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  • 707 Main St NW
    Elk River, MN 55330
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    This place is so awesome - the nostalgia of it really makes you want to be a kid again.
    The ice cream is delicious and love the variety of flavors. The smell when you walk in is to die for!! SO YUMMY!
    Great addition to Main Street Elk River - so happy to see it!!

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    I have been to this place twice now.

    First experience - with my 4 year old for Sunday morning breakfast. YIKES was the wait LONG at least an hour and the waitresses seem to disappear until your food arrives. BUT the food was delicious!! I had the #1 - with sausage links - super yummy home fries (they are cut like potato chips and I think I tasted a little lawry's seasoning) So first experience was about a 3 in the stars.

    Second experience was just this last Saturday morning. Seating was limited and it was super busy. The waitress was much more helpful and attentive this time - but still disappeared for a good 30 minutes while we were waiting for our food. Food was GREAT and no complaints there!

    So overall I like this place just wish they would get a little faster - but this is not a chain and people will wait for good food. BUT just come say HI to your customers that are patiently waiting and ask them if they need anything.

    Also the prices are FANTASTIC - you can't beat it!!

  • 19112 Freeport St NW
    Elk River, MN 55330
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    I was so happy to see a Mexican restaurant in ELK RIVER!!

    The food is authentic as I know (recently went to Cabo and its tastes like that but not sure if Cabo is authentic anymore)  I am stuck always getting the Chicken fajitas because I LOVE LOVE the sauce. I do steal from my husbands or childrens plate to get a taste of what other options they have though and they are YUMMY!
    Chips and salsa are brought to your table right away - and the service is great!

    On a side note -The location is not the best but I am glad to see that business' around it are not loosing out because Target left! Parking is a little scary during winter and watch out trying to get out people turn into that area like bats out of HE-double hockey sticks!

  • 315 Jackson Ave
    Elk River, MN 55330
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    So excited to have this in town!
    I think the pizza is better then Punch - its not as wet.
    They have great flavors and love the added pistachios in the Pompeii Salad - YUMMY!!

    **Just wanted to state that I recently went in to get a TOGO order and my 4 year old was with and she said she wanted a drink and I told her no we were getting it to go - and the guy behind the counter gave her a cup and I didn't have to pay - that is what small home town business is all about - the love of the customer. My daughter was happy and Momma was happy too!! OF COURSE THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS AS USUAL!!

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