Really nice atmosphere, great food.

    Portions are huge for what you pay. The mussels appetizer must have been 30+ mussels. The tuna tartar was also pretty large.

    We had branzino, sea bass, steak tartar, salmon. All the portions were huge.

    The food was delicious, my fish was charred nicely.

    For dessert, we had the dark chocolate cake, apple tart, lemon cheesecake, and white chocolate.

    Service was great, we were bid farewell at the door after we left.

    Overall, the bill with all of the above + 4 drinks would have been 240$ without the coupon. That's 60$ a person with huge portions (appetizer + main + dessert + drink) of good food with pleasant service. Not bad at all!

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    10$ gets you a half a spoonful of meat. Every single time it's the same tiny portion. Surely you can afford more than half a spoon. Your margins have gone down in recent quarters but portions haven't gone up. Either the cost of meat is rising or someone higher up is doing a bad job on inventory. This isn't a franchise, so something is amiss. Better off supporting small businesses nearby with 10$ and getting some protein for lunch.

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    19.5.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I had a follow-up question recently and their team got back to me and spoke to me over the phone. They couldn't do anything legally since it was a default and I had to appeal, which can only be done via mail. However, they walked me through the process, looked at the paperwork, and basically did all of this knowing that they would not get paid in the end since it isn't going to end up in court anymore (too late for that).

    I strongly recommend them due to their honesty and generosity. They seem like they are genuinely out there to help people. I hope this business stays around.

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    5.7.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Okay, I e-mailed Matthew who responded personally. I was asking about a seat belt ticket that I got… Weiterlesen
  • $$$ Lounge
    389 Broome St
    New York, NY 10013
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    I try not to go to clubs anymore, but I can't miss my good friend's birthday.

    The big bouncer outside is extremely rude. He is a typical 6 foot 5 overweight bouncer with a leather jacket. You can't miss him. Obviously this happens in a lot of clubs, however, there was absolutely nobody waiting and it was raining. It was also already 1:15. My friend had a birthday party reserved there and my girlfriend and I were forced to stay outside for at least 20 minutes in the company of our charming bouncer.

    He stops us at the chain and just says "wait".
    15 minutes later, I tell him to be a little for transparent since:

    1. Nobody else is waiting
    2. It's raining
    3. He let in 15 people who came after us
    4. She has a table
    5. They are mostly girls

    We asked him what is taking so long. He gives us a rude reply and claims my friend's quota is full and that somebody is going inside to check and that I'm being impatient.

    I don't understand. This is Goldbar, not Berghain in Germany. Get off your high horse. Your venue is going to last another 2 years just like every other venue in NYC that acts like this. When will they learn. The only thing that differentiates this category of clubs in NYC is service.

    He said "I'm standing out in the rain too". Well, you are paid to do this. This is your job. Some people are paid to clean toilets. If you don't like it and you have the prospect of getting a better job, then do that. Otherwise, deal with it, you're probably overpaid for the quality of work you do anyways.

    He can be quoted saying that the party I mentioned did not have a table. Surprise! We go inside eventually as the doorman cockily finally smirks and waves his little finger... "These two"... and guess what! They have a table.

    The music was alright. DJ had a clear case of ADD and arguably the worst transitions I've ever heard. He goes from hard style to a slowish hip hop bpm mid measure.

    Crowd is typical.

    I had fun inside because my friends are all awesome.

    1 star due to the egregious experience.

    Edit: our group was about 80% women, above average looking. TLDR: read bullets 1-5 above.

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    The food was great. Cool idea of Japanese/Korean fusion. I had a chicken katsu with jap chae, brown rice, a fried egg, 2 mandoo, kim chi, cole slaw. It cost $17 including delivery. The flavours are there and the quantity and price are very reasonable for the taste. Financial District does not have much to offer  when it comes to food. This is a solid option.

    Constructive criticism: The fried egg in my platter was slightly overcooked (didn't run much when popped). Cook it less next time. The food arrived cold. (-1 star)

    The presentation (yes presentation), is quite nice. It kind of comes in a plastic bento box.

    The rice was nice and al dente. I am a fan, just make sure you deliver it warm if I'm 3 blocks away and don't overcook the egg.

    I was high while writing this, sorry if the ideas are scattered.

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    Had a business meeting here.

    Service was great. Steak (we could choose from steak, chicken, salmon) was awful. It was a nice warm red on the inside, but there was literally no juice. It was an extremely dry steak.

    Mashed potatoes were good, and the salad (walnuts and bluecheese) was okay...greens were wilted.

  • 430 Hudson St
    New York, NY 10014
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    My girlfriend took me here for my birthday on 2/27/2014 for dinner.

    The service was amazing. Simon Kim's wait staff was professional and they even wrote "Happy Birthday" and my name on the menu!

    We ordered the Monkey Bread (which comes with amazing condiments), Market Vegetables, Barbequed Octopus, Bucatini, Suckling Pig. We were full at the end.

    The Market Vegetables were the best dish. He uses a lot of baby vegetables and that enables you to get very complex bites of flavour. The vegetables are also very rich, which was a pleasant surprise. Bucatini was a close second. This was delicious. Monkey bread was incredibly fluffy with delicious spreads (can't decide which was better).

    The octopus was a tad too charred for my taste and the pig was slightly dry for pork belly.

    Our waiter also gave us a free dish! Beets with frozen goat cheese. This was incredible.

    For dessert we had this s'mores dish which was a great end to the meal. Happy birthday was written on it in delicious melted chocolate.

    On our way out Simon Kim waved goodbye to us and said "Happy Birthday Eddie".

    Food is wonderful, price is reasonable. The service was on another level. It was one of the most personable restaurant experiences I have ever had. Obviously, it was my birthday, but they made me feel special and that's important.

    They had an extremely non-pretentious atmosphere despite the level of service they had going. There aren't many restaurants that can blend the two. I noticed Simon giving hand signals every now and again to covertly guide the staff to run things smoothly without breaking flow.

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    Will have to pop in sometime - sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip. Having a… Mehr »

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    Word! Will have to bookmark and check it out... thanks for the scoop.

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